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    Devtools Useful Tips & Tricks

    Text tutorial ´s list: Faq http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/611703999966865614/?appid=239140 Safezone and Uv light burn volatile http://forum.techland.pl/topic/11229-how-do-you-create-the-tripod-blue-light-thing-that-stops-zombies/#entry38341 http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/613956964602066810/?appid=239140 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=440213441&searchtext=Safe Pvp spawnpoints fix http://forum.techland.pl/topic/11203-screen-freezes-after-death/#entry38123 Interior disable fog and wind http://forum.techland.pl/topic/11198-terrain-moving/#entry38099 Focus zoom on object http://forum.techland.pl/topic/11094-event-trigger-by-looking-at-a-spezific-point-or-direction/#entry37394 Automatic door http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/451850020334881090/?appid=239140 Workshop embed logo or gif or images http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/451850020334881090/?appid=239140 Unlockable doors and boxobjectenabler http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/615085406675620139/?appid=239140#p2 Dialog tutorials http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/530649887197778610/?appid=239140#c530649887201999038 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=499420196&searchtext= FBX model import http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/535152511377176795/?appid=239140 http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/615085406655899969/?appid=239140#c451850849201769626 Reflective Puddles (Floors?) http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/517142892050403724/?appid=239140 Zombie spawns delay http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/613957600548337340/?appid=239140 Package sharing and audio import And pvp maps http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/535152511376468841/?appid=239140 Card reader http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/535152511378826265/?appid=239140 One time character animation http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/535152511361343515/?appid=239140 Exploding AI http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/535152511351491204/?appid=239140 Number of meshes http://forum.techland.pl/topic/10570-check-the-limit-of-the-map-and-color-mesh/#entry34413 Searchable area http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/594820656465778749/?appid=239140 http://forum.techland.pl/topic/10215-looking-for-an-asset-list-elevator-shaft/#entry32748 Portal to another map http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/594820656457202806/?appid=239140 http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/613958868362329389/?appid=239140 Performance http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/615086038674085849/?appid=239140 Zombie activator http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/611703898451232606/?appid=239140#c611703999978304199 Viewport fix http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/615085406658680706/?appid=239140 Grouping objects http://forum.techland.pl/topic/10288-need-help-overlapping-textures-rather-than-model/#entry33198 Give weapon to player http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/617335934151441062/?appid=239140 Movies http://forum.techland.pl/topic/10128-how-can-i-animate-objects/#entry32633 https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/615085406655899969/?appid=239140#c615085406663688818 Envprobe fix http://forum.techland.pl/topic/10258-envprobe-making-area-lighter-when-darker-wanted/#entry32971 Triggers http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/617335934139439031/?appid=239140 Assets previews http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/613956964590351371/?appid=239140#p2 Navmesh http://forum.techland.pl/topic/10168-forcing-navmesh-on-an-area/#entry32588 http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/490125737473902150/?appid=239140 Animated spawners http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/613956964603398362/?appid=239140 Quest phase examples http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/613956964583135411/?appid=239140 Map migration http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/611703999979626470/?appid=239140#c611703999982201954 Custom loot and credits http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/changelog/424428477 Third person view http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/611704730326795079/?appid=239140 Waves quest scripting http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/611703999974477205/?appid=239140 Meconv Freezes http://forum.techland.pl/topic/11013-meconv-freezes/#entry36815 Tips Modding: https://zamphire.wordpress.com/dying-light-modding/ https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/forum/2861-general-dying-light-discussion/ Drop attack on zombie spawners: http://forum.techland.pl/topic/11921-possible-or-not-to-change-what-player-skills-work-on-different-zimbie-types/#entry42098 Npc animation: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/385428458172905565/?appid=239140 Npc weapon: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/613956964604069430/?appid=239140 Objects visibility distance: http://forum.techland.pl/topic/12079-problems-with-building-map/#entry43416 Make a small hole in terrain: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/385428458178934326/?appid=239140 Searchable trash can (second post): http://forum.techland.pl/topic/11941-trash-can/#entry42297 Rendering menu: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/365163686044312047/?appid=239140 Remove huds (last post): http://forum.techland.pl/topic/12250-questions-remove-hud-disable-flashlight-and-jumpscares-any-ideas-please-help/#entry44741 AiDeadBodySpawnBoxAuto info(second post): http://forum.techland.pl/topic/12270-dt-fake-dead-biters-and-raiss-men-weapons/#entry44881 Fix old maps brushes(old tools version): http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/357286663675736733/?appid=239140 Floating trees when buggy touch it: http://forum.techland.pl/topic/12283-trees-and-buggy-dont-mix/#entry44946 Advanced quest with choices tutorial: http://thealchemyofgameplay.tk Coop items for one player only: http://forum.techland.pl/topic/12323-co-op-pickup-item-for-one-player-only/#entry45182 Zombie jump through windows: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/613957600537232101/?appid=239140#c613957600543652892 Multiple envprobes: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/613956964583684902/?appid=239140 Techland akademia basic tutorial: http://akademia.techland.pl/upload/DyingLightDeveloperTools_instrukcja_dodatkowa.pdf#page2 Sensor varlist post processing: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/343786745997924328/?appid=239140 BBCode guide for techland and steam forums: https://www.phpbb.com/community/faq.php?mode=bbcode#f1r0 Change ai conflict side: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/535152511354220473/?appid=239140 Ai cover points: http://forum.techland.pl/topic/12482-ai-cover-point/#entry46169 Thanks to Cabozzl, Joluk, Rickmetalster, DonSpike,Rick Grimes, Rabid Squirell And all the others who help the community.
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    What we need!!!

