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  1. iPunisherX

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    I agree with you about Firearms. They should rebalance all them the way you wrote it make sense. ðŸ‘ðŸ¼
  2. iPunisherX

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    They did the logical right choice to do it. You all cry babies are probably cheaters already at level 250, young players who consume games like fast food and unable to invest more time to play or this is simply in your nature to enjoy to chupacabra anything possible to feel better. Probably the word diplomacy means nothing to you. For over the last 10 years games are far to easy and short. A generation of gamers who consume more games than take the time to be challenged by them. Unable to play a single game for months or a year. A world where we consume in quantity and not with quality. How can you enjoy life this way? I'm from the generation who got his first Nintendo. Still the best gaming moments of my life. This was fun and hard (for a few of you this will be « super extra very hard nightmare mode »). No Internet, no cheats (with a few exception like Contra, 30 lifes). We played those games for months/years again, again and again. Challenging and fun! This is suppose to be the definition of gaming. Honestly I'm tired to read people easily bitching any game companies. Some deserve it for the GOOD REASONS. Techland is not perfect but they invested a lot to create a challenging game. The whole team is dictated to this game. The game have many bugs, I agree but the mechanic, the root of the game is great and challenging, specially when you play the first 4 hours. So much fun and some enjoyable frustrations (a good sign of the challenge). In my own opinion, Nightmare (simulation/survivor) mode should be by default with no easy/normal (arcade) mode. My point here, you have no good reasons to be pissed off and bitching publicly in the forums, because they will not change it back. They rebalanced it well (they know it). The next step, they should rebalance Be The Zombie, because the Night Hunter is not enough powerful anymore (with cheaters already at level 250, after 48 hours and unlimited resources). Dark Souls is a good example of very hard game and they are still keeping it this way. Techland have some new challenges for us soon, this will be great and I still have a long road to reach level 250, like it's suppose to be. I'm playing alone, Nightmare mode since day one. I did the original story and the Following at Nightmare and I'm level 62. I found some good ways to kill a few Volatiles with the help of my Buggy and get a level each night. Not easy at all alone, but so much fun. Remember life is a challenge and working is part of it. Games should be the same way but a little bit easier.
  3. iPunisherX

    Dying Light Desktop Wallpapers

    Maybe we should ask Techland to create Wallpapers of our favourite game. I request wallpapers. People if you want this, please vote for my post +1.
  4. iPunisherX

    Legendary Level Progression

    The problem has been fixed for the Following in the latest update. Me too I was confused the packages gave no XP in the Following and in main Campaign, no problem.
  5. iPunisherX

    Gold Weapons In Nightmare Mode.

    I got my first Gold Weapon 2 weeks ago in a Loot Cache in the Countryside, after over 190 hours of play time. I still cannot believe it. One thing is sure, I don't want to use to much.
  6. iPunisherX

    For Those Who Want To Get 100 % Completion Total

    Why are you complaining about something that maybe nobody found yet to complete the 100 %? We have weeks and months to come to level up our character to level 250 (I don't talk to you the cheater who is already at level 250 in a few minutes with you know what). They made the Following for us to play more. I have so much memorable moments in this game. For sure if you cheat and you check all YouTube videos to know where is everything without have the fun to search and find by yourself the game have to offer, seriously, I think you have no right to complain and be mean toward Techland. Most of you probably played it at Normal. I'm happy to have finish the story quest at the Nightmare and now, I have many hours to come to look everywhere with the fun in mind to get one day everything and reach the ultimate legendary level by risking my life every night and hope to not die and lose all xp. This is part of the fun! I'm at level 46 and happy fair player.
  7. iPunisherX

