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    I just want to start by saying I've gone through the forum and read a lot of the feedback you have all posted recently. I've been playing the game in it's current state and have opinions of my own as well. We're looking at putting out another tuning patch soon and I want to create this post to gather some input. To make this as effective as possible, and to ensure that your opinion is heard, please use this template for all responses in this thread: WHEN I PLAY AS SURVIVOR #1 thing I like: #1 thing that bugs me: WHEN I PLAY AS HUNTER #1 thing I like: #1 thing that bugs me: OVERALL #1 thing I want: I will be reading other posts so if you want to get into discussions about specific aspects of the game, please create a new topic in the forum. I will read it. If it is written in an civil and constructive manner, I'll be sure to comment...if it's written in a whiny, hate mongering manner...I'll probably just ignore it. And please remember: Survivors and Hunters need each other... or else there is no game... let's not try to alienate or demonize either side with our critiques. ...and yes, I know telebombers are the worst Thanks everyone!
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    Update your game and go to your Quartermaster to get the free Gun Silencer Blueprints — which have been added to Dying Light by popular demand. The silencer doesn’t break and it has no cool down, so you can use it as much as you like. It does require special Subsonic Ammo, which you can find by looting police vans around Harran.
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    Irish farmer

    PS4 player

    Just wanted to say really nice game and good job developers, I know a lot of people are having problems with different parts of the game, I have been playing since release date and have no problems to date even after the updates, wanted to let techland know this keep up the good work it can't be easy keeping going with all the negativity going around
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    Hey everyone, Towards the end of last year we asked for your feedback on the general balance of Be the Zombie mode. We were hearing that you felt the Night Hunter was underpowered, but we wanted hear your specific points on what you'd like to see us change. Thanks for all of your input - based on what you told us we have made some changes to BtZ. These changes are now live: Drop Attack (AKA 'Death from Above') Height required increased Grab distance reduced UV Flashlight Distance reduced (in 2 vs. 1 to 4 vs. 1 matches) Cool down time increased Initial cost increased (so that flicking the flashlight on and off repeatedly drains it more quickly) Spits Explosion radius increased Explosion delay reduced Effect duration for Control The Horde and Light Disable increased Cool down times decreased (in 3 vs. 1 and 4 vs. 1 matches) Survivor Sense Night Hunter now appears on Survivors' mini-map(s) for less time Misc. Auto-balance reduced overall. We hope these changes make Btz even more enjoyable for everyone and, of course, please let us know what you think. James
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    Well, just spent the night in all sorts of matches, testing the new update. And let me just tl;dr right now: That was the most fun I've had in Dying Light in a while. And not just for Hunter. Sure, it was fun playing the Hunter and finally not being afraid entering 2v1s and 4v1s because of the absolute animation camp and medkit spam (which is still entirely possible), plus winning despite it. But playing Survivor? That is the hidden gem of this patch. I have not tested 4v1, but I did play a few 2 and 3v1s, mostly some 1v1s. My 1v1s: It was incredibly fun facing even an average Apex Predator, let alone the Hunter who really knew who he was doing - a game I barely won, but it felt so good and it was so fun. I felt like I was at my peak again, despite not really playing Survivor recently because of how easy it was. Had to use everything in my disposal, think on my feet, take a few risks, prioritize nests to killing the Hunter - a.k.a fight for my life against a stronger, superior being, the way it should be. For the first time, the Hunter feels like a threat, but a threat you can definitely overcome with skill and a bit of luck. In terms of balance, the Hunter this time around is slightly more likely to win a 1v1, while before the update it was the opposite situation. 2v1: The new most balanced mode. The nerf to 2-handers is surprisingly useful, but not too harsh, the spits are plentiful but definitely not too much. Both sides have the arsenal needed to take down the other side, so all that's left is skill vs skill. Nobody is favored here. 3v1: We faced a pretty good Apex Predator, while we were a fairly uncoordinated team (no offense, Cartier, much love) but individually skilled, so our overall level was around the Hunter's. Even despite that, we only had 3 spawns on the last nest to kill for the win, until we finally went down. If we had better teamwork we would've definitely won, so again - a very balanced game. I would favor a good team to beat a good Hunter in a close game here, so this in itself balances out with 1v1 mode. Autobalance was not that apparent; spits were, for the first time, effective even if they don't stick; buffed crossbow damage (not mentioned in the notes) was a nice addition; the Hunter... feels smoother to control. I can't really explain it, did you change anything in terms of his locomotion? Anyway, I will write again when I experience a 4v1 from Survivor's side. This update, at least for me, is the spark that made me love the game again. As a final note to James Gallagher: don't listen to people like the person above me - a player who exclusively plays Survivor, has 3 times less playtime than what's needed to know the PvP inside and out, and basically requires the developers to change the game to compensate for his own shortcomings. It's by listening to players like him that the PvP of this game got in its worst state by far, which was before this new update. Thank you for reading and listening to our feedback.
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    Crop suggestions

