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  1. sammygnw

    Goodnight Bahir Killing Bandits Glitch

    The only good solution I've found to this is killing the bandits with molotovs and throwing knives. You should also carrie about 5 to 10 medkits, just to be sure you don't die.
  2. Thank you bro, I tried it and it worked. I still think that it should be fixed though.
  3. sammygnw

    Goodnight Bahir Killing Bandits Glitch

    I have the same problem, I already created another Discussion regarding it, I hope it can be fixed soon. I am stuck too, I just cannot pass from that point. I know it is a side quest and that I can continue the main quest, but I like completing all the quests and this is not helping.
  4. Ok so I just bought the game (Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition) and I started to play the campaign. I have been liking the game so far but there is a problem that kept me all night trying to solve and I couldn't. When I reached the side quest "Goodnight Mr.Bahir", I got to a part in which the player needed to kill the bandits of the old pharmacy and I died trying to do it, but when I respawned and went back to the site, there were no bandits but I could still see them on the mini map. The objective was still to kill the bandits. I was getting frustrated, I left the game and got back in in order to solve it. It did respawn the bandits, but when they killed me again, the same problem happened. When I left the game and got back in again I was very careful not to die, but in an attempt to get consumables I left the site and walked about 5-10 meters away. When I was back, the same problem happened. I don't know how to fix this but I hope that the devs see this as soon as possible and get it patched up. If someone knows how to fix this or if it has been fixed please let me know. Regards Postscript: I always have loved games developed by Techland, I have played and loved Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide and now Dying Light. Great job!