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    ZombieVirus reacted to Chaos_Deception in My Opinion On "be The Zombie" Balance, Difficulty, Team Work.   
    Be The Zombie is a Great Mode but has much room for Improvement.  This however I understand is no easy Task to Achieve.
    When the Night Hunter is against 2 or more Humans.  Cooperation should be a Key Factor in whether You Win or Lose.  What I mean by this is, going after The Night Hunter Solo should generally be Suicide.
    He is a Mutant Super Zombie, that is Faster and Stronger than any Human. So Logic would suggest that going Toe to Toe with the Beast Alone should be a Difficult if not near Impossible Battle.  This would promote Closer more Coordinated Team Work. 
    An Example of this would be trying to take on the "Tank" from Left 4 Dead Solo. This Enemy required the whole Team to Attack at the same time.  Players that tried to go against the "Tank" Solo were often Dealt a Swift Demise. And once You Died, You was Eliminated until the next Safe House.
    The Night Hunter should retain His Ability to Climb when Drained of Energy. So He can Retreat and  Recharge. As once He is Drained, He is almost always Dead.  This is even more of an Issue in 4 VS 1 Games, as more UV Lights keep Him Crippled for longer.
    Any other Feedback welcome. Please Keep it Constructive though and No Flaming of other Users Please.
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    ZombieVirus reacted to Hertz in My Opinion On "be The Zombie" Balance, Difficulty, Team Work.   
    Lolz because it's by a moderator makes it more significant or the others on here? Btw you said people will play it more of he's more OP then you said "because of love suspenseful games." lulz.
    I have 3 hunters Bro I've seen/heard it all.
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    ZombieVirus got a reaction from RaceyStorm3124 in Is The Be The Zombie Mode What You Expected?   
    So i know its been a year now, but ive recentely got into Dying Light, and i wanted to ask its Great community if Dying Lights PVP mode, Be the Zombie, was what they expected.  When i first saw the Trailer, i thought it was gonna be a Stealth based thing where the Night Hunter had to depend on staying in the shadows and taking out Players that wandered to far from each other, and before you think that this would make the nest killing in favor of the Survivors, at the time i saw nothing about nest, so i also though survivors just had to survive the night and that everyone had 1 life.  So it would be a battle of Survivors vs what i was expecting to be a strong but cheap attacking zombie that took shots from the shadows of harran.