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    Humans are way overpowered how can they dodge a tackle meanwhile the hunter can't Dodge a drop kick? this is wack, they're only humans, it's not as though they're superheroes, hopefully techland will look at this and use their brain a little bit, Mutated Zombie higher reflexes and senses. You can be right in the person's face with the hunter go to tackle and it still pulls you back that way it gives them enough time to dodge the tackle what kind of nonsense is that? As I said the humans are way overpowered in this game and it could be 4 verse 1 what the hell is that? And when you use the hunters abilities cooldown is way slow. They damn near crippled the hunter meanwhile people can glitch potions so they have an infinite number. It Just doesn't make sense, again I go back to their only human it's not as though they're superheroes what the hell's going on techland.
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    this game has never been ballanced the humans have such an advantage. hunters have maybe 1 move they can rinse and repeat that it. everything else just gets hard countered into death. i think the animation humans get nigherhunters should get to so if you spam action movies u get punished for it with hard counters id say letting nighthunters get in 3 swips before ur ablke to recover sounds about same time for NH recovers.
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    BTZ Rebuilt

    id love to let just tweak the swipe from 5 hits to 2 and also give the same dodge animation for the zombie gotta be some way to punish humans.
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    BTZ Rebuilt

    id like to see the range of the uv light changed as well as the amount of energy is in it. this thing has single handed killed the multiplayer its the god beam. reaches from ridiculous distanced defended just about anything and at that is a monstrous attacking tool as well. Which in this case you should be pure defence as the human attackin <----- the nest while defending <---- against the night hunter not chasing it with your beam cannon and spamming dfa. I'd also like to see the basic attacks of the night hunter increased your character can shred through metal but got behold some cloths get between u and this person it takes 4 to 5 swipes to kill them id like to see this at a solid 3 attacks as humans can kill you in two strikes so that way your a threat not to be rushed even when drained but you cant slug it out with a human.
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    Version 1.2 Patch Notes

    You cant take any mod and added to the "Workshop" :)
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    Thanks for the info, i have tried several times to counter drop kick with tackle bad timing or the sec or 2 it's takes to run to tackle, I have more to respond to with your post, but it's about that time to sleep, hopefully what you said and what's on the video correlate with the console versions. Not trying to be mean. Thanks for the info.
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    You know I am sorry for your experience playing Dying Light. I can understand that the pvp is difficult on the Hunter side. Very difficult in fact. Fighting against one person is a chore, but four is rather nuts. However I do have to highly disagree with you Kornchits on your stance that Humans are OP. Your argument on Humans shouldn't be Superheroes; I can see where you're coming from, yet the fact that you want something too realistic is a bit much. Video games were made with the most crazy of ideas and this game is no exception. To say that this game needs to be more realistic....well let me paint a picture. No health bar, and you die in like one or two hits. Every slice, and claw attack severely wounds you, makes you weaker, and deals bleeding. The Grapple Hook functions differently instead of how it works right now. A molotov burns you and a Hunter rather quickly. Toxic waste kills both of ya, and so on and so forth. You get the idea. Again, I get the idea where you come from. Night Hunter is supposed to be an actual terrifying threat, and Survivors should be weaker and fearful of an apex predator. The thing is that...that is already happening. Dying Light is already designed with what it is currently, and if that is something you don't like at all....simply move on to another game. Not trying to sound rude, but if you're not enjoying the experience than this isn't a game for you. Night Hunter has an instant kill attack, even if its easily countered; and a bunch of utility that makes it terrifying to play against. Instant killing bombers, Tackles off rooftops, UV spit, UV heal, etc. The way you use them is depending on how you play and your current surroundings. An example of this would be if a Survivor is on a rooftop you Ground Pound him to knock him off and proceed to tackle so he can't dodge. Enclosed spaces like hallways, or houses are good for spits. Another thing that has to be kept in mind is that all this takes time and practice. Which is where I have a problem with you. You have not stated how good you are at the game. Now to some this may not be important, but in the current state of the game, and...games with Asymmetrical multiplayer in general there are those who are willing to go far and beyond to get better even if the game has to no true Esport value. Players from both Survivor and Hunter side are always getting better. So with that said I don't know how you play at all, and neither do the rest of us, nor how things work on consoles. I've had spent 2000+ hours in this game's PVP, and have fought against some of the best Night Hunters this game has to offer. I have learned, improved, and dealt with this games design, and many updates. I say what I have to say with experience as well. With that said your other issue on Dropkick being OP and you should be able to dodge it sounds rather biased. Dropkick is a move that is hard to land in general with Tendril Sprint being a thing, and if you are running on the ground constantly then yes, you will be dropkicked at some point. However if he misses than that's a huge opening. Also running around and taking the High Ground is a way of dodging it. Jumping, Tendriling around, Tendril Sprint etc. Getting chain Dropkicked however does suck and its unfortunate and the best advice I have for that is Renfur's Instant tackle thing (unless you hate using glitches which is understandable), or just try to recover faster as chaining dropkicks can be difficult from the Survivor's side. A counter to dropkick is literally tackle. An update a while back made it so Tackle overrides dropkick. I don't know the timings, but I have had it happen to me. The whole "Survivors having infinite number of boosters" is an invalid complaint. No seriously, are you going to yell at someone farming legitimately and gaining 99 NH Boosters, which is the legit maximum hold amount, through all his fights? There is no difference between someone who is legit, and someone who duped. The Boosters also have an extremely long cooldown as well so people can't spam them as soon as one ends. Spits and Shields also don't have long cooldowns depending on certain conditions. Conditions being the auto-balance feature, and how many Survivors you are fighting against. Spits also explode much quicker making difficult to hit, but difficult to dodge if used right. If you are fighting in a 4v1 then you have to expect that teamwork will always be a thing, but if that's