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    Dying Light Pvp Needs A Serious Fix.

    I don't see ether side as OP, I just see tactics that are OP, for example, a Night Hunters Ground pound spam tactic is Most likely the most annoying and OP, while the Survivors Dropkick spam and death from above attacks are his most OP move. As a Night Hunter, I rely on help to let me win, I wait for the best moments to strike, for example, if a survivor is pounding away on a nest, and I see that a few zombies are attacking him, I move in for a pounce while he is fighting, especially with goons around, if he turns his light towards me, I send out a horde spit instead and use UV block to escape, maybe using a Group pound to keep him near the spit or let zombies take hits at him, before I go back to waiting, its about skill and deciving your enemies. While for the human, its about killing the Hunter and taking out a nest while he respawns. As human I also rely on help, I can play a macth bymyself but it becomes a bit harder, espically with the NH that spam Ground pound or use tackle at the right momments. With friends the survivors are a lot stronger, as the term "backup" applies here, and for everyone complaining about how survivors attack nest while others stand guard. is a Tatic. Also, yes cheaters are common, but remember, those are people that have zero skill, therefore they cheat to feel good about themselves.
  2. So i know its been a year now, but ive recentely got into Dying Light, and i wanted to ask its Great community if Dying Lights PVP mode, Be the Zombie, was what they expected. When i first saw the Trailer, i thought it was gonna be a Stealth based thing where the Night Hunter had to depend on staying in the shadows and taking out Players that wandered to far from each other, and before you think that this would make the nest killing in favor of the Survivors, at the time i saw nothing about nest, so i also though survivors just had to survive the night and that everyone had 1 life. So it would be a battle of Survivors vs what i was expecting to be a strong but cheap attacking zombie that took shots from the shadows of harran.