    Hello to all. First of all thank you for this game I play the game for a 1 month and is really boring nothing else to do. We are missing a lorry trailer for animals (very annoying selling only 4 animals at the time, we can have 45 cows it will take u hours of doing same thing to sell them ) The mirrors are super but the driver position is wrong (we all know u need to see booth mirrors, u do not need to turn your head to see the left or right mirror ) really annoying We need a bigger potato planter We need new crops new roots (game is really limited) corn ......... etc.. (Montana map with no corn ) Cows and pigs etc.. they do not need water :)) rabbit and chickens they do not need food make grass available (to feed our live stock) We have machines for weeds no seeds to grow !!! What to do with bails ? why do I want to rape them or make them ? (animal food is convenient next to barns) Large machine to irrigate large fields Illuminate the interior of machine at night time more zoom out for bigger machine so we can see what we do Manual washing is a hell special if u have a weight in front Orchid: When they are done u shod employ people to get the fruits or at list u shod pass with a trailer true the orchid Trucks / Lorry turn speed is bug 2km/h that is a bad joke Allow us to drop crops/ roots at the edge of fields (this way u can add a loader so we can spend that $ we make, I manage to have millions nothing to do with $) And the list go's and on Really sorry for my broken English Again thank your for this lovely game and I know u all work hard on it and I'm egger to see what is next (pleas do not relay on custom mods cause they will come slow and full o bugs)
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    Prison Heist Complete Details

