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    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    Hello Survivors, !! 1v1 is my favorite way to play BTZ. I am on PS4 -auntmarie33 is my PSN. My advice is to gear up for a match. Have a Knife with Bolter poison for the nests and I can kill a nest in 7-8 seconds with a head level attack, any lower and you get extra animation ( I recently upgraded an Orange Fabulous Dagger with bolter poison about 1600 ish damage (but I am boosted 6x with 1 handed weapons in Legend level, so I get a little extra). MY average match time is 20- 30 minutes. As for stragety in attacking Nests I like to thin out the Goons & Virals first, Remember they DO Not go Nuts Until you hit a Nest!! So attack the Virals first. As they are the toughest, I will get pounched when I am fighting the Virals, but not as much if I go for the nests 1st. So back to Virals they can take 2 or 3 Shotgun hits from afar , just as much as a Goon up close (usually 4 headshots). I have not had much luck with the Exploding arrows (I think they recently lessened the damage). But never forget your strategy. Know the location of the Hunter and his pounce meter ( if full hitem with the Light and then attack 1 viral and then hit your survivor sense (Where is he), I know you have trouble with the toxic spit, but if your health is above 200 you should be able to stand like 2-3 seconds in the spit find a safe out then grapple out. I have more trouble with Horde spits , but have recently got better at running away via watching the HUD display for the late red arrow of a bomber who is more likely to get you. Nests: again I think the consensus for killing nests is the Knife Or Better for me the Dagger with your most powerful upgrades, Bolter poison and your best upgrades- King-King- Brute+ Bolter Poison and a base HP of 1200 or so. Its not as challenging for me now , but I love the head -to head battle with the NH. Spidergamez on utoob and some other good ones have more strategy for killing nests. If you are taking more than 7-8 seconds I would like to know and any other strategy that does it in less time. Ps how many kills in Carmageddon anyone. Me get Over 500 and got a bunch of skins oooohhhh
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