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  1. Bartosz Buczeluk


    If you won't use them for profit then why not?
  2. Bartosz Buczeluk

    Signing up and in for the DLBB

    HI Forum account is different from one used in DL:BB. At the moment registration for Techland Account at DL:BB website is disabled.
  3. Bartosz Buczeluk


    Those are human-bots - someone resolve anti-spam prevention in order for bot be able to register. There's no 100% bullet proof solution against that.
  4. Bartosz Buczeluk

    An early review

    Hi. Thanks for your input - it's always appreciated. Although I can't say more about most of you were said as I'm merely admin here, I did check the imperial/metric option and there is one - see the attachment.
  5. Bartosz Buczeluk

    Post Any Bugs/Exploits from Bad Blood Here

    It probably means that you were trying to activate your account more then once. You can try to log in and if it won't work for you please create ticket at
  6. Bartosz Buczeluk

    Register for Global Playtest!

    Yeah, it should be resolved for the newly created accounts and for the ones before my investigation those mail should show up eventually.
  7. Bartosz Buczeluk

    Register for Global Playtest!

    I'm investigating the issue with e-mails and I hope I'll get info very soon.
  8. Bartosz Buczeluk

    Companion App Packages Not Working

    Oh, ok but what exactly is your problem? You can play app normally but when you want to transfer loot it doesn't show up in DL? I see that you had one item sent. I also did small change to your account so it's possible that you'll get another one. Or maybe the game notify you that you received something but you can't find it? Believe me when I say that support really tries whatever they can to help you. I get prompted by them whenever there is something related to my area and they don't have their solution yet. And it's not uncommon that some problems can have different roots. So they mostly try to solutions that work the most.
  9. Bartosz Buczeluk

    Weapon dockets not showing up at quatermaster

    I checked your entry in DB and you have all the dockets so they should appear in the game. Be aware that some of them are awarded after you finish the base story, for the bounties that you'll get access too.
  10. Bartosz Buczeluk

    Cant sign up for Dockets

    There is an account with the e-mail you're registered here, on forum. The account is activated and it was created at 2017-07-09T13:17:41.000Z. If you say that you can't reset then I could try that for you if you want.
  11. Bartosz Buczeluk

    Weapon dockets not showing up at quatermaster

    Did you use the e-mail that you used on this forum? Because I found account with this one and it doesn't have linked account.
  12. Bartosz Buczeluk

    Receiving loot from the Companion App

    You can try to unlink and then link your account again. It helps sometimes. If it won't help then all I can suggest is to create ticket at
  13. Bartosz Buczeluk

    App on Android

    You should be able to log in right now. There was an issue that I (hopefully) fixed already. Let me know if you find that there is still something problematic.
  14. Bartosz Buczeluk

    How can report a bug with their newsletter

    @DANCEBOT I see your entry in DB so if you didn't receive your newsletter then there are two possible reasons: message could be treated as a spam or there was some error during sending that prevented your message to be actually send. @Dante Track I can't find your e-mail in our DB. Did you use the same e-mail for newsletter then to register here, on forum?
  15. Yes there was an issue that should be resolved right now. At least I hope it is. So please try again and let me know if you will get any problems.