    Prison Heist Loot Currently, there are five tiers of loot for the prison. Tier 0 is the best loot possible, these will be your golden tier weapons. Tier 1 is the next best possible loot, these will be your orange tier weapons. Tier 2 is the third best loot possible, these will be your violet tier weapons. Tier 3 is when you start getting not so good loot, these will be your blue tier weapons. Tier 4 are the green tier weapons. Tier 5 is the worst possible loot, these will be your white tier weapons. Prison Heist Difficulty Times In order to achieve a specific tier, your time of completion needs to be lower than the maximum stated below. There are different times required in different difficulties. Normal Mode Times Tier 0: 8 Minutes Tier 1: 15 Minutes Tier 2: 25 Minutes Tier 3: 40 Minutes Tier 4: 50 Minutes Tier 5: 60 Minutes Hard Mode Times Tier 0: 15 Minutes Tier 1: 25 Minutes Tier 2: 35 Minutes Tier 3: 50 Minutes Tier 4: 70 Minutes Tier 5: 90 Minutes Nightmare Mode Times Tier 0: 25 Minutes Tier 1: 35 Minutes Tier 2: 45 Minutes Tier 3: 70 Minutes Tier 4: 90 Minutes Tier 5: 110 Minutes Loot Room Times Just like the time for completion, there are different times for each mode you play on to loot. Looting time is also influenced by how many players are in the lobby. Normal Mode Loot Times 1 Player: 60 Seconds 2 Players: 50 Seconds 3 Players: 40 Seconds 4 Players: 30 Seconds Hard Mode Loot Times 1 Player: 2 Minutes 2 Players: 110 Seconds 3 Players: 100 Seconds 4 Players: 90 Seconds Nightmare Mode Loot Times 1 Player: 3 Minutes 2 Players: 170 Seconds 3 Players: 160 Seconds 4 Players: 150 Seconds
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    Co-Op Issues On Xbox One

