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  1. tafferling

    3D Print Dying Light Zombie

    Very cool, I didn't know they'd released a model. Thanks for the info
  2. tafferling

    3D Print Dying Light Zombie

    That is amazing! How did you make it? I know nothing about 3D printing.. so I am extremely curious.
  3. tafferling

    Antizin Bottle

    I am fairly certain that there were quite a few things that never made it into the finished Campaign --- and for some reason the Antizin bottle was one of them. We never learn how long it takes for the suppressants to wear off, so Crane might have had to use it on himself, or maybe it was planned to be used to save someone, and then the story was cut to size. We'll never find out, unless whoever wrote the original script can enlighten us
  4. tafferling

    Flash Light

    Only Hard, actually. I got a bit sad when I realised that. Nightmare only increased combat difficulty. The Flashlight stays on forever and ammo and resources can be purchased in shops.
  5. tafferling

    After The Following (Storywise.)

    Yes please do <.< Though I am sure Techland already has plans. Still. Yes, please do >.>
  6. tafferling

    Dying Light: Nightmare Row (Tie-In Novel)

    My thoughts you shall have. I read fairly fast, but even for my standards I chewed through the book real quick. So let's take a look at what I liked and what I didn't like. More depth! Harran got more character, more local character at that. The cultural heritage stands out a little better, though I admit even the book didn't delve quite as deep as I might have hoped. Still. It was great to get to know more about the City state of Harran, its politics, and just what went wrong. I also really liked how it focused on the time just before the outbreak and then right after it, giving us that sense of just how quickly things deteriorated. We also learn more about the virus in it, in particular what it does to people, though we do not get to see a lot of special mutations. Which, I suppose, would make sense. Considering mutations take time. What I did't like so much? Hm. Let's see. I admit I was able to connect better with Dr. Abbas, rather than the actual protagonist Mel, but that might be because of the word count restriction of a 200 page novella. Mel could have used a little more time to grow. In fact, I think the whole novel would have benefited greatly from not having been condensed the way it was. There was an obvious attempt at highlighting the darkness of human nature, for one. That was what I was looking for. The horror. The bleakness. But it didn't quite come across, and again I blame the word count restriction. Rather than getting right down to the nitty gritty, things were merely brushed at. In closing, overall, I'd say its a nice, quick read, and if you like other video game tie in novels (which all follow a fairly simple formula) then I think you would enjoy this one. It's not the Halo novel series, more like Resident Evil, but with less horror. More depth would have definitely benefited the novel. And maybe it could have used another edit. Since English isn't my first language either I am not judging it by that though. I thought the writing was very publish-able.
  7. tafferling

    Dying Light: Nightmare Row (Tie-In Novel)

    Yo! DoomedMarine! They released it It's on Amazon here.
  8. tafferling

    Thank You Techland

    Hear Hear! (and all that)
  9. tafferling

    Since You Won't Give Me Any Collectibles..

    Wooohooo! I'll be super honored to send him over. Just gotta make sure he doesn't get dented on the way. (Now excuse me while I step away from the computer for a bit of a happy dance)
  10. tafferling

    Since You Won't Give Me Any Collectibles..

    Oh, I almost forgot to come let you know I finished it yesterday (though it still needs a few retouches here and there..)! Here he is with his Volapaper.. Paperk... buddy. Here's the rest: http://goo.gl/z77XzD Includes a booty shot too. 'cause, well, the booty. Truth be told, what I really want to do with him is pack him up in a neat little box and send him over to you guys for being such amazing developers. Can I do that? Please say yes
  11. tafferling

    What Is Your Preferred Weapon?

    I like keeping it simple. Slot 1: Fabulous Crowbar, no mods. Slot 2: Fabulous Baton, Home Run mod. Slot 3: The Crossbow or Bozak Bow (Bozak bow extra fun, 'cause no HUD and no crosshair) Slot 4: 'dem Crane guns (no weapon, cause screenshots and free running) Though sometimes I like to trot around with one of these, but once they get bloody I toss 'em away. The spray paint is pretty neat.
  12. It is possible. I just tried it, and it works just fine. Start a Game. Start a new Campaign and play until Crane gets out of bed. Note the Save Name in your User Documents\DyingLight\out\save folder that it created Stop the Game Grab the one you want from %YourSteamFolder%\userdata\239140\remote\out\save Replace the new game save with the one you want instead Start up the Game The previous, fresh game, is now the save game you want.
  13. tafferling

    Dying Light: Nightmare Row (Tie-In Novel)

    There's a-- oh man, I wish I could read Polish. You mentioned different languages, but the only one I was able to find is the original Polish version. What other languages did you find? There's just no really good fiction out there around Harran. And making my own just doesn't quite cut it
  14. ... I'll go ahead and make my own. My first step to a customized Pop! Kyle Crane are done. Many more layers of paint to go, and probably more heads and hands to chop off, but I'll get there The shirt pattern is going to kill me.