    Hi, One of the things I love most about the game is the variety of different crops and how they are tied to different locations. Some of the crops I'd like to see in the game in the future: Tea - As with coffee, possibly tied to a new region, maybe India. Cotton - Possibly in China. Banana / Pineapple - Here, it could be added to the Colombian map, since it's a tropical region. Peaches / Apricots - Maybe linked to Italy. Pumpkins / Carrots - For more greenhouse variety in the USA map. Strawberry / Or any other Berry fruits - Also, maybe tied to the greenhouses in the USA map Nut Tree Orchards - Walnut, Chestnut, Pine, Hazel, Almond... These would be awesome to have. Maybe in another Mediterranean map: Spain, Greece or Turkey... or Portugal, we do have them in here as well Since several maps are already made and finding new areas for more orchards would be difficult, you could have a similar option to change orchard trees as the one you have for the greenhouses. That way, you wouldn't have to compromise on the map layout. Hope you guys give these some thought and consideration. To me, personally, I prefer this type of add-ons than just more machines. It's what gets me invested in this type of games. Thank You, and Happy Farming! Gabriel
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    Yesterday, I made this post talking about a survival mode and sandbox mode feature for Dying Light, possibly in a future Content Drop. That post has gotten popular rather quickly, showing that people definitely want these features to make it into the game. I figured that I would share it here and increase the chance of the developers themselves noticing it. I believe this would really bring people in. Plus, I've been dying (ha) to get back into this game for ages. This would hook me, and more! This will be consistently updated with new ideas that will be added to the list. If you have any suggestions that would fit this bill, leave it down below and I'll add it to this and the Reddit post! -------------------------- Sandbox Mode starts a fresh game with no storyline, allowing you to play essentially forever, and also allows a variety of settings to be changed before you play a game, such as zombie speeds, strengths, types, activity (day/night/both), Volatile activity, infectivity, and so on. So if people wanted to play something that felt like The Walking Dead or 28 Days Later and so on, then they have those options, whichever are available. Also in this sandbox mode, it can be an option to have all safe zones claimed or lost, and how many for either option. This would tie in for the survival mode. With this in mind, most buildings that are locked off post-campaign or have interiors but are not enterable, are now accessible. Permadeath is also an option, so when you die, you start over. If you die regularly, you respawn as a new character, which is what survival mode also has. Settings that would be available are as follows (will be updated): Zombie Population Density: Very low, low, normal, medium, high, very high, insane Zombie Speeds: Walkers and Virals, Virals only, Walkers only Zombie Strengths: Very weak, weak, normal, strong, very strong, one-hit (optional) Zombie Hearing: Very weak, weak, normal, strong, very strong, pinpoint (stealth is the only safe method) Zombie Sight: Blind, Normal, Eagle Special Zombie Population Density: Very low, low, normal, medium, high, very high, insane Zombie Population: Normal zombies only, Special zombies only, Normals and Specials Zombie Population Increases: Yes, No Zombie Population Increments (accessible if Yes): 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x Zombie Population Increment Days (accessible if Yes): Every day, Every 2 days, Every 5 days, Every 10 days, Every 20 Days Infection to Harran Virus: Yes, No Infection to Zombie Guts (disguise): Yes, No Infection Transmission (accessible if Yes): Bites only, Scratches only, Bites and scratches Sound Attraction: None, Very low, Low, Normal, High, Very High Gunshots and explosions spawn horde: Yes, No Sound Horde size (accessible if Yes): 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 (if game can handle it) Sound spawns: Walkers only, Virals only, Walkers and Virals Loot Respawns: Yes, No Food And Water Respawns: Yes, No Loot Spawn Frequency (accessible if Yes): Every day, every 2 days, every 5 days, every 10 days, every 20 days, every 30 days Loot Abundance (accessible if Yes): Very low, low, normal, medium, high, very high, extremely high Food and Water Spawn Frequency (accessible if Yes): Every day, every 2 days, every 5 days, every 10 days, every 20 days, every 30 days Food And Water Abundance (accessible if Yes): Very low, low, normal, medium, high, very high, extremely high Airdrops Spawn: Yes, No