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    A Few More Game Suggestions

    I would like for the floor master trailer to be able to hold multiple fruits and vegetables. You have this huge trailer to only haul one fruit or vegetable type. Tractor and trailer to haul 3 crates. Lol
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    New Bad Blood Suggestions

    Hi everyone, I wanted to get a thread going with new Bad Blood/PvP suggestions which hopefully will help the Techland devs get us a cooler game faster. Let me start by saying that Bad Blood isnt all that bad. The main problem to me is, its nothing new either. Finding gear, killing zombies, collecting samples, fighting opponents, stealing samples and getting on a chopper all in a timed fashion is a bit repetitive especially if we consider the fact that most people have been doing exactly this for the past 3 years. I understand we want chaos but this is the wrong kind. Lets create some order first. My idea on how to improve Bad Blood is to move objectives around and maybe add a twist. I think: -Players should be able to select a skin and gear up before the game starts. (mainly because its an easy way to make money off skins and itemskins) -Players will have to choose wisely because they can only equip 4 active weapons and 4 types of items/usables under the mousewheel and thats it. -Better loot will drop from enemies accordingly, usables/throwables (ammo, boosts, flares) can be found or crafted in a conventional manner. -Players go outside and start killing zombies and if possible humans as if they were playing Bad Blood. Now lets add a twist: -Everytime you kill a zombie or a human you gain Bloodlust. When your Bloodlustbar is full Kyle will have one of his infamous episodes (hence the titel 'Bad Blood') and transform into the meanest lvl 1 mutation anyone has ever seen. We can go different ways from here so i will give 2 examples: -The mutation is temporary making games shorter and more intense. (Players will skip farming zombies for blood and go straight for the kill while being empowered) -Players can continue to collect bloodlust to level up their mutations which will result in longer more strategic games.(Players are more likely to farm zombies uptill the highest mutation possible before they attack other players) -Players respawn as human if they die. -If a player quits new humans enter the game. -Players can work together or against eachother though only the last one standing wins. Alternative gameplays: -Catch the Virus, whoever "catches" the virus mutates. The player that is hunter longest or clears most objectives wins. -Zombie Rush, all survivors race to the center of the map to battle a huge zombieboss together (YUUUUUGE i say). However, whoever deals the killing blow to the boss will mutate into a hunter and will have to hunt and kill the remaining players. If humans are able to kill the hunter then the human who deals the killing blow to the hunter will mutate. Untill there is only 1 hunter left who wins the match. As you could imagine there are quite some variations one could think of. Final thoughts: I hope this post inspires others to share their idea's too so we can come to something extraordinairy everyone is stoked about. And with that in mind i would like to round up my first post here on Techland Forums. Good Night, Good Luck!
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    Michał Rainert

    Ursus i inne polskie firmy.

    Oczywiście planujemy ciągły rozwój Pure Farminga - nie spoczywamy na laurach! Polecam śledzić oficjalne zapowiedzi. :-)
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