    -Tuesday, June 27th 2018- To Whom It May Concern, Dear Techland, you got both me and my brother's money for this game we just bought on Xbox One, ***specifically*** for playing co-op. I HOPE YOU ENJOY OUR HARD EARNED CASH. That being said, the co-op is broken beyond belief: -My D-Link DIR-655 is not even IPV6 capable (as it's apparently an issue), but support 802.11N and connect at 30ms WIFI latency, 9ms with Ethernet cable, over a dedicated 100/30 megabit cable internet connection. No VPN used. The DNS server is the ultra fast with as the backup. QOS is enabled and configured. -Each X-Box have their own specific static NAT addresses (in the high 50K range, which is usually more compatible), manually configured in both the router and the 2 X-Boxes (No UPnP). -No other games give us any online co-op problems: GTA V, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Diablo 3, Destiny, etc... all while using Skype in the background for communication! -With a 100mb download pipe, I can stream multiple 4K streams, simultaneously. Bandwidth and latency are clearly not the issue here. -And yes, we are on the same network and no, this doesn't justify your game not working properly, peer-to-peer or not, as everything is setup properly and should also work properly, even on the same network, as everything else we are using does already as the proof. -The online game mode was set to "public" on both console (also tried friends only) and the human co-op mode was enabled. -We both finished the prologue. We are at 8% and 22% completion respectively. -Tried to start a new game on both console to try to connect immediately after co-op mode is unlocked. -Tried to connect while in the same safe house. Tried to connect outside of a safe house. -Tried to boot fresh, start "Dying Light" and hit "'continue" on my X-Box and immediately inviting a friend. -Tried to re-boot both console and connect multiple times in all manner imaginable over the last few days -I disconnected all smart phone, smart TV, laptops, the NAS, the Workstation and tablets from the network so only the 2 X-Boxes remain connected to the DHCP server. -An HP gigabit switch was also removed from the router, just in case. -I obviously rebooted the modem and the router. -The game says on both console that our NAT is open and there should be no problem with online. -Re-did all of this in different orders, multiple times. But every single time it give the error "The session you have attempted to join is no longer available". My brother does not even show up as my friend on your online connection page within the game! I must select him on the X-Box OS menu to join the game! Then I see my brother name tag actually joining my game for a brief moment and then boom, error. A "quick join" session was achieved with strangers, 2 times, out of 12 unsuccessful attempts, and that's the best result we got. Impossible to connect with any friends. The internet is littered with very frustrated players like me plagued with the online game issues at forums like Reddit and Steam, just to name 2. It's not the exception, it's the rule, on all platforms. This game has been out since 2015 and still get new DLC, so I can only assume the rumors you abandoned the "Dying Light" player base is false. But then again, you guys are on record, multiple times, on multiple forums, over the last 3 freakin years, that this nightmare will be fixed "soon." Please note that your very loose definition of "soon" is not acceptable anymore. I have *1* very specific question. I'll say this this only once, so read very carefully: When, ***EXACTLY***, will the "Dying Light" co-op mode be fixed? I want a precise month, preferably in 2018... You dropped the ball so hard and for so long on that one that nothing less than an absolute commitment will do at this point as your credibility is now at zero. I hope you understand you can't possibly say "soon" like 32 times in a row over a 3 years period and expect people to still trust you, right? Please, I implore you, do not force our collective hands toward an all out Twitter and Youtube retaliation campaign to denounce your corporate dubious practices of lying about a functional co-op mode (as STILL specified on X-Box store "Dying Light" description and features) and push for a boycott of "Dying Light 2". Just do the professional and responsible thing you should have done over 2 years and a half ago: Fix this broken POS ASAP. Or remove the co-op mode entirely and refund us all?!? Your move, Techland. What will it be? Co-op, or no Co-op? That's the black and white question we're all asking after 3 long years and after you sold nearly 14 million copies of this game and pilling on our money ever since. Do not make the "Dying Light 2" 800 million dollars mistake of being in contempt of us all... The clock is ticking. Sincerely, Ramon
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    Wow...just wow. I have alot to say regarding your twitch videos, and to finally have proof of your "Best Hunter" status. The obvious things first. The cheaters...nothing can be said about that. They cheat so its already an unfair fight, but you still managed to win and it's mainly because they don't know how to play good. Not only cause they cheat. Now onto the next thing that I want to talk about more importantly is your play-style. Its predictable; very predictable. You constantly go head-first without any thought and just hope that it works. Your spits are just thrown out instead of having a plan you lack any good aim. You go for tackles constantly by just running/jumping/tendrilling in their face. You constantly tendril back and forth which makes it easy to track you with UV light You don't even retreat to recover health.You also jump alot which is easily punished by Survivors slashing you. As Bub has said it "Why would a "best Hunter" complain about dodge spam?" In fact lets talk about dodge spam. So what else is Survivor suppose to do in order to avoid your attacks? The only two thing he can do is run and grapple both of which are exploited if you remove dodging all together. If we even remove dodging at all tackle would be utterly overpowered. Your idea of having a stamina for dodging was something that was brought up way before, and was neglected and ignored, but let's say if it was implemented. It would be exploited because all you had to do was wait it out and hear how short of breath he was, and then for tackles. You can beat dodging by using tendril sprint, running and using ground pounds or claws; and before you say Tendril Sprint is a glitch it is a thing that the developers added so that Night Hunter can run very quickly on the ground in order to circle Survivors. What to know how?.....ask. The grapple nerf: Grapple how it is, is already fine. If it were nerfed even more than Survivors have no way to avoid The Horde or other attacks. Grapple takes 2-3 charges, and if a Survivor use it smartly, not spam it, he can save more charges. Your UV Light nerf suggestion is going to make so that Survivors have no way to drain the Hunter's energy. Also did you know you can crouch to recover energy faster when you retreat. No?.....maybe you should spend more time looking around for advice instead of angrily say and post "Survivors OP" and give up. All of your comments are just sad and pathetic as all you want to make a game where, judging from your play-style, as barebones as possible and with no thought process to it where you only win. The reason why we use dodge so much is because we don't exactly know what a Night Hunter will do. We need to avoid hits as much as possible and as the people who actually took the time to practice and discover new things Hunter's telegraphed attacks are not as telegraphed and happen much more instantly. The only thing that makes it possible to dodge is how a Hunter's player moves as movement is everything especially since Tendril Sprint is the meta. We are not just simply going to stand there is simply let you hit us for free and easy wins which is what you want. You also seem to quit matches alot when it comes to non-cheaters. It only counts when you win right? The people you fight as well from your twitch clips are all easy, and new. You seem to just hunt down the players that barely have any game sense and call yourself "the best Hunter." No amount of post awards is going to make you a better player. But hey I'm always here playing Dying Light ready to be proven wrong by such "legendary" skill. Let's see the stuff you questioned in this twitch clip: 11:40 - You tendrilled in his direction while he swung his axe. 12:30 - He looked up, turned around, and sliced you. People can slice up to you know. 15:35 - 19:20 - Wow just wow. This is exactly what I'm talking about regarding your predictable play-style. Overall your skill is laughable. The people you fight range from cheaters which apparently you didn't get the message to alt-f4 like how you do to legit players; to people who know what they are doing, and you refusing to learn and resort to the same tactics every time; or players who are new or don't have any game sense and you go for easy kills cause it increases your ego. That is the type of player you are and its absolutely pathetic. Grow up and stop being ignorant and biased. The game has been out for a very long time now and all you do is just stay in your shell. At least I manage to bring out proof from various sources while you constantly write like child. The game is now being discontinued because of Dying Light 2 and the remaining players here are helping each other out instead of moaning and whining. In fact why don't we look at what an actual great Night Hunter is. One who has handled dodge spam, and one who uses Tendril Sprint effectively. Something added by the developers.
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    Crop suggestions