Airdrops stop after (accessible if Yes): 1 Day, 5 Days, 10 Days, 15 Days, 20 Days, 30 Days, 50 Days, ∞ Random Wandering Hordes Spawn: Yes, No Random Wandering Horde Size (accessible if Yes): 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 Volatiles Spawn: Yes, No Volatile Spawns (accessible if Yes): Day, Night, Day and Night Volatile Population Density: Very low, low, normal, medium, high, very high, insane Enemy humans spawn: Yes, No Enemy human commonness (accessible if yes): Very low, low, normal, medium, high, very high, insane(?) Survival Mode is another toggle-able option that, when activated, prompts the player to look for food, water, and a place to sleep. You search houses and can find bottled water, cans of food, and beds for either temporary outposts or safe zones. Players will also get sick, whether from eating food gone bad, dirty water, or other reasons, and will need antibiotics to treat these sicknesses. Antibiotics can be bought from shopkeepers at safe zones, found in pharmacies, or in enemy territories. This will give players an even bigger reason to explore the world and find what they need to stay healthy. Sicknesses can vary: Some may cause you to lose energy faster, require more food to eat or water to drink, may make you more commonly fatigued, or even more susceptible to catching the Harran virus when dealing with Infected. In a way, you do not want to be sick when trying to survive out there. If you camouflage yourself with zombie guts, you increase the risk of contracting an illness or the Harran virus - even both. If sickened by zombie guts, you will become weakened, fatigued, and may have a lower perception with your Survivor Sense. As for being sickened with the Harran Virus, see below. Players can now become infected with the Harran Virus, and must either see the doctor in a safe zone or find Antizin via air drops or Rais' drops/territories. If you do not take Antizin during your infection period, you will succumb to the disease and respawn as a new character. If you are playing the campaign and activate survival mode, you will already have the disease, and Antizin now becomes available to find in the game world. If you do not take it within 1 in-game day, you will die, and like the modes of Hard or Nightmare, you may be penalized. You can starve or die of thirst without enough food or water. You can stockpile supplies. Depending on the difficulty, they will not respawn, meaning you will eventually end up with finding supplies only in bandit camps, on bandits, or by airdrops. Safe zones can be lost to zombie attacks after a while. Also in this mode, loud sounds will now not only draw larger groups of Virals, but also draw large groups of walkers as well. Is that gunshot worth it? Another idea I thought of was perhaps a hardcore version of Survival, in which all safe zones are lost, and you are allowed to create small "outpost" zones in small houses (though this would be possible in the normal version of Survival). You can create two at a time, and must gather the resources necessary to create UV lights to keep out the Volatiles. Once a safe base is created, you will have access to a locker that will allow you to stockpile supplies, meaning it would be best to stockpile when you can, because you will eventually run out. In this particular hardcore mode, airdrops will stop after 15 in-game days, so Antizin will be found primarily in bandit camps and Rais containers, as well as on the bodies of bandits and Rais thugs. More zombies will populate the world, stronger and much more deadly. Volatiles will appear commonly at night, and you might have to gather batteries to keep your flashlight going. Just don't run out of Antizin either! (Concept, may not be possible) In survival mode and its hardcore counterpart, a "safe-zone mode" will be available, allowing you to choose more areas than in the base game where you want to set up a safe zone. For example, if you were to choose a house at ground level, you will need resources to create UV lights and barricades that block windows. You will also be able to craft a door lock and a bed, which will immediately scan the perimeter and declare it a safe-zone. In the slim chance that the Techland devs see this, I would really love to see something like this make it into the game as perhaps in one of the future Content Drops, even if it's not in full detail as I listed above, though that would be nice for something close to the full thing. Dying Light already is a fantastic game, and personally, I like challenges. So please, feel free to make sure the Techland devs see this, and if you are a dev and are seeing this, please, I would love to see this make it to a future update!
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    My rice farm

