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    The mystery of the Harran Virus is very intriguing and the story drops numerous clues about how it all went down but never gives us a definite answer. Lets start from the main campaign. The GRE wants us to retrieve a file which contains the "cure", but as we all know, they want to weaponize it ! Now, the GRE logo says, "since 2002", which means it was probably not always the "bad guy". Dr Zere explains us, that the virus is rabies like and we know that when a person is infected, he/she turns into a Viral, eventually decaying into a slow Biter. So where did the Volatiles come from ? Surely they didn't just pop out of nowhere right ? In the beginning of the outbreak, the GRE sent Amir to assist Dr.Camden and Zere while they were figuring out a cure, so they definitely were interested in curing the virus at first. My guess is that, the GRE set up a research facility in the countryside(Open fields, lower population) to work on a cure. Now, while studying the virus, they realized that it had the ability to mutate and give the host: superior strength(Goon and Demolisher),night vision(All Zombies) and better agility. This "breakthrough" led them to think that they could create a serum (Similar to the super soldier serum in captain america) So they reverse engineered the virus and tested it on a few human test subjects.The result was a volatile ! It gained all the abilities they had hoped of but the virus took over the host... making it an unsuccessful and dangerous product which is why they had nuclear warheads as a backup plan to destroy all evidence and traces They still carried forward the research and it led to another breakthrough ! The test subject had a human mind when exposed to UV Light, but in the darkness, the virus took over again.(We are looking at the sentient Volatile) At this point, there was an outbreak in the lab that couldn't be contained and the volatile test subjects escaped and started breeding in hives (Remember, the body still functions which explains why they don't decay into biters) This is how the volatiles came into existence. (A natural virus was reverse engineered in the wrong way) The countryside is littered with hives because it was where the volatiles first appeared ! However, the Harran Virus did start in Old Town/Sector 0. The "mother" in the following was the wife of a colonel which explains how she got access to the serum.Thus, when the GRE said that if the "cure" in the stolen files was used at its current state, it would have bad consequences, they were right. Indeed, the file that Rais stole, had the recipe for the sentient volatile serum This is why, Volatiles and Biters are from the same base virus, but entirely different.This also explains why volatiles only kill, and not bite.The scientists probably managed to change some traits of the virus. The Biters are undead, while the Volatiles are living (But not Human) and thus can also breed. Also explains how the average human became such a monstrosity.They are a completely different species ! Maybe, Dying light 2 could have us fighting a super soldier Zombie from the GRE (Boss Fight) !!
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    BUG - Can't buy Sheep

    Also in a German fan community the bug is known and reported in the bug forum. Platform was here PS4. Even a new game brought no improvement
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    4/5/2018 Complete Details on Patch

    They removed a majority of the autobalance in the 1/12 update. Resources regeneration time can range between 2 values in each of the game modes but can not regenerate faster than the times I listed in the post. The only other hint of autobalance left in the files is respawn times in 2v1-4v1. For example, if hunter is losing by a lot, they respawn a lot faster, or slower if they are winning by a lot. Same goes for survivors, I can post the autobalance code if you'd like. EDIT: Also, for those complaining about dropkick chains on other posts, there is an instant tackle that can help shut these down and possibly set up multiple instant tackle chains. (:
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    New Video: Fuel Management

    I disagree. 1. As far as I can see whatever you described about Triple A isn't happening. It's simply magically buying more fuel through your tablet, seemingly instant. 2. If everything can be roleplayed why buy the game, I'll just picture it all in my head. I think there's not alot of management going on if all you need to do is bring up your tablet and buy fuel at a higher cost. Trust me my imagination is good, but that's a bit too much. I've played plenty of simulators and I can distinguish what I need to roleplay and what would actually break immersion. I think the penalty for forgetting to fuel up should be a little more than that. If I was a real farmer and I forgot to tank up what would I do? Go to the gasstation with some jerry cans and fill them up, cursing myself on the way over and back for the lost time. I think saying "just roleplay it" is too easy. Add a little depth to the whole mechanic if you're gonna put it in. Make it feel like fueling on time matters and is a bigger part in the routine than "Oops I forgot to fuel up, better alert the magical Triple A to instantly fill my tank up".
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