    Hi, One of the things I love most about the game is the variety of different crops and how they are tied to different locations. Some of the crops I'd like to see in the game in the future: Tea - As with coffee, possibly tied to a new region, maybe India. Cotton - Possibly in China. Banana / Pineapple - Here, it could be added to the Colombian map, since it's a tropical region. Peaches / Apricots - Maybe linked to Italy. Pumpkins / Carrots - For more greenhouse variety in the USA map. Strawberry / Or any other Berry fruits - Also, maybe tied to the greenhouses in the USA map Nut Tree Orchards - Walnut, Chestnut, Pine, Hazel, Almond... These would be awesome to have. Maybe in another Mediterranean map: Spain, Greece or Turkey... or Portugal, we do have them in here as well Since several maps are already made and finding new areas for more orchards would be difficult, you could have a similar option to change orchard trees as the one you have for the greenhouses. That way, you wouldn't have to compromise on the map layout. Hope you guys give these some thought and consideration. To me, personally, I prefer this type of add-ons than just more machines. It's what gets me invested in this type of games. Thank You, and Happy Farming! Gabriel
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    What we need!!!

    Look man i have paid money for a good game not for broken game! I dont have 2 months to wait for a final fix patch. I agree it takes time but this is beyond ridiculous. This game is weak anyway. Fs 17 is far superior. Tons of mods, maps, multiplayer, better graphics and great comunity. Devs are very quiet here. You ask questions and you dont get answers. Sorry in my opinion there is no hope. Ive waited very long. (play fs17 insted)
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    Farming Fool

    What we need!!!

