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    Prison Heist Complete Details

    Prison Heist Loot Currently, there are five tiers of loot for the prison. Tier 0 is the best loot possible, these will be your golden tier weapons. Tier 1 is the next best possible loot, these will be your orange tier weapons. Tier 2 is the third best loot possible, these will be your violet tier weapons. Tier 3 is when you start getting not so good loot, these will be your blue tier weapons. Tier 4 are the green tier weapons. Tier 5 is the worst possible loot, these will be your white tier weapons. Prison Heist Difficulty Times In order to achieve a specific tier, your time of completion needs to be lower than the maximum stated below. There are different times required in different difficulties. Normal Mode Times Tier 0: 8 Minutes Tier 1: 15 Minutes Tier 2: 25 Minutes Tier 3: 40 Minutes Tier 4: 50 Minutes Tier 5: 60 Minutes Hard Mode Times Tier 0: 15 Minutes Tier 1: 25 Minutes Tier 2: 35 Minutes Tier 3: 50 Minutes Tier 4: 70 Minutes Tier 5: 90 Minutes Nightmare Mode Times Tier 0: 25 Minutes Tier 1: 35 Minutes Tier 2: 45 Minutes Tier 3: 70 Minutes Tier 4: 90 Minutes Tier 5: 110 Minutes Loot Room Times Just like the time for completion, there are different times for each mode you play on to loot. Looting time is also influenced by how many players are in the lobby. Normal Mode Loot Times 1 Player: 60 Seconds 2 Players: 50 Seconds 3 Players: 40 Seconds 4 Players: 30 Seconds Hard Mode Loot Times 1 Player: 2 Minutes 2 Players: 110 Seconds 3 Players: 100 Seconds 4 Players: 90 Seconds Nightmare Mode Loot Times 1 Player: 3 Minutes 2 Players: 170 Seconds 3 Players: 160 Seconds 4 Players: 150 Seconds
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    Crop suggestions

    Hi, One of the things I love most about the game is the variety of different crops and how they are tied to different locations. Some of the crops I'd like to see in the game in the future: Tea - As with coffee, possibly tied to a new region, maybe India. Cotton - Possibly in China. Banana / Pineapple - Here, it could be added to the Colombian map, since it's a tropical region. Peaches / Apricots - Maybe linked to Italy. Pumpkins / Carrots - For more greenhouse variety in the USA map. Strawberry / Or any other Berry fruits - Also, maybe tied to the greenhouses in the USA map Nut Tree Orchards - Walnut, Chestnut, Pine, Hazel, Almond... These would be awesome to have. Maybe in another Mediterranean map: Spain, Greece or Turkey... or Portugal, we do have them in here as well Since several maps are already made and finding new areas for more orchards would be difficult, you could have a similar option to change orchard trees as the one you have for the greenhouses. That way, you wouldn't have to compromise on the map layout. Hope you guys give these some thought and consideration. To me, personally, I prefer this type of add-ons than just more machines. It's what gets me invested in this type of games. Thank You, and Happy Farming! Gabriel
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    What we need!!!

    Hello to all. First of all thank you for this game I play the game for a 1 month and is really boring nothing else to do. We are missing a lorry trailer for animals (very annoying selling only 4 animals at the time, we can have 45 cows it will take u hours of doing same thing to sell them ) The mirrors are super but the driver position is wrong (we all know u need to see booth mirrors, u do not need to turn your head to see the left or right mirror ) really annoying We need a bigger potato planter We need new crops new roots (game is really limited) corn ......... etc.. (Montana map with no corn ) Cows and pigs etc.. they do not need water :)) rabbit and chickens they do not need food make grass available (to feed our live stock) We have machines for weeds no seeds to grow !!! What to do with bails ? why do I want to rape them or make them ? (animal food is convenient next to barns) Large machine to irrigate large fields Illuminate the interior of machine at night time more zoom out for bigger machine so we can see what we do Manual washing is a hell special if u have a weight in front Orchid: When they are done u shod employ people to get the fruits or at list u shod pass with a trailer true the orchid Trucks / Lorry turn speed is bug 2km/h that is a bad joke Allow us to drop crops/ roots at the edge of fields (this way u can add a loader so we can spend that $ we make, I manage to have millions nothing to do with $) And the list go's and on Really sorry for my broken English Again thank your for this lovely game and I know u all work hard on it and I'm egger to see what is next (pleas do not relay on custom mods cause they will come slow and full o bugs)
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    What we need!!!

    Look man i have paid money for a good game not for broken game! I dont have 2 months to wait for a final fix patch. I agree it takes time but this is beyond ridiculous. This game is weak anyway. Fs 17 is far superior. Tons of mods, maps, multiplayer, better graphics and great comunity. Devs are very quiet here. You ask questions and you dont get answers. Sorry in my opinion there is no hope. Ive waited very long. (play fs17 insted)
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    Farming Fool

    What we need!!!

