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    There is nothing wrong in playing games daily as long as you keep balance in your life, games are good for practicing steel nerves, reflex, decision making, problem solving and so on. Think about chess or playing an instruments, newbies are complaining about things being hard, but after spending for example 1000-2000 hours they are starting to realise that there are solutions to the "unsolvable" problems. Imagine guy playing piano for ten minutes and complaining about "too large" or "too heavy keys" and claiming that piano should be build differently so he doesnt have to learn about piano technique because it is too hard, requires too much intelligence and skill, he paid and bla bla bla. (Chickenninja i cant wait for you another marxist comment overturning all basic rules in life) For a guy who spent 1000 hours it will sound like a nonsense. People like Survivor are not used to one basic rule in life, to compete with other people you have to outsmart them, not change the rules so you can win without thought and skill. It is like complaining about gravity... it exists, deal with it, you want jump 5 meters high on a plain ground. To overcome it you have to use your brain, attach spring to your legs or something, but you just dont want to do it, you just want to change the gravity lol Sorry for my nerdy comparisons.
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