    Yeah , that is true. Sorry to say, game is dead anyhow. No news, no updates, or any communication whatsoever. Nice posting with all my fellow gaming farmers. See you all in FS19. Keep on plowing.
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    Dying Light - Real Mode (Please read in detail) Would like you to evaluate this idea. The game is phenomenal, but after finish it 100%, is one wanting more. So I developed a new game formula, which in my view, would be extremely fun and tense too. . Objective: Survive as long as possible. If die, the game ends (Read below). . New start. No character import. . New character. No developed skills. No mod's projects. No weapons. . World without NPCs. No available safe houses. The two active maps from the start of the match. . World composed entirely of zombies Biters and Virals and members of the gang Kadir "Rais" Suleiman. . Conditions HEALTH, HUNGER, THIRST and FATIGUE . HEALTH: Recoverable with medical kits (Found only in locked ambulances) or through alcohol and gauze. - Die because of a zombie. You wake up at the nearest base of the attack site. Health, Hunger, Thirst and fatigue will be 50%. You have 24 hours to inject Antizina (Read below) or will be dead. - Dying for fall or shot. End of game. . HUNGER: Recoverable with food, of course. (Found in houses, shops etc.) - Die of hunger. End of game. . THIRST: Recoverable with water, of course. (Found in houses, shops etc.) - Die of thirst. End of game. .FATIGUE: Recoverable sleeping in any conquered base. - If your fatigue bar reaches 100%, you can no longer run. You will need to sleep to recover. No matter the time you wake up, if it is day or night, can not sleep again until your fatigue bar reaches 50%. - Wake up, Health, Hunger and Thirst will be 50%. . ANTIZINA: It will only be found if it is infected. When infected, will appear within 24 hours on your screen and a delivery point on the map. It will not be easy! Deliveries will fall on top of a tower or on top of a building. Race against time is bad, any accident could occur. If deliveries do not fall in high places, dangerous, for sure they will be surrounded by gang Kadir "Rais" Suleiman. . SAFE HOUSE: They will have to be won in the same way that in the current game. The difference is that they will have more zombies both inside and outside. And all the safe houses have to clear the zombies, close the entries and activate the electricity. . FIREARMS and AMMUNITION: Found only in locked police cars. . SKILLS: They would be the same as the current game, but with an addition. The ability to build arrows and silencers. That's right! In addition to all existing weapons, we would have four types: bow, crossbow, shotgun and sniper rifle. Arrows and silencers will be sorely needed (Read below). . FIGHTING: - Day: World only composed of Biters zombies and gang Kadir "Rais" Suleiman. But be careful! All Biters act as if you Virals noise (explosions, without silencers shots, alarms etc.). - Night: World only composed of Biters zombies and gang Kadir "Rais" Suleiman. All Biters act as Virals if you are seen (red bar indicating the time equal to the current game). - UV Flashlight: It will help against Virals night. Same effect as the current game against volatile. . COOP: It will only be possible if the four players are not infected. - Forming up a group, it will be easier to win all groceries, via exchanges or withdrawals. - If the player has to sleep, will exit the game online. (I need to think about it) - Dying for a zombie. Health, Hunger, Thirst and fatigue will be 50%. You and / or your companions will have 24 hours to inject into you, the Antizina. When infected, will appear within 24 hours on the screens and a delivery point on the map. It will not be easy! Deliveries will fall on top of a tower or on top of a building. Race against time is bad, any accident could occur. If deliveries do not fall in high places, dangerous, for sure they will be surrounded by gang Kadir "Rais" Suleiman. - Dying for fall or shot. The player will be waiting fallen help of fellow (medical kits). - Die of hunger. The player will be waiting fallen help of companions (food). - Die of thirst. The player will be waiting fallen comrades help of (water). - If not rescued, end game. And it folks? Like it? Is it possible? Anyway, dreaming costs nothing. Sorry for bad english ... Thanks 7R1X
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    Workers can Work

    My hat is off to Moltoy and whomever he mentions in his video. Changing your video setting to vsync=off and setting the frame rate to 30 definitely helps the worker consistency a LOT!!..I am getting averages of 99% and at times 100% on worker completion. This is a big improvement. Now I only have to clean up random small patches the workers miss. Before they were missing entire sections, and kept stuttering on the turn around. This was also increasing the worker cost substantially. Now the automation is almost playable. I have only tested static implements (ones attached directly to the tractor, not the towed ones) and looking forward to the bigger options. The real test will be the potato harvester. This is by fare the worst implement to use AI on. You spend a lot of time cleaning up what the worker misses. And the worker abandons the tractor once the harvester is full, which is extremely time consuming to remedy. Since we're on the topic, I think the developers would be better off if the would use on field turning with the AI instead of the turning it does now. I think there would be greater stability and less collisions, and far better accuracy.
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    Version 1.2 Patch Notes

    I just picked this game up over the weekend for PC and really like it. I'm a long time Farming Simulator player and find that Pure Farming's physics and controls along with the UI are something I really prefer. Something about the way the vehicle interacts with the ground makes it feel much more connected and not as 'dead' as FS does and I enjoy the simple act of driving in this game much more than FS. There is a lot to build on with this game and I hope we keep getting these updates and growth because this is fantastic foundation!!! It really feels like a modern farming game while FS still feels last generation to me for some reason. Keep up the promising work, devs, you've got a great start on this and I'm looking forward to enjoying lots of hours in the game.
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    BTZ Rebuilt