    2 Night In A Row No Volatiles To Kill!

    Yes I did. Maybe this is related. Thanks for bringing this up, this will be logical.
  8. Am I punished because I killed over 20 volatiles in one night alone at Nightware!? 2 nights in a row no volatiles or bitters around. Empty countryside around a Safe Zone (by foot). If I use my buggy and go far I begin to see bitters but no volatiles. I'm confused. I will close the app and restart again. I'm in PS4. Update #1: closing the app fixed the problem a little. The whole night I saw 2 volatiles. :/
  9. Hi Techland! I'm one of your biggest fans of your game. Begin to play it since November. I'm not a big complainer and I think your game is a piece of art at some points, but the last update created a considerable joy and a disappointment. Here is what are my observations accumulated since the release of the update and The Following. What I will report is for the PS4 version. How is it possible some players in 2 days are already at legendary level 250!!?? I play at Nightmare and I'm good but this is impossible to get the level that quickly. Some people said because some stupid gamers are cheaters and hackers of your game. Is it true? Like GTA V you should detect not normal save game and ban them out of your servers. This is a big turn off for me to play online. Bugs / Issues: - Don't have the blueprint to create Incendiary Arrows anymore. Only way to get some is to buy them. :/ - Exploding Arrows don't do sounds effects. - Any Explosions alert any zombies without problems, anywhere any time and my buggy playing big loud music in repetition don't attract zombies after the second try if I clean the area of zombies. It should be like explosions, no? - The visual upgrade is great because you use extra power of the PS4, but you removed a lot of foliage here and there in the Slums and Old Town. I think in this case this is a downgrade of your masterpiece. - The game NEVER lagged, no low frame rate and now, this is sometimes impossible to play!! Sometimes under 15 FPS (impossible to see on the console version) but I see 30 zombies and playing with 2 other players, this is sometimes unplayable! Like I was in slowmo mode permanently. It needs to be fixed quickly, because it ruined the game experience. Maybe switch back to lower graphic details and allow a far field of view without any lags. Just saying! - Within one hour, with a friend, we got invaded twice and impossible to kill one of the Nest in a train wagon because the doors are closed. I filmed the issue with my PS4 if you need to see it. Frustrating! - In co-op players teleport and not fluid at all. I hate to compare but check Destiny how fluid it is at 60 FPS with shadows on. You co-op mode is not smooth and we don't see of the shadow of the players. I try to understand why no shadow. It's like we are a ghost, floating in the space. - New volatile (black) teleport always on us when playing in co-op. Frustrating at Nightmare! - I read people cheating by duplications of anything is it true!? I hope you will fix that and put a limit of thing you can have on you at all time or simply per day limit how many things you can give to another player. This will be logical that we are limited for how many Craft Parts we can have. I know many idiots playing the game and pirate too. You need to act with drastic actions to save the beauty and fun of the game. - Many times I talked with a human NPC and the mouth was not moving. I was able to hear the voice behind me (surround speakers) not the front speaker. - Why often I see the subtitles text is different from voice acting script? (I play in English) - At night, the lighting out of the buggy is often screwed up when I'm out of it. Sometimes I can't see or sometimes the field is fully clear like a sunny day. I saw this issue, again, in co-op. - The sound cut and clip, each time I see the loading video of BTZ mode, before we are dropped in the map. - Zombie going through doors and walls. Not fun with Volatile doing that. - Each time a friend joins a game the weapon in his hand is twice the size of it. I saw screenshots on your forum about that and I have an example too. - BTZ mode with the buggy. Each time you ask to get your buggy all the parts on the buggy are level 1 and parts before that are removed. Very frustrating. This is a BIG issue. - The healing process happened to not working numerous times it. You are required to press the button on the d-pad again. Not cool. Requests/Improvements: - I'm going crazy with the square button to do everything! I want to switch arrows or looting and my buggy start playing music or waste my UV light while in a BTZ mode. Please change the way it works. Probably the need to hold another button plus square to alter the functionality. - Why filters and the film grains effect? - We should look unique instead of all the same visual face of Kyle with different clothes. - Able to see our shadow? - Update your Companion app. You have a few visual glitches and needs to Countryside. - Why no more Weapons Dockets in your videos? I'm a natural beta tester. If you ask me to test something, I will help the best I can. I can go get a lot of screenshots and videos if needed. I consider respectively your game was not ready for the release date. Many things were not tested carefully like the big frame rate drops when you have too many zombies. Before I was not able to see the zombies pop-up, now it happens too often. It feels more like a game than natural like the experience I got with the Slums and Old Town maps. I hope that you are working on a magical and wonderful update to give back the no drop frame rate experience of your game. This is my major turn off. Be killed because I was not able to see or play instead of my skills, very painful for my ego! Specially at night in Nightmare and you lose over a million of XP. You want to break something!! I took the time to write those phrases over the weeks because I care about your great game Maybe I hope to much for the better and the best.