    So the cost of the equipment and time needed to plant rice doesn't bring much profit. Especially with the 2300kg rice you can harvest and unload.. To do something while my cherries grow I have my three rice fields in Japan. To speed things up, I did this: Works well, but time consuming and workers can't do this, sadly... Nevertheless I thought I share it with my fellow farmers! Happy farming!
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    Michał Rainert

    PS4 player

    Hi, Thank you for kind words. I can assure you we are working hard on fixing the issues, also a new content is going to be released soon. So - please stay tuned for more details :-)
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    Okay, did some further testing, and @Weaponz248 was right. If you start a new game and buy any of the new vehicles included in the patch 1.1.2, the game stays stable and everything works as it should, which means that the new updates are, indeed, incompatible with the previous saves. So, there you have it. Another piece of the puzzle complete
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    @PetterCZ I think we all do. For Potato harvest they have to rethink tings. Even if you put a trailer next to it, they start unloading but as soon as they have a little bit of empty room (20kg) the AI worker starts driving off. So like someone said here the only option is to fire the retarded worker and unload it by yourself and rehire someone new for the next batch. I hope we get something like the Grimme VARITRON 470 the equipment we have now is just not compatible with the AI.
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    James Gallagher

    PS4 Fixes/Suggestions

    Thank you for the suggestions. We're taking everything on board and FYI sweet pickles, in the next update on consoles we'll be fixing crashing issues, adding a real time mode and making some improvements to workers.
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    Weather forecasts

    Having this ingame would be great. Why water your field if its gonna rain?
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    So when is the spit regen in team games getting nerfed? I get that you need feedback and can't act on impulse, but literally every single player, including Hunter-only players, agrees that they need a serious tone down. A minimum of 45 spits per match and going as far as 60+ is insane. While it can be quite fun surviving against nigh-impossible odds, it does not make it an equal playing field when it comes to skill. Before the update, when a skilled Hunter entered a team game of maybe slightly above-average players, he still had a sizeable chance of losing because Survivors had a better/easier/more exploitable kit. Now it's the opposite - a low-skilled Hunter can definitely take down an individually better team, just by knowing how to spam spits, spam UV heal and retreat if nothing hits. Witnessing that kind of play is, quite frankly, ugly. It's like I'm watching DFA crows and DK waiters in a Hunter version. Just like how that was a problem that was thankfully removed, this incessant spam of spits needs to go too. I don't really understand how hard it could be to change a few numeric values, but I'm not the dev here. It would be great if we could at least get a response that some kind of tweak down is coming.
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    Mr Squealypig

    Crop Questions

    Here are the crops listed for each location: Montana - barley, rye, wheat, cabbages, tomatoes, plums, peppers, apples, pears, potatoes Italy - olives, eggplants, grapes, oranges Colombia - coffee, chillies, industrial hemp Japan - rice, wasabi, cherries Germany - rapeseed, cabbages, peppers, tomatoes
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    New Video: Fuel Management