    id like to see the range of the uv light changed as well as the amount of energy is in it. this thing has single handed killed the multiplayer its the god beam. reaches from ridiculous distanced defended just about anything and at that is a monstrous attacking tool as well. Which in this case you should be pure defence as the human attackin <----- the nest while defending <---- against the night hunter not chasing it with your beam cannon and spamming dfa. I'd also like to see the basic attacks of the night hunter increased your character can shred through metal but got behold some cloths get between u and this person it takes 4 to 5 swipes to kill them id like to see this at a solid 3 attacks as humans can kill you in two strikes so that way your a threat not to be rushed even when drained but you cant slug it out with a human.
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    Make sure you come visit the biggest Dying Light Discord Community (with 2100+ active Dying Light fans) to join in the HYPE!!! for Dying Light 2! :) https://discord.gg/dyinglight
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    Thanks for the info, i have tried several times to counter drop kick with tackle bad timing or the sec or 2 it's takes to run to tackle, I have more to respond to with your post, but it's about that time to sleep, hopefully what you said and what's on the video correlate with the console versions. Not trying to be mean. Thanks for the info.
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    You know I am sorry for your experience playing Dying Light. I can understand that the pvp is difficult on the Hunter side. Very difficult in fact. Fighting against one person is a chore, but four is rather nuts. However I do have to highly disagree with you Kornchits on your stance that Humans are OP. Your argument on Humans shouldn't be Superheroes; I can see where you're coming from, yet the fact that you want something too realistic is a bit much. Video games were made with the most crazy of ideas and this game is no exception. To say that this game needs to be more realistic....well let me paint a picture. No health bar, and you die in like one or two hits. Every slice, and claw attack severely wounds you, makes you weaker, and deals bleeding. The Grapple Hook functions differently instead of how it works right now. A molotov burns you and a Hunter rather quickly. Toxic waste kills both of ya, and so on and so forth. You get the idea. Again, I get the idea where you come from. Night Hunter is supposed to be an actual terrifying threat, and Survivors should be weaker and fearful of an apex predator. The thing is that...that is already happening. Dying Light is already designed with what it is currently, and if that is something you don't like at all....simply move on to another game. Not trying to sound rude, but if you're not enjoying the experience than this isn't a game for you. Night Hunter has an instant kill attack, even if its easily countered; and a bunch of utility that makes it terrifying to play against. Instant killing bombers, Tackles off rooftops, UV spit, UV heal, etc. The way you use them is depending on how you play and your current surroundings. An example of this would be if a Survivor is on a rooftop you Ground Pound him to knock him off and proceed to tackle so he can't dodge. Enclosed spaces like hallways, or houses are good for spits. Another thing that has to be kept in mind is that all this takes time and practice. Which is where I have a problem with you. You have not stated how good you are at the game. Now to some this may not be important, but in the current state of the game, and...games with Asymmetrical multiplayer in general there are those who are willing to go far and beyond to get better even if the game has to no true Esport value. Players from both Survivor and Hunter side are always getting better. So with that said I don't know how you play at all, and neither do the rest of us, nor how things work on consoles. I've had spent 2000+ hours in this game's PVP, and have fought against some of the best Night Hunters this game has to offer. I have learned, improved, and dealt with this games design, and many updates. I say what I have to say with experience as well. With that said your other issue on Dropkick being OP and you should be able to dodge it sounds rather biased. Dropkick is a move that is hard to land in general with Tendril Sprint being a thing, and if you are running on the ground constantly then yes, you will be dropkicked at some point. However if he misses than that's a huge opening. Also running around and taking the High Ground is a way of dodging it. Jumping, Tendriling around, Tendril Sprint etc. Getting chain Dropkicked however does suck and its unfortunate and the best advice I have for that is Renfur's Instant tackle thing (unless you hate using glitches which is understandable), or just try to recover faster as chaining dropkicks can be difficult from the Survivor's side. A counter to dropkick is literally tackle. An update a while back made it so Tackle overrides dropkick. I don't know the timings, but I have had it happen to me. The whole "Survivors having infinite number of boosters" is an invalid complaint. No seriously, are you going to yell at someone farming legitimately and gaining 99 NH Boosters, which is the legit maximum hold amount, through all his fights? There is no difference between someone who is legit, and someone who duped. The Boosters also have an extremely long cooldown as well so people can't spam them as soon as one ends. Spits and Shields also don't have long cooldowns depending on certain conditions. Conditions being the auto-balance feature, and how many Survivors you are fighting against. Spits also explode much quicker making difficult to hit, but difficult to dodge if used right. If you are fighting in a 4v1 then you have to expect that teamwork will always be a thing, but if that's a problem with you than fight less; its simple even if you have to wait. With all this said I do think, personally, that your initial complaint is very biased. Yes you are entitled to your opinion and I do respect it, but through what is written and how it is written it just sounds rushed, and with alot of frustration, which I can understand. The March update (I think its March) made so that currently PVP is as balanced as it is. I do agree with Drakorus in that not having a fully skilled NH is crippling yourself, but not having an opinion is what I disagree with. However, both sides comments are very chilish with the whole "troll" chupacabra. I didn't come here to bash you Kornchits, I came to say that although its difficult as a NH, its possible to even win 4v1s. The advice you want is look at videos and guides, even if its not in the same platform. Looking at videos from both perspectives can give you can idea of what Survivors are doing right and wrong; and what Hunters are doing right and wrong. Time and practice is also something that separates the good players from the bad ones, even in 4v1s. I did make a guide which I'll link. Might not be helpful or it will as its old, but I'm willing to help. Now if I am wrong about your skill I would like to see a video or something as I enjoy being proven wrong. Again I say what I say with experience not to insult, troll, or bash ya. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=949125978
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    Bozak Horde Question

