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    Super Hyped

    Hello guys, on behalf of me and few of my friends I'd like to tell you that we're very enthusiastic (super hyped ) about the game and you already bought us with the trailer. We can't wait to see how the game will look when it's finished I hope it will be as epic to play as epic is the trailer and first gameplays footage available Keep doing the great job you are doing!
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    Super Hyped

    Recently there was a 20 minute live stream of hellraid on Chrome engine 5, those graphics are outdated in 2 week time when they present Hellraid running on Dying Lights Chrome engine 6 which will run on the current gen consoles and on pc. but thats a good 20 minutes of gameplay unlike trailers.
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    That would be great and maybe you could put them in the game, if its possible. (I know its a hard long process getting permission and stuff like that.
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    KIA-RAPIDzZxX - TuneDEF - nice one I too like a bit of Bass Head music (along with Hip-Hop, house, rock, and of course, Tina Turner). It's nice to hear what you guys are posting. Might be worthwhile doing a "What you're listening to" thread. Any thoughts?
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    Thanks for capturing it, Hell_and_Dungeon_1994. We've uploaded the whole thing as well on our official YouTube channel, so head over there if you missed it.
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    Im a Bass Head, love Dubstep, D 'n' B and Electro, stuff like that. It might not be the best songs to play but im going to give it a shot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfKJ2oQ0u8E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpeQeSDL_08 (Dont know how to do the video thing... ) Oh And Thank You Techland and the Dying Light Team .
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    I like them Deadly_Jack - I like them a lot. Two very different styles, but very fitting. First one makes me wanna run like mad, and smash stuff, but in a really cool way. The second makes me want to stand on top of a rooftop, wind blowing in my hair, and me looking down on the city in full "thinking" mode ("I can't believe this has happened, but you have to stay strong Michal. For the city, and the people that are in it"). You've taken me to a different place with your music choices Deadly_Jack. I salute you.
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    Hi everyone! I'm new here but I have been following the game for several months now and I'm eager to play the game! I just love how Hellraid is shaping up and everything we saw so far looks very promising (the atmosphere, the visceral feel of the combat, the different playstyles, the large and more open environments, the secret passages, etc)! It's a shame there are so few old school FPP hack'n slash games like this nowadays, but hopefully, Hellraid will be the messiah we're all waiting for! So keep up the good work guys! We trust in you! ***** Now this is said, here's a list of ideas and features I would personally like to see ingame. I know some ideas/suggestions are too complicated or don't particularly fit the game's style, but who knows? Maybe you could find some inspiration! ;-) WEAPONS -I'd personally really like to see flails. I suppose we never see flails in games because it must be pretty tricky to make it look right with the physics and all that stuff but damn, it would really be awesome to be able to use them in Hellraid! Not only they look cool but they could also have different advantages/disadvantages than the more traditional maces/hammers. For example, flails could be more effective against shields, have a better reach, could hit harder but on the other hand, they would be slower, maybe the players would have to gain a "special ability" or follow a special training to use them effectively in the first place, etc... -Gauntlets/claws/fist weapons. These weapons would add another style of fighting where players would be able so strike very quickly but would have to be more cautious because they wouldn't be able to parry (or at least less easily). They would have to rely more on their agility and not their brute force. And of course, demolishing your foes with your own fist is always satisfying! ;-P -Hand crossbows that you could use as a kind of secondary ranged weapon (sword in right hand + hand crossbow in left hand for example) -Repeating crossbows that could shoot up to 5 bolts without having to reload between each shot or even repeating crossbows Van Helsing style ( http://youtu.be/bS9N8dEdZCQ?t=1m22s ) -Organic/living weapons (perhaps some kind of demonic weapons?) -Posessed weapons that could get more powerful/get new powers the more monsters you kill (or maybe you could "sacrifice" other magic items to make the possessed weapons more powerful? See Darksiders 2 for a clearer example) -Orbs/cristals mages could use as an off-hand item to enhance their spells (shoot 2 fireballs instead of 1 for example) -Special and unique weapons that could grant you new abilities (a staff that would summon wraiths to fight on your side for a short period of time each time your health drops below 50% for example) ITEMS / MAGIC -Torches you could use to light dark areas and/or burn your foes (but of course, you wouldn't be able to use a shield or another off-hand item at the same time) -Various magic potions/elixirs you could drink to gain temporary buffs/abilities (stone skin, night vision, partial invisibility, speed boost, demonic transformation, etc) -Scrolls/books you could pick up to learn more about Hellraid's lore (local legends, places, characters, diaries or even tips to help you, etc) -Mysterious artifact you could carry with you and that could reveal secret passages, show you the way towards a special item/place/monster, show you that a treasure is located nearby (but players would have to find the exact location themselves) -Spell book locked (by magic?) so the player