    I disagree. 1. As far as I can see whatever you described about Triple A isn't happening. It's simply magically buying more fuel through your tablet, seemingly instant. 2. If everything can be roleplayed why buy the game, I'll just picture it all in my head. I think there's not alot of management going on if all you need to do is bring up your tablet and buy fuel at a higher cost. Trust me my imagination is good, but that's a bit too much. I've played plenty of simulators and I can distinguish what I need to roleplay and what would actually break immersion. I think the penalty for forgetting to fuel up should be a little more than that. If I was a real farmer and I forgot to tank up what would I do? Go to the gasstation with some jerry cans and fill them up, cursing myself on the way over and back for the lost time. I think saying "just roleplay it" is too easy. Add a little depth to the whole mechanic if you're gonna put it in. Make it feel like fueling on time matters and is a bigger part in the routine than "Oops I forgot to fuel up, better alert the magical Triple A to instantly fill my tank up".
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    Mosko war

    New Video: Fuel Management

    fabulous I am very impatient to see more content, for example see the function of mod as it will be, see the form of the missions, different details more machinery that will be added not very impressive until the moment open and wait to see how it is optimized in console
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    This is good for hunters but for human is soo bad this not balanced and im playing this game for 1000+ hr , and the hunter after this patch is over power.
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    Hey everyone, I’ll get to the point: We hear that many of the top Be the Zombie players think it could be better balanced. We want to make things better, but first we need to properly understand what changes you want to see. So we want your input on the overall balancing of BtZ. Below I’ve listed some of the variables that determine the balance of BtZ. These are things that we can either decrease or increase without necessarily needing to release a new patch. We’d like you to reply on this thread with: The top three things you think we should increase. The top three things you think we should decrease. I appreciate that you will have other suggestions for bigger changes or additions but please, for the time being, stick to what we’ve laid out here. It will really help us get a clearer picture of how you feel about BtZ. Thank you for your input and your support. Here are the variables: HUMAN UV Flashlight Damage to Night Hunter Duration Cool down time Flares Cool down time Drop attack Height required Grab radius (how close to the NH you need to be to land a Drop Attack) Grappling Hook Stamina cost Cool down time NIGHT HUNTER Damage Tackle Ground Pound Claw Spits Effect duration Cool down time UV Block Effect duration Cool down time WEAPONS (Note: damage to Night Hunter and damage to Nests are separate variables). Short knife One-handed Small two-handed Large two-handed Dropkick Pistols Rifles Arrows Crossbows
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    Hello All As a Moderator we have to be Impartial and treat all Forum Members the same way. If there is Post that Breaks the Community Guidelines or is Antagonistic in Nature. Then please Report it instead of taking it upon Yourselves to Argue Publicly on the Forum or via Private Messaging. When You Flag Content it is very easy for Techland and Moderators to see and take Action upon. Thank You for Your time. Aaron.
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    I suggested this in the past on the DLCs thread, and I supposedly had to wait a few days before posting my own thread (that, or everyone had to wait). Regardless, I figured that I should make my post an actual post now, giving it a better chance to be seen by Techland, with the hopes that at least one of these make it in or more. IDEAS: 1. Survival Mode. It's more of an extra difficulty. Similar to Fallout 4's survival mode, you now have to eat, drink and sleep to survive. You can scavenge for food and water throughout the world, sleep in a bed at a zone to replenish your strength. You now also have to thoroughly look for air drops, as they contain Antizin. With this mode, you now have to use Antizin yourself. If you don't, the infection will take over and kill you. 2. Sandbox Mode. Separate from Story Mode, when you start a new game in Sandbox Mode, there is no main story. You jump right into the world in a random location every time, and explore to survive. This would work hand in hand with Survival too. 3. Night Mode. Similar to I Am Legend, the world is empty during the day. Zombies are nowhere to be seen on the streets, except for inside dark interiors. Interior cells will always have zombies in them unless cleared out. At night, zombies will flood into the streets. 4. Hunted Mode. Zombies always know where you are, no matter what, and will hunt you down wherever you are. If you are in Old Town near the plaza, where all those zombies are, it doesn't matter if you're on top of a pole or building; they'll shamble straight towards you and extend their arms out to reach for you. They always see you, and you'll always be hunted. 5. Virals-Only Mode. All zombies, walkers and specials, are replaced with virals, that now populate Harran.. Perhaps three difficulties for this so it's not impossible. The streets look empty of Walkers or Specials, and Virals will occasionally roam about. Fire a gun, as in vanilla, and they will come. If you've watched 28 Days Later, think of it like that. As for difficulties, it's more of how many virals appear on the streets when you aren't firing a gun. It could be as few as three, or as many as thirty all about. Either way, you'll want to be on the run more often. 