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  1. mhwaso

    The Latest Patch Issues

    2 things with the last patch 1.11 entering any quarantine zone is make my main quest is bozac and losing all my item to storage stash is very annoying in the following if i join other players i lose side quests because they did it before i joined them and not because i did with them
  2. mhwaso

    Gold Weapons List

    even with mod i only found these - Blade of Order - Loco - Battle Axe of Titans - Gonunaba - Tribal Knife - Skullmace - Rune Hammer - SmackHammer and some gold throwing knives
  3. mhwaso

    Dying Light Desktop Wallpapers

    this is the best one i found
  4. mhwaso

    Gold Weapons List

    what is the 4 fantasy weapons?
  5. mhwaso

    Gold Weapons List

    can any one who found real gold weapons mention their names as lots of mods give fake gold weapons and it can be used just like real ones
  6. mhwaso

    New Weapons

    i love to see all types of firearms just like state of decay
  7. mhwaso

    Looking For Tips.

    keep playing to get more skills which will make your weapons break slowly even lucky repair that not consume repair slot the best weapons will come , i think machete at survivor skill 12 you can have the best fun ever this my best game ever