would have find the key or the right spell to open it (maybe opening it could summon a demon that attacks you?) -Soul stone you could use to talk with certain statues/deads to get new information/tips about a quest, a hidden treasure, ... -Secrets spells to unlock if you can discover where the right spellbook is hidden -Spells that could summon a minion to help you fight/find secret places, etc -Chests with random content (loot, trapped chest, mimic that attacks you, etc) ENEMIES -Enemy that explodes (upon death) in a big shock wave that could knock you down -An armoured beast that charges you and tries to stomp you with its hooves/impale you with its tusks -A demonic creature that teleports to get near you and gut you with his blades (pretty hard to hit with a ranged weapon and that is "easier" to defeat in close combat) -Hellhounds that hunt in packs LEVELS / ENVIRONMENTS -Maybe you could include some environmental hazards for the player throughout the levels, for example, murky areas in the swamps that could slow down your character and make him more vulnerable, poisonous plants/flowers could spout poisonous spores or a harmful gas that would blur your vision if you walk near them, roots that could attack you, etc (it could also be a another way to show how twisted the land has become due to the dark powers/corruption/evil) -Alternate paths to make the game more varied -(Optional) levels more exploration/puzzles oriented -Add secrets in secrets passages! Double the fun! ;-D -Corrupted/demonic environment with talking/screaming/moving walls -Giant (optional) labyrinth level where you would have to find first the different parts of a map (scattered throughout the game) in order to reach the center of the labyrinth (where lies the treasure of course!). -Optional dungeon more "survival horror" oriented where the player would have to flee and hide from (almost) invulnerable monsters that track him down. This would be a level more tense and with a horrific atmosphere (player unable to kill the monster, always hunted down, you would have to pay more attention to your environment to find hiding spots, the monster may move slowly when searching for you but would make noise so you could hear it in the distance, etc). EVENTS / QUESTS -A rain of blood that could happen during a boss fight/a dramatic event, etc... -A hero equipped with a powerful magic weapon went in the woods to hunt and kill a fearsome monster but never came back. The player can try to locate the beast and kill it to get the magic weapon (a sword that is still plunged into its body for example) -The player could find a scroll with runic/magic/mysterious symbols on it that would reveal the place of a treasure/secret place. The meaning of these symbols coud be found for example on the walls of a crypt, in the library of a monastery, etc. However, there would be no hint at all to help the player find the meaning of the symbols (he/she should just pay attention to the environment and explore each area carefully). -A character is looking for special relics scattered throughout the world. You will get a new reward each time you bring him another relic. -A prologue/interlude during the campaign where the player would play as a villager (or another character) so he could witness a special event from another perspective (a demonic invasion, how his town was destroyed, how he managed to survive to warn the hero, etc). Something like a playable "Edyn's Escape" sequence for example. GAMEPLAY -Ability to set your arrows on fire when you get near a torch/fire camp/etc to do more damage and (why not) even set your enemies on fire -Ability to use/forge/craft chaotic/demonic weapons or artifacts (powerful items but with negative effects such as life/mana drain, etc) -Different finishing moves depending on your weapon and the enemy you fight (impalement, decapitation, implosion, freeze an enemy and make him explode with a well-placed kick, etc) -Ability to customise/upgrade our shields. For example, add spikes to do extra damage when bashing an enemy or add steel plates to gain extra protection/durability (but that could drain more stamina since it would be heavier to carry). Also, the ability to enhance shields with magic. For example, imbue a shield with special powers (even if it's temporary) such as electricity to stun our foes when they attack. -Secondary attack with crossbows equipped with a blade/spike so you could also defend yourself if an enemy gets too close to you -Ability to smash wooden doors with a kick MISCELLANEOUS -A digital artbook would be greatly appreciated! I just love to see the "behind the scenes" of games and I'd really like to learn more about Hellraid's development! -Add achievements/challenges to add more replayability/variety to the game ***** That's all for now! :-) Thanks for reading!
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    @Royal Palms Resort Guide We're very familiar with Xaviant's work on Lichdom: Battlemage, those guys are doing a great job on magic system and looting. As for the specter- and ghost-like enemies we don't have any yet. We already have quite a few undead in the game, so we're aiming for a more 'demonic' feeling with our new enemies, but it's not entirely impossible that we'll decide to include more traditional ghosts or specters. @Razor We share your opinion that there should be *something* that magic staves do when using the block button, and we have some ideas about what that might be. It might not be blocking though @HellRyder and IzzyOtaku The agility branch in our skill system will probably not be along the lines of a classic rogue style, since Hellraid is 100% about meaty, immersive combat against hordes of enemies. There simply isn't room in the design for stealth, lockpicking or trap-disarming. Think about the Agility branch more as a movement/finesse combat tree rather than a straight-up rogue from classic RPGs. However, the short-time invisibility to flee and recuperate or to take down one monster within a horde seems like something we'd like to consider.
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