6. Loner Mode. All safe zones from Story Mode are overrun by the infected or turned from lack of treatment. No place for anybody. It's your job to take them back, one by one. Places like Brecken's Tower and Lena's Tower will be overrun by the infected, and now you have to reclaim them. 8. Special Mode. There are no Walkers or Virals. Only the special infected rule the streets of Harran, day and night. 9. Settlement mode. While the settlements of Dying Light don't need your help, it's nice to make your own settlement on the go. Or rather, for this game, a safe-house. In case you're too far from any safe-house, you could craft your own in the building you're standing in, but only if zombies can't just walk through the door. You can craft barricades, UV lights, and a sleeping bag for you to rest your pretty little head. You can choose to keep it as an official safe-house, or dismantle it in the morning. I mean, it's technically a mode, so I guess it fits here? 10. Growing Horde Mode. Not the actual name, but here's the idea. With each day passes, more zombies spawn across the map. After several days, zombies will dominate the streets, forcing you to stick to rooftops and avoid the streets. Similar concept can apply to The Following, in towns and villages. 11. Be The Zombie single player. You can play as a viral or a Volatile and hunt survivors. And I don't know if this is okay, but I have a couple of feature requests: 1. More open interiors. If the game can handle them, I'd like to see more places be enterable; more houses and buildings that are part of the exterior cell. More places to hide, more places to explore. I love exploring. 2. Infection. As Kyle Crane, you're infected from the start, bitten by a zombie upon touching down in Harran. In the case Techland (or you, if you (Techland) is reading this) adds in something like a Sandbox mode where you aren't Kyle Crane, you should carry the risk of catching the infection. If you get infected, you'll need Antizin. Of course, this feature would apply to the above Survival Mode. 3. Shooting gun spawns horde of walkers. In the current game, shooting a gun draws nearby walkers and spawns virals in the distance. This feature would have a gunshot spawn a large walker horde that reaches your location. 4. Zombies wander more. I feel like the zombies should wander more, as they're trying to search out survivors. While some could just stand still as they already do, I feel like the majority of the zombies should be wandering around. 5. Permadeath for sandbox mode. Option to choose before you start. If you die, that's it. You have to start again. 6. Random horde spawns. I guess this would be more of a feature than a mode. Basically, it allows large hordes of zombies to randomly roam around the map dynamically. So if you're in the middle of a field in The Following and you're looking through supplies, a horde can randomly appear in the distance and shamble through, taking you completely by surprise. 7. Resurrection. This would fit probably in modes like Nightmare Mode, Survival Mode, and Sandbox Mode with Nightmare Difficulty. Anyone who dies turns into a zombie. Rais' men who are killed by Virals, they come back. That fisher in front of Brecken's tower, when he dies on the mission, he comes back (even though he'll reappear again later). 8. Dependence on Air Drops (Sandbox/Nightmare/Survival Mode). It always bothered me in that the original game, while air drops occur, they don't have too too much of an effect on the safe zones. Sure, you bring them to the quartermaster and all, but it feels less like they're making a difference. It would be interesting if, for certain modes, safe zones now become dependent on air drops, especially if they contain Antizin. These would only apply in modes outside of Story Mode. If air drops are not delivered to main safe zones after a certain period of time (these would be missions spawned for you), that safe zone now runs the risk of becoming overrun as people turn. If a whole safe zone turns, it is lost, and you are granted a mission of reclaiming it for survivors. 9. Finite resources. The majority of Harran is abundant with supplies to collect and scavenge. With this optional selection, all resources are finite, meaning when you collect them, they don't respawn after a few days, meaning after a while, the only supplies you will find will be from air drops and enemies scattered around the map, as well as whatever you may find on the infected or corpses of enemies like Rais' men or bandits. Areas where bandits and Rais' men spawn will always respawn with supplies, but areas elsewhere across Harran will run out of supplies. 10. All zombies turn viral at night. This is for hard or maybe nightmare. Basically, at night, all zombies become virals and chase you. Gives you a real reason to go home at sundown. 11. Only Volatiles come out at night. This is connected to the suggested Night Mode above. At night, no zombies except Volatiles will come out and hunt. And one thing I'd like to add about survival mode. Perhaps it'd be possible to collect food and water as objects, depending on what they are, rather than eating or drinking them on the spot? I believe I Am Legion (mod) did that. I'm glad Dying Light is still being worked on and improved long after its release. Personally, I feel like these modes can give it so much more life than it already has. I would more than love to start a sandbox survival playthrough and just survive as much as I can and as long as I can, perhaps while running from virals in a viral-only Harran, or avoiding the streets because the special infected now rule the roads. There are so many possibilities, and I believe Techland can follow through on them!
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    A great start!

