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  1. Uncle Ship

    Skilled Nhs And Humans - You're Missing The Point.

    Guys, How about, instead of biting the human's neck, we rip em apart with our teeth/claws?
  2. Uncle Ship

    Water Under The Bridge Bounty.

    Grapple running, pretty funny.
  3. Uncle Ship

    Community Bounty: Who's Taking Part?

    Guys, Uncle Ship does this for a living! Running over zombies, pfffft. How about taking down demolishers?
  4. Uncle Ship

    Vac Secured Flaw

    Guys, You asked to play on pc. Come to xbone and Uncle Ship will protect ya with his golden double barrel shotgun.
  5. Uncle Ship

    Bozak Horde Goons Too Hard

    You have to propane tank, then smack em till they fall. I just did it 2 days ago.
  6. Uncle Ship

    Bozak Horde Goons Too Hard

    Guys, soloing the bozak horde is easy. Just gotta use a strategy that works.
  7. I have 150to hours into this game. 60 put into night hunter. I know what I am talking about. That is how you win. I dare you to fight an apex predator on nightmare mode. Gp spam is annoying, but you need the instant health to counter it.
  8. Uncle Ship

    Dying Light Bugs

    Seferoth, If you think you can do better, write the code yourself. Stop being a brat and fix it yourself if you think you can do better.
  9. Uncle Ship

    Dying Light Bugs

    Guys, Techland implements patches when they try to fix other issues. I know code, and it's tricky to get a game 100% flawless. Especially when they try to run it based off of the community. Show a little grace. Stop threatening, and SEE the fixes they did fix in the latest patch. Most of this sounds more like a glitch than a coding issue. Perhaps it is your performance? It runs fine for me. They fixed the multilayer issue for me, at least.
  10. Uncle Ship

    Bozak Horde Goons Too Hard

    Uncle Ship (gamertag on xbox one) is giving away free bozak bows! Message me when I am online! Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays I am available.
  11. Uncle Ship

    Name Change

    British, Go to your profile and click edit profile. Change username should be there.
  12. Uncle Ship

    Lost Save Data?

    Hi, Did you or a friend host the game? And did you reset the story from the advanced setting?
  13. Uncle Ship

    Gold Weapons In Nightmare Mode.

    Hi blaine, Put on nightmare mode and lockpick hard or very hard chests. Police cars count too, so do demolishers.
  14. Uncle Ship

    The Latest Patch Issues

    Hi people at Techland, I am sorry that when I read these forums that little toddlers write horrible reviews to you and this game. We all know you try your best and make sure the issue is fixed before you implement it. The multilayer system got better, but I only experienced one time that I could not join my friends' game. Thanks so much for making this game and for all the support you give and do for this community. -Uncle Ship