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    I appreciate one and all opinions. Because they are just that. Some people enjoy on thing or the other. However, to personally attack other members of the forum and degrade them is not ok with me. You do not have a clue as to who anyone is here in this forum. You talk about disagreeing with your opinion, but I do not believe any member of this forum has degraded or personally attacked you because of your opinion. Just not cool. Maybe if you would bring you point across a little more succinctly people would listen, instead of raving on how horrible this game and the developers are. Give people and the developers a chance. There are some who enjoy the game. We can agree to disagree. My first multiplayer game was pong on a Sears black and white TV. Good luck to you.
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    A Few More Game Suggestions

    Hi fellow farmers, I've been playing a lot of Pure Farming, and as I play I'm always thinking of new things that could be added to the game and improve the overall experience, and to make it even more interesting. Honey - This would be fun, and probably won't even take much space. Bee keeping, where the end result would be honey (in small boxes that we could carry), which we could sell at available food markets. British Map - Have you guys seen the English countryside? It's gorgeous. You could have lavender fields, rhubarb, and keep llamas (or alpacas) for wool, which are all popular things in Britain. African Map - Cocoa plantations is what immediately comes to mind with an African map. Other popular produces could be added as well. Peanuts - Peanut plantations, for the USA map. C'mon, it's the land of peanut butter More things to do while we wait for our crops to grow - Right now, I mow grass into bales and sell them, while I wait for my crops, instead of just speeding up time. I'd like more things to do, for example, missions from my neighbors in Free Farming mode. Could be field work or other tasks, similar to what we did in the Campaign. Wouldn't even have to be handsomely rewarded, just something to keep us entertained while we wait. Automatic Irrigation - The water cistern is not very practical to irrigate our fields, especially if you have a huge field. I'd have to wait for a rainy day to irrigate such a big field. Maybe have it similar to the orchards, with a tank near the field that we could fill. I'm sure they don't use a cistern to irrigate big fields in the real world. Front-End Mower - This would be great, as I would be able to mow grass and bale at the same time Buy the Dam - We should be able to buy the dam in Montana, and get more energy income. ***************************************************** The game's economy could still be improved: More dynamic prices - Prices should be more volatile. And with preference, different from place to place. Farmers Market - A way to sell our goods occasionally, with better prices. Like once a week, or something. But at random times, to keep it more interesting and unexpected. Special Orders - Sell goods at different places that take orders from time to time, like a Brewery (Barley) (or Apples for Cider), a Bakery (Wheat, Rye). Also these prices should be better, but we wouldn't know when they needed these goods. It would only appear occasionally. I wish the developers see the suggestions section and take them into consideration. Not sure they do. I'd be really happy if a few of these suggestions make their way into the game at some point. I'm sure I'll come up with more suggestions soon. This game really fires my imagination. Happy Farming! Gabriel
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    Something to look into

    @James Gallagher or @Marta Kowalczyk something to add to the user Wishlist
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    Something to look into

    I'm properly the only one, but we need a Sapphires detector. Don't care if it's for sale for 1.000.000€/$ I'm missing one, and can't seem to find it...
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    I got that one too. I send them 1000 of mails and tweets about the Big Boss trophy and other stuf. But it was playable if you had a lot of time... Did you meet him, in Forestry?
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    Techland are doing a very good job at addressing the problems+ they are listening to the players
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    Does anyone remembered the C64, you could buy a game for it and it would never load . I have Forestry 2017 the simulation it was broke and never got fixed
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    The game works, a number of us are enjoying playing it. How does that make us morons or that we’re getting screwed? I’d suggest a moron is the person who spent $40 on the game, threw their toys out of the pram like a child when it had a few teething problems, and announced they’d set light to the game thus depriving themselves from ever getting their money’s worth out of their purchase. And then spent their time trolling the forum of a game they don’t even play.
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    Aha! Thank you for this information, it does help a bit so I can at least see how much I have. I never bothered to go to those tabs because I never wanted to sell through the tablet, knowing I would lose the 20%. At least that will work for now until they hopefully make something a bit more intuitive. It doesn't seem to be intuitive that when you're at a silo or storage building it doesn't already provide this information, but at least there is a way to see it. I feel there should be a tab in your tablet for "silos" and/or "storage" where you could see what you have in there, but at the least, what I mentioned above when standing IN the silo or storage there should be an amount in weight, not just percent of storage being taken up. But again, thanks for the info on where to find it for the time being!
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    Indeed, but he only wanted to know how much material he has. I never sold anything through the tablet. A bit of work is more rewarding and more fun
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    Go to tablet>Shop>Selling Agricultural Materials. It tells you what you got, in tons, of each of the listed materials. Stock Market also tells you this, but you have to keep changing pages. It's less practical.
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    Go to your tablet then the sell tab I think, second one down, and select stock market. There you can see prices and your stored grain amount
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    I would second this....
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    Mr Squealypig

    100 Sapphires?

    So it turns out I was missing #35, 66, 80, 98 on Farmer's map. Thanks for the help guys!
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    100 Sapphires?

    My fan community has also found all 100 sapphires and created a corresponding overview. The numbers are not identical to your card, but for each number there is a detailed screenshot where it is exactly. Is however in German. Here is the overview Here are the individual sapphires, according to the number Maybe that will help you
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