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    Kris The Farmer Techland

    Additional farmer

    Thanks for the idea! We are working on improvements and will discuss this option in our team too
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    I need help for a trophy

    Hello everybody so i miss 3 trophys for platinum, 10 coop and 7 wins in coop (thats not important) but the last one is where i need to find end save 15 survivors from rais men, i already beat the game (legend18) and when chacking in my progression i only have 3/15 which is wierd because i tried to save everybody through my playthrough, but ok i still need 12 and i cannont find them, any advice please ? its pisssing mi off because i want to complete it for that platinum
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    Hej Roobin303, Spróbuj dodać tę stację na próbę: http://swr-swr1-bw.cast.addradio.de/swr/swr1/bw/mp3/128/stream.mp3?ar-distributor=f0a0 Pozdrawiam, Kris
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    Czy mógłbyś sprawdzić jak Twoja G29 spisuje się po najnowszym patchu? Upewnij się, proszę, czy masz najnowsze sterowniki. Jeśli kierownica ciągle nie działa, prześlij nam swój dxdiag na adres support@techland.pl. Pozdrawiam, Kris
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    Looking For Assets

    ULFHEDN4R - You said you found your own answers what was it?
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    Rafał Polito

    Forcing Navmesh On An Area

    The best way is to fix problem, not use some enforcers and hacks. First of all, check wheather your map is inside map grid. To show map grid go to Optimization menu and Show Objects Grid. If your map is not in the grid - resize grid in level attributes. Open Objects window, go to very top and select level. Next in Attributes window go to Terrain tab and in objects grid sizes section change values for X, Y, Z fields. If this will not help, we will try to find other solutions to this problem. You should use NavMesh enforcer only if it is necessary. Also attach some screenshot of area without navmesh.
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    Rafał Polito

    Developer Tools: Camera Glitch

    Press RMB on left upper corner in viewport window and choose Editor view preset.
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