    Hey all, long time simulator gamer here. Just wanted to say I'm enjoying this game so far. Haven't played through the whole campaign yet but so far I really like the crop diversity. The amount of things to do for money is great. The missions system is great too. I love that I need to use my own equipment. The equipment maintenance is a nice touch too. I also love that the mini map updates in real time. Irrigation is a thing! I mean there a re lot of great features here. I'm really impressed. So far I think people are being a bit harsh. Yes I know we need more equipment. THAT'S EASY! It'll come. The bones of this game is great. I can't wait to see more. Lets give them some positive feedback, as well as negative. I hope to see some tweaks in the game soon and new equipment on the horizon. I'm sure there's a long list of changes they want to make based on the feedback I've seen. I hope to see list get shorter soon. Thanks for a great game so far. Here's to making it even better!
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    We can't stress enough that allowing modders to be able to make mods for PF18 will either make or break this sim. There are great modders that will be able to take PF18 to a whole new level. Giants FS would have never made it this far without the modders. This needs to be on the top of you're list. If your looking for a one time big sale you will get that because people are looking for something different. But if your looking at long term sales you need the modders to keep it alive just like Giants FS did. As danplayer01 said ( I'm also concerned that time will go by too quickly.) You need to do something to show that this is something your going to do.
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    Cheaters communities hackers

    I'm not sure why you guys even go on about this. Different people like to play games different ways, if they find a hack for the game on psn, so what? That's the way they choose to play the game, it shouldn't be effecting you because it's not like this game is pvp. Games are meant to be enjoyed by the gamer who plays them however he wants to. Yeah I've used a few cheats myself i won't lie. But there are reasons for sometimes using cheats. For one i know in dying light, getting gold tier weapons is ridiculously difficult, getting stuff that sells for enough money to buy the ridiculously overpriced weapons is also super difficult. Some of us work and actually have lives apart from gaming so the fact that we have to now spend hours and hours grinding on one game just to get to where we want to be, isn't a possibility. I personally think that if the developers are going to fix hacks then at least look into the kind of stuff people are hacking and why they are hacking them. Like honestly things are crazy expensive in this game. And secondly i don't know why in the world the developers are still patching hacks when this game came out a million years ago. Like honestly leave the hacks in the game or make things easier to find and bring down the ridiculous cost of weapons, sometimes i don't even enjoy the game i just get irritated of how stupid expensive stuff are and how difficult is to find certain things.
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    Is this possible??

    Hello techland Its been about 3 years that I've owned dying light and it's been a dream for me to own a sniper in the game it would great that you consider this. Thank you.
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