    Yeah , that is true. Sorry to say, game is dead anyhow. No news, no updates, or any communication whatsoever. Nice posting with all my fellow gaming farmers. See you all in FS19. Keep on plowing.
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    Dying Light - Real Mode (Please read in detail) Would like you to evaluate this idea. The game is phenomenal, but after finish it 100%, is one wanting more. So I developed a new game formula, which in my view, would be extremely fun and tense too. . Objective: Survive as long as possible. If die, the game ends (Read below). . New start. No character import. . New character. No developed skills. No mod's projects. No weapons. . World without NPCs. No available safe houses. The two active maps from the start of the match. . World composed entirely of zombies Biters and Virals and members of the gang Kadir "Rais" Suleiman. . Conditions HEALTH, HUNGER, THIRST and FATIGUE . HEALTH: Recoverable with medical kits (Found only in locked ambulances) or through alcohol and gauze. - Die because of a zombie. You wake up at the nearest base of the attack site. Health, Hunger, Thirst and fatigue will be 50%. You have 24 hours to inject Antizina (Read below) or will be dead. - Dying for fall or shot. End of game. . HUNGER: Recoverable with food, of course. (Found in houses, shops etc.) - Die of hunger. End of game. . THIRST: Recoverable with water, of course. (Found in houses, shops etc.) - Die of thirst. End of game. .FATIGUE: Recoverable sleeping in any conquered base. - If your fatigue bar reaches 100%, you can no longer run. You will need to sleep to recover. No matter the time you wake up, if it is day or night, can not sleep again until your fatigue bar reaches 50%. - Wake up, Health, Hunger and Thirst will be 50%. . ANTIZINA: It will only be found if it is infected. When infected, will appear within 24 hours on your screen and a delivery point on the map. It will not be easy! Deliveries will fall on top of a tower or on top of a building. Race against time is bad, any accident could occur. If deliveries do not fall in high places, dangerous, for sure they will be surrounded by gang Kadir "Rais" Suleiman. . SAFE HOUSE: They will have to be won in the same way that in the current game. The difference is that they will have more zombies both inside and outside. And all the safe houses have to clear the zombies, close the entries and activate the electricity. . FIREARMS and AMMUNITION: Found only in locked police cars. . SKILLS: They would be the same as the current game, but with an addition. The ability to build arrows and silencers. That's right! In addition to all existing weapons, we would have four types: bow, crossbow, shotgun and sniper rifle. Arrows and silencers will be sorely needed (Read below). . FIGHTING: - Day: World only composed of Biters zombies and gang Kadir "Rais" Suleiman. But be careful! All Biters act as if you Virals noise (explosions, without silencers shots, alarms etc.). - Night: World only composed of Biters zombies and gang Kadir "Rais" Suleiman. All Biters act as Virals if you are seen (red bar indicating the time equal to the current game). - UV Flashlight: It will help against Virals night. Same effect as the current game against volatile. . COOP: It will only be possible if the four players are not infected. - Forming up a group, it will be easier to win all groceries, via exchanges or withdrawals. - If the player has to sleep, will exit the game online. (I need to think about it) - Dying for a zombie. Health, Hunger, Thirst and fatigue will be 50%. You and / or your companions will have 24 hours to inject into you, the Antizina. When infected, will appear within 24 hours on the screens and a delivery point on the map. It will not be easy! Deliveries will fall on top of a tower or on top of a building. Race against time is bad, any accident could occur. If deliveries do not fall in high places, dangerous, for sure they will be surrounded by gang Kadir "Rais" Suleiman. - Dying for fall or shot. The player will be waiting fallen help of fellow (medical kits). - Die of hunger. The player will be waiting fallen help of companions (food). - Die of thirst. The player will be waiting fallen comrades help of (water). - If not rescued, end game. And it folks? Like it? Is it possible? Anyway, dreaming costs nothing. Sorry for bad english ... Thanks 7R1X
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    Workers can Work

