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  1. After the Following Dying Light Updated into the Enhanced Edition, we all know that, According to the Season Pass store Page on Steam it particularly said Season Pass holds every DLCs there ever was, I heard Techland has released 4 new DLC bundles but yet I haven't received them, Note: I received an update recently. No changes. Please look into it, I really Love Dying Light and I really admire your Projects Techland, Please Don't Disappoint us. Thank you http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2016/04/19/dying-light-dlc-new-weapons-tech-land/
  2. Step 1: Go to Steam. Hover yours mouse pointer to Library there you will find a section known as Tools under that section you will be able to find Dying Light Developer Tools. Step 2: Open Dying Light Developer Tools. Click on New Project. If you know how to master the tools A to Z, then untick Use Example Map. (so it won't load the example map) That's all you're all set.
  3. avatarstany

    How Do I Animate A Npc

    I was trying to make a small map so I thought of making a Survivor look like Dying. I browsed through internet and found this Tutorial: http://dyinglight.gamebanana.com/tuts/11898 seems to be it doesn't work! When ever I tried to launch my map into the game the NPC just stands their Normally without any bruises and the animation I applied! Please it's a kind of Urgent I am totally new to this software. Please guide me every inch if possible or a link would be awesome thank you.
  4. lol.... couldn't agree more than that!!! But would be awesome where I can spawn in a highest hill and drove it under the away... would be fun to spawn in a place like that!!!
  5. Unlike Harran Dying Light:The Following expansion's map is enormous. At some point, for some missions which 1 or 2KM's away is a waste of time when it comes to walking that far with Zombies in the Day time or Night Time. Not only in the main safe house where you can recall your Buggy/ Vehicle to the parking lot. I prefer a portable buggy re-caller can really come in handy for the players I presume. Not like walking when it comes to driving it is really fun while smashing and flying and performing stunts. Techland should really consider this idea I hope it would come handy to you as well my fellow gamers.