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    World farming flaw

    Ok so one of the perks I liked with this game was being able to farm in multiple locations right. Then you realize that workers stop when you leave and there’s no way to check on crops. I feel like if I’m farming in multiple locations I should be able to check on all locations in the tablet. What I hope is that with a future update, still waiting on the first, we be given the option to monitor workers and crops all over the lands we own. I should be able to start my workers sowing in Columbia and go to Italy to harvest my grapes/olives and the worker not stop
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    As for the harvester....you have to fold it then unload it
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    I can store or sell vegetables trailer by trailer while they are connected most of the time, hitting drop at the right point sometimes fails and I have to drive away and back again. Don’t seem to be able to drop grain in the same way though, have to do each trailer individually. Theres no way to select which trailer is currently selected and when all trailers have the same product it doesn’t total the contents, just shows how much is in 1 trailer.
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    Misja poboczna Handel świniami nie działa poprawnie. Po odebraniu misji w chlewie powinny pojawić się cztery swinie które mam przetransportować do rzeźni. Nic takiego się niestety nie dzieje. Chlew jest pusty - nie można też kupić świń. Nie pomaga ponowne uruchamianie - robiłem to z 10 razy. W kombajnie Gomselmash Palesse GS575 gdy kombajn stoi pusty kręci się ciągle jakieś koło zębate (z prawej strony, na wysokości ok. 1,5 m, w przedniej części kombajnu) Jeżeli np. podstawimy przyczepę do przewozu zwierząt Galucho Transcow postawimy obok chlewni/obory to w innych pojazdach zamiast "Przenieś zawartość" itp. będzie "Załaduj małe zwierzę" jednak działa to prawidłowo. Czyli dla przykładu jeżeli w momencie gdy przyczepa Galucho Transcow stoi obok chlewni, ja pojadę innym ciągnikiem po wodę do przepompowni to wciskająć X (Załaduj małe zwierzę) normalnie nabieram wodę. To samo gdy staniem bohaterem koło np. królikarni i wsiadamy do jakiegoś pojazdu poprzez koło z pojazdami to cały czas będzie się nam wyświetlać informacja o królikach tak jakby bohater ciągle tam stał. Pomaga podejście ponownie do królikarni. Po raz kolejny - usuńcie, albo zmniejszcie ten dziwny pasek na górze. Dodajcie opcję czułości drążków na padzie. W ładowaczach trzeba zamienić biegunami oś Y dla podnoszenia i opuszczania. Opisy maszyn w sklepie są bardzo szczątkowe. Opisałbym wszystko dokładnie. Niektóre maszyny nie mają wpisanej szerokości roboczej, inne mają. W opisie siewnika Akpil Gepard Drill 3 zmienił bym opis - nie wymaga on wcześniejszego spulchniania gleby. Do poprawy jest też fizyka. Aktualnie obciążniki są nie potrzebne, bo Zetor Major z pługiem 6-cio skibowym jedzie bez problemu, a przednie koła ani na chwilę nie oderwą się od ziemi. Dodajcie możliwość kupowania zwierząt poprzez tablet.
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    Straw bales

    I don't think there is any way to sell the bales. I think you just use them to feed your livestock, but i may be wrong. I can't find any place to sell them either.
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    Mr Squealypig

    PS4 Review

    After playing the game a few days I think I have seen enough of what Pure Farming 2018 has to offer to come to a verdict on how much I like the game. In short, I absolutely love this game and it is a real joy to play. It is not perfect, but having closely followed the development I have seen plenty of evidence that Techland/IceFlames truly do care about player feedback and complaints. Nearly all of the issues players have come across are being addressed in the first patch and they have done a great job giving detailed updates on what they are working on. Whatever you may think about the game, you have to admit that the developers are working hard to meet our demands. So what makes Pure Farming so fun? 1. The locations. -The devs have done an amazing job capturing the atmosphere of the locations in the game. Each one is truly unique and a pleasure to work in. 2. The variety of activities. -Field farming, orchards, greenhouses, and livestock are all equally engaging and give you plenty to do to occupy your time. 3. The sound design. -I cannot overstate how good the sound effects in this game are. It creates a very relaxing and upbeat tone that I honestly have not experienced since playing my favorite game of all time (Afrika on PS3). As someone who typically listens to music or youtube videos while playing games, I shut everything off when playing Pure Farming. I could fall asleep listening to the sound of fruits plopping into your trailer on a loop. 4. The convenience. -The best description for this game is user-friendly. The mini map and full map, the tablet, the drone, the vehicle selection wheel, and pretty much every interface in the game is designed to make things easy. 5. The crops. -The developers really hit it out of the park with the crop selection and gave us some unique experiences we may never have seen in other farming games. They did such a good job and I hope there will be even more to come as they have hinted at the possibility of new locations being added later down the road. Now with all that said, this is an honest review and there are still some things that I would like fixed or changed in the future. I would personally really like: -The farmer to have a flashlight -All livestock to require feeding -To be able to deliver bottles of milk to homes But overall I am very happy with where the game is at and it will only get better from here on out. I'm really excited to see what will be added after they get through fixing bugs and this game could very well make it into my top 5 games of all time. What do you guys think?
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    Mr Squealypig

    PS4 Review

    You guys hit the nail on the head. If you are a fan of farming games you should want as much variety and as many competitors as possible. I don't understand the mentality behind thinking that there can only be one game and anything else should be ridiculed for even trying to provide players with a different experience. I know I will be playing both Farming Simulator and Pure Farming and maybe even another game if something like Farmer's Dynasty comes to consoles too.
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    PS4 Review

    100% agree with all the above. I have played FS15 & FS17 for more hours than I care to admit but I totally appreciate what Pure Farming is and what it isn't and what it offers that the others currently don't. There's room for both games for any virtual farmer in my opinion so I really don't understand the people that criticise Pure Farming for not being a clone of FS or working in the same way, a lot of them are dismissing it out of hand which is bizarre as the competition will only make both games better in the long run. They seem to see PF as some sort of threat which must be quashed immediately or that admitting it is good would devalue their beloved FS in some way. I think much of what PF has brought (while a bit rough around some of the edges) over the other offerings is a leap forward for farming games and will likely shape FS19 in some respects. Kudos to the developers of Pure Farming for being bold enough to break new ground with this game rather than just churning out a clone.
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    We can't stress enough that allowing modders to be able to make mods for PF18 will either make or break this sim. There are great modders that will be able to take PF18 to a whole new level. Giants FS would have never made it this far without the modders. This needs to be on the top of you're list. If your looking for a one time big sale you will get that because people are looking for something different. But if your looking at long term sales you need the modders to keep it alive just like Giants FS did. As danplayer01 said ( I'm also concerned that time will go by too quickly.) You need to do something to show that this is something your going to do.
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