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    I second that!
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    How would that work? The harvester would need a huge second tank to store the straw. A harvester can either eject (dump) a straw swath to be foraged or baled later or cut the straw into small pieces and spread them out behind it to be plowed back into the ground. In the game cutting the straw effectively eliminates it as the pieces are so small you can't see them after so its as though it stops the straw altogether. The harvesters in Pure Farming do both these realistic functions.
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    Looks like the update is dropping next week, and we are getting goats. Really enjoying this game, minus a few bugs and glitches. Hopefully the patches will take care of. I wonder if we will be selling goat milk??
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    Yeah, I am with you. I would like to see the oranges as well. Oh well. maybe next time. Game is still new and they seem to listen.
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    But, but... I wanted the orange orchards in Italy. OK, any DLC is good and quite welcoming, but I really want that damn Orange DLC that's currently Gemly exclusive, and impossible for console players to get. Every time I go to Italy and see those walled orchards, I'm reminded that the map is incomplete.
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    Empty Bailer Function

    Well the first is fantasy, and the second reality. Honestly, I prefer reality when it comes to simulators, no matter how inconvenient it may be
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    Where do I sell Straw bails?

    Hmm, I think its debatable. To get a grass bale you have to mow and then bale, silage is just 1 extra step on that for doubling the profits. In the time it takes for the bale to ferment however you could have created at least 1 further set of grass bales. So profitability/time grass is probably better but profitability/work silage probably edges it. I think its pretty well balanced - if the silage price was much higher then it would just be an exploit to make money. Personally though I agree with you, I'll typically take the instant cash for the grass bales.
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    How to add weapons ?

    Hi, to add weapons into your map (ones that player can pick up), place some item spawner then, open the attributes window when this object is selected and choose the item type. (you can find the item spawner in the assets browser under the common collection). (by default it is an ammo box).
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    Powinna być dostępna automatycznie przy opcji podróżowania jako jedna z lokacji. Jeśli nie napisz do supportu. Adresy powyżej.
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    Special Silo?!?

    Yeah, they call those big, 3-sided (bottom and 2 sides), cement bunkers "silos" - it's basically the concrete funnel-looking thing next to your manure dump next to the cow barn
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    Mr Squealypig

    Special Silo?!?

    It's not actually a silo, but a bunker. It is located south of the manure bunker.
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    Time to retire

    I agree with Sortileger, and I honestly think the game has the potential to grow well, I hope it does!
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    Time to retire

    Some of the comments I see make me realize that some of you may be lacking the knowledge of exactly what happens in a project of this magnitude. I don't have the time or space to explain it, but my experience is that gamers are the absolute hardest audience to please. They all usually want instant satisfaction, have no patience, are excessively brutal when things aren't they way they perceive them to be and expect flawless perfection. There are a LOT of issues still to be addressed, but then looking back through all the patch notes I see that almost 3 times that have been resolved. This game is still in its infancy. I'm glad that I found it so early. I can find issues, make suggestions and know I'm being heard. I have put in many tickets thus far and every one has met with response in just hours instead of days. If you're unhappy, then go... but bashing developers and nit picking over one or two specific items is ridiculous IMHO. Myself, I can't wait to see what else I can find or what comes next.
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    Tactors Need Repairs Way Too Often

    Have you guys noticed how your tractors need to be repaired all the time. It's ridiculous how often they become damaged. We need to fire that mechanic . Almost every in-game day I need to fix something in my tractor (currently using the JCB Special Edition), whether it's the engine or because it can't attach to something due to faulty suspension or rear lift. And it isn't cheap to fix all these problems either. Dear Techland, please revise how often our tractors need to be fixed. Pretty please
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    Tactors Need Repairs Way Too Often

    It's been my experience that when you play the "My First Farm" option, things need repair quite often. But playing the "Free Farming" option, I can go for days without so much as a scratch.
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    Squirrelly Galucho Transcow

    And yeah that Galucho Transcow trailer is really bad and way too small! And on ps4 there is a bug when travelling with vehicles they move way too slow until you save and reload the game. if trying to pull something like Galucho Transcow or a dolly with semi-trailer just reload it should be pulled a bit better!
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    BTZ Update 04/05/2018

    I like the new changes, even the weapons feel different to me or I’m just bad at the game, but on Xbox we loss every match do to disconnects on every 1v2, 1v3 or 1v4 which is a new problem and I’m sure you’re already aware of this but it doesn’t hurt to mention it. That’s the only problem I’ve noticed.
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