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    Livestream Talk

    Discuss likes and adjustments from the livestream. For me Pros: Staff transfers magic to hand to shoot out. Its very unique and I like the concept of the staff converting mana into a certain magic element, and sending it to the hand for the attack. Premium items glowing red. I wasnt even playing and I got bug eyed and gasped when Mike ran into a weapon that was glowing red. I dont know if all tier items that arent common/uncommon glow a certain color or if it was a very specific ones but it was a fantastic sensation just seeing it. The damage meter. Just loved it. HIDDEN PASSAGES!! The environmental trap where he jumped on the chandelier. The look of the weapons. The varied toughness of enemies. Some skeletons took several hits, some took a couple of shots, and the one skeleton labeled "Brittle" that broke in one mighty swing. Mike enthusiasm in the game. Adjustment suggestion: Drink animation. I like the drink sound clip, but if your character stopped for a split second, swapped out his weapons really quick to put his health/mana potion in his hand and gulp it down really quick I think it would really add to the "chupacabra, chupacabra, chupacabra" factor. You would have to really judge and make some time to use that potion. EXP Meter. I know this game is still very early in development so I dont how much is planned to be added later. But I would like if like the Damage indicator showing up when you striked the enemies, if it showed how much EXP you gain when killing an enemy, or if there was an EXP bar somewhere to know how I was progressing. In the video you mentioned each of the enemies in the game having an interesting backstory, and like Hircus I think it was being a tier 3 hell creature. Earlier I suggested a Bestiary or Almanac in the Ideas & Suggestions Topic, I think it would especially be cool if you guys added it in since you guys plan to give all the enemies backstories.
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    I like them Deadly_Jack - I like them a lot. Two very different styles, but very fitting. First one makes me wanna run like mad, and smash stuff, but in a really cool way. The second makes me want to stand on top of a rooftop, wind blowing in my hair, and me looking down on the city in full "thinking" mode ("I can't believe this has happened, but you have to stay strong Michal. For the city, and the people that are in it"). You've taken me to a different place with your music choices Deadly_Jack. I salute you.
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    With a little humor and some love for the people who work so hard at Techland, Here is Olivia Newton-John's song from 1974 "I Honestly Love You". You might recognize Olivia from the movie "Grease". As she says at the beginning "Maybe I hang around here a little more than I should" (referring to time on the forums). I hope you can enjoy it with a little laughter. We will keep waiting for your games to come out. EDIT: If anyone wants to share their appreciation or love for Techland and their games, you could share it here.
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    Hell_and_Dungeon_1994 you are my hero. Only found out about the stream today, kicking myself I missed it. Thank you so much!!!
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    Or this, it adds more of a dramatic realism to the game, and it kinda fits into it. Ya know, Dying Light and all. judge for ya selves.
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    Tribute songs huh? Don't mind if i add one to the Fold This is what i think would suite the mood in dying light a little when ya play it,
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    Haha! I like that song. Techland makes #1 games, but they are also #1 team. Dead Island is the zombie rpg with an open-world that made a mark on my life. Simply the best.
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    If the game does center around at least 4 protagonist I wonder how the virus affects the story. After all they(the protagonist) cant all be infected and what are the capabilities of those not infected, do they each specialize in something crucial to the story? Does it aid in their faction or survivor group? Also after digging back into the past a bit for some extensive research (of course not everything will be accurate when it comes to the present alterations that we do not know about) I found out some interesting things. For one I believe Antoine, the guy who is supposedly the person from the E3 2013 gameplay videos, as that protagonist appears to be a civilian more so and closer relates to the person from the Run Boy Run trailer. While the person in the E3 2014 video must be this Kyle Crane guy (I still dont know where people got that name from) because he belonged to what looked like a military/organized group faction. Not only did they sport different clothes in their respective videos, but different voices as well. In the E3 2013 demo gameplay, although choreographed, you hear the protagonist talking to a woman named Jade. In the E3 2014 gameplay videos although you dont hear full speeches from this protagonist you hear can slightly still hear how he sounds from the grunts, and other noises he makes when swinging melee weapons. From the sounds of them you can guess they are two different people, that may not be the case though, or it could and just mean a voice actor swap. I think this further supports that you play as different characters in some ways. Also in the E3 2013 video you see that whoever this protagonist is, is the one who is infected as they utilize his "Night Sense" ability as Techland calls it to detect the infected during night time. Although we havent seen any new night time gameplay so who knows if the new guy also sports it. Also I want to call in a sort of "special" infected during the VGX 2013 gameplay showing, where at one point the character ran into a zombie in a hazmat suit. After striking its gas tank the zombie explodes killing and damaging all in the vicinity within seconds. Not only is this another infected variant that some may have forgotten, but it could also be a hint to an area within the game. Maybe an underground research lab containing all types of abominations, deadly infected, and still trapped scientist, possible cures, medicines, etc. Or it could just be a randomly placed "special" infected from a previous rescue team. Finally, one has to wonder what are the conditions for these special infected in the game. Does it face criteria like in L4D? Like Tanks were people who could have used body building supplements, Hunters were people with elevated levels of lactic acids in the bloodstream and muscles, etc. Maybe the special infected just evolve, or mutate further. I believe though that maybe these super infected are actually people who have retained some remnant of their humanity. After all some of them seem to have a level of intelligence during the videos, especially the one with the 4-splitting mouth, who seems to be the "face" of Techlands zombies in this game. This also points back towards the hazmat suit zombie and that this could all be a product of biochemical research gone wrong. Some mad man, or power hungry authority figure being behind all this.
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