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    Dying Light 2

    Hey guys, I know I have not posted here much or in a long time (since I got platinum on PS4) but I recently found out that Dying Light 2 is in the making, and would just like to say I can't wait for it, DL was one of my favourite games on PS4 and having the companion app was a great addition too, I loved that I could do something on my phone to reward me in-game later when I got home, so please carry this on in DL 2. If you are going to give some reward from DL to DL 2 I think that would be cool. I am actually thinking about buying DL again now I have moved over to PC and doing it all again I enjoyed it that much. All in all guys great work on DL and I can't wait for DL 2 no matter how long away we are talking!
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    Dying Light 2

    Pray for e3 coverage.
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