    Yes, you can redo Bozak Horde after finishing him . I have a tips for you : After finishing Bozak Horde for the first time you will unlock challenges for unlock the specials arrows , do them you will love those special arrows .
  17. 1 point

    Fuel Depots

    Hello: I have a suggestion on making it easier to get fuel. I think it would be nice if we had a refueling pump at our farm, I find it very annoying to have to drop what I am doing to drive half way across the map just to refuel, Only to then burn a gallon or two to get back to my field that I am working on. I am not saying we shouldn't have to pay the same price for fuel from the pump at our farm but it would just make it much better and less time consuming if we didn't have to drive across the blasted map to get it. Also it would be nice if we had a portable fuel trailer that we could take out to the field to our tractors/equipment if we run low instead of having to hold our breath hoping to make it to the fuel station before it runs out and we have to pay the high price to have it delivered to us through our tablet.
  18. 1 point

    Crop suggestions

    Yeah, that's exactly the thing. FS 19 is just around the corner and by the time it comes out, nobody will care about this game. They missed a great opportunity to make this game a real contender in the farming genre. Now, they need go back to the drawing board and start anew. I've moved on. But hey, seeing things from a different perspective, I got over 350 hours of game time out of this. In practical terms, that's more than the time I put into about 90% of games I get. So, in the end, I got my money's worth, so I'm not that upset. Pretty good for a mediocre game in terms of technical achievement.
  19. 1 point

    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    WHEN I PLAY AS SURVIVOR #1 thing that bugs me:
  20. 1 point

    Empty Bailer Function

    I solved this by not using the baler on the last bit of a field or a grass stretch, which I know won't fill enough for another bale. Simple
  21. 1 point

    Crop suggestions

    I was actually surprised by the lack of corn in the game as corn surpasses both wheat and rice in worldwide production stats
  22. 1 point
    I just got excited! It would be a perfect game expansion!
  23. 1 point

    Looking For Assets

    ULFHEDN4R - You said you found your own answers what was it?
  24. 1 point
    So there was a deadline of April 1st and the winners announced on the 6th. http://dyinglightgame.com/dying-light-x-community-design So who are the winners?
  25. 1 point
    Thanks for the videos! I hope we'll see some Mighty Foot combat with cool sword punctures as well.
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