    My hat is off to Moltoy and whomever he mentions in his video. Changing your video setting to vsync=off and setting the frame rate to 30 definitely helps the worker consistency a LOT!!..I am getting averages of 99% and at times 100% on worker completion. This is a big improvement. Now I only have to clean up random small patches the workers miss. Before they were missing entire sections, and kept stuttering on the turn around. This was also increasing the worker cost substantially. Now the automation is almost playable. I have only tested static implements (ones attached directly to the tractor, not the towed ones) and looking forward to the bigger options. The real test will be the potato harvester. This is by fare the worst implement to use AI on. You spend a lot of time cleaning up what the worker misses. And the worker abandons the tractor once the harvester is full, which is extremely time consuming to remedy. Since we're on the topic, I think the developers would be better off if the would use on field turning with the AI instead of the turning it does now. I think there would be greater stability and less collisions, and far better accuracy.
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    this game has never been ballanced the humans have such an advantage. hunters have maybe 1 move they can rinse and repeat that it. everything else just gets hard countered into death. i think the animation humans get nigherhunters should get to so if you spam action movies u get punished for it with hard counters id say letting nighthunters get in 3 swips before ur ablke to recover sounds about same time for NH recovers.
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    Thanks for the info, i have tried several times to counter drop kick with tackle bad timing or the sec or 2 it's takes to run to tackle, I have more to respond to with your post, but it's about that time to sleep, hopefully what you said and what's on the video correlate with the console versions. Not trying to be mean. Thanks for the info.
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    I guess the Troll has to be a Troll who would have thought, Great job from the Troll! Here's a funny part ever since I started calling you a troll you've done nothing but call me a troll, mean while you're posting on my forum!? As such your biased opinions are unwelcome, continue being a troll, seems to be for you.
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    If you don't have actual advice don't bother.
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    It's funny hearing it from the one that starts bashing people complaining about being bashed, well that was a quick response, don't like when you get put on the spot, no one said I wasn't having a good time, I enjoy the game probably a lot more than you do if you even play anymore. Yeah and the bottom bit asking specific questions, learning from your mistakes definitely some things you should pride yourself by working on those aspects, you could be conducting yourself instead of coming to a forum continuing this rant and no advice Trend that you seem to be on. Troll
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    We all have the right to our own opinion in this, to say that renfur is a hundred percent right is BS, he's not the only one with experience in the game, that being said we all have a right to our own opinion as well, it's not nearly as balanced as it should be ,humans are only humans not superheroes. Allowing two-night Hunters to attack a group of four Hunters would be a great addition. The night Hunters should be able to dodge a drop kick, or counter. Same as I said before you can't drop kick someone from 2 feet away that is straight b*******. And I've seen it done. Test it yourself if you don't believe it, you can be in someone's face do a tackle and it still draws the Night Hunter back to give them a chance to do a Dodge. If I'm that close in your face you don't have time to dodge. I haven't even said anything about how they skip around on the ground somehow magically, show me some humans that can actually do that ,side jump side jump side jump, if the Night Hunter has to go against superheroes at least try to make some sense of it. The old witch blessed you as she squeezed the testicles of the goat. FYI for everyone we all make mistakes on spelling at least go back and try to correct it and read your sentence, paragraph back to yourself to make sure it makes sense. And Drak many people are experienced with the game, top end tendril sprinters, AKA jumping in the air and holding the tendril grab button so it pulls you across the map. That's two buttons. If you're going to try and inflate someone's ego, do a better job.
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    Not balanced if humans can Dodge the night Hunters should be able to as well.
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    Bozak Horde Question

    Yes, you can redo Bozak Horde after finishing him . I have a tips for you : After finishing Bozak Horde for the first time you will unlock challenges for unlock the specials arrows , do them you will love those special arrows .
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    Not a PC player, im a console player instant tackle Bs for them to still be able to dodge. Humans are humans not super heroes. Not balanced at all.
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    Post Your Btz Matches!

    It's a Night Hunter there only humans it's not as though the humans are superheroes but yet they overpowered humans that's for sure
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    Zmieńcie sterowanie

    Zróbcie coś z tym sterowaniem. Ta gra ma jeden z najgorszych modeli sterowania. Czy ktoś z was próbował grać na kierownicy? To koszmar jakiś, aby obrócić głową muszę się praktycznie zatrzymać ,tak długo trwa obrót (TrackIr się kłania). Nie mogę podpiąć dwóch kontrolerów, używać jednocześnie klawiatury, myszki i kierownicy. Kupiłem grę bo była informacja że działa Logitech G29. Tylko że takie działanie to możecie sobie wsadzić, tam gdzie światło nie dochodzi. W 2018 roku gra z takim sterowaniem to jakiś żart. Przykro mi to mówić, ale na dzień dziszejszy nie jesteście żadną konkurencją dla FS17 w którym mogę podłączeć kilka kontrolerów, trackir i wszystko działa.A już niedługo FS19 i z Waszym podejściem słabo to widzę. A gwoździem do trumny jest słaba optymalizacja, brak Multi i kiepskie mody. Zanim Wy to wszystko zrobicie, to ludzie przestaną grać. Już jest coraz mniej, a będzie tylko gorzej. Szkoda bo gra ma potencjał.
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    What we need!!!

    Give it time guys they will fix it they will make it grate we need to support projects like this to become great. And then is not what we want is what the developers plan to do. I know all this takes time I'm not a developer but I code in php and I know is not easy and fast to make it work. So we can offer our opinion and support them. Good things do not come over night it takes years of hard work. The work they did is amazing
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    What we need!!!

    Its nearly a point and click game im affraid at this stage. Animals are dull and not fun at all. They can even add elephants to livestock and it would be boring after a few hours.
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    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    WHEN I PLAY AS SURVIVOR #1 thing that bugs me:
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    I like this idea. It could even be another game mode, where you find all the notes while having the night hunter stalk you. Similar to a Slender Man game.
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    So there was a deadline of April 1st and the winners announced on the 6th. http://dyinglightgame.com/dying-light-x-community-design So who are the winners?
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    Fix The Coop Crashing On Ps4

    I knew Dead Island was chupa and I had to be talked into buying it. I got a deal on Dying Light, without knowing it was Dead Island 2, played an hour of it. Thought "Hey! The Dead Island people got their anaconda together and made a good game! Told 2 friends to buy it. Now i look like an idiot. Because you can't play multiplayer with this game. Someone dropping every few minutes is unacceptable. So now they are returning the the game.
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