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  1. Liliannismo33

    Remove Blue Selection

    Thanks you !
  2. Liliannismo33

    Remove Blue Selection

    Hello, I would like to remove the fact that when we select an object, it becomes blue to say that it is selected. It's pretty boring to see decals or other .. Thank you
  3. Liliannismo33

    Destro_Car, sound area, execute animation, ...

    Ok thanks you, i test it when i'm at this point
  4. Liliannismo33

    Destro_Car, sound area, execute animation, ...

    Yes, it's working, thanks you very much, and just last questions, all object with texture yellow, i see it invisible. If you can help me on this, i loving you
  5. Liliannismo33

    Destro_Car, sound area, execute animation, ...

    Ok, i go test thanks you and for the radio, if someone search, go here : @KNG have replied how make this, thanks you ! I go test @cr1m3 and i say that in few minutes
  6. Liliannismo33

    Destro_Car, sound area, execute animation, ...

    Hi, thanks you for your anwser, but i have downloaded but i don't know how i can select just 1 object :/ So i don't know how he make For the shaft, i have a windows, but i can't resize the object in 3D, just in 2D. Thanks you
  7. Hi, i have many questions : How i can do a trigger that when activated, executes an animation? How execute a animation InGame ? How we can have a sound but audible in a zone ? I have the destro_car invisible and i can't put skin, how i can't put a skin ? How make an area that when thé payer are on it, a quest or trigger or sound is executed ? How Can i make an effect of light breach a windows ? And I want make a radio and when you press it, it is disabled. Thanks you for your answer !
  8. Liliannismo33

    The Zombie Does Not Move As Long As They Are Not Attacked

    It's resolved thx you ! (Sorry i can't say how, i don't know how i have make for resolved this )
  9. Hi, I would like you to help me with the problem in the title. The zombies do not want to move, whether it's a spawner or NPC, they do not want it until they get attacked. I did the navmesh. I noticed that the zombies are "inactive", one can push them and their body does not move but the legs twists, etc ... Thx for your help
  10. Liliannismo33

    Where Is Trailer ? I Don't Found It

    Hi, Where is trailer for truck ? Should I write something specific to find it? I like the flat trailer if possible. Thank you (Sorry for my English, I am French)
  11. Liliannismo33

    Activate Coop In My Map

  12. Liliannismo33

    Activate Coop In My Map

    Hi, I would like add coop in my map. How to add this ? Thanks for your help (Sorry for my english, I am French)
  13. Liliannismo33

    Spawn A Buggy

    Hello, I want know how to spawn a buggy. I have see a module buggyspawnpoint and buggyspawn. I have connected this, and i can't enter in buggy. Can you help me ? Thanks. "Sorry for my English, I am French"
  14. Liliannismo33

    Disable Use Button When Push It

    Hi everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to disable the ability to use a button after using it once. I'd like to have it without a quest. If you are forced by a quest, let me know. Thank you. (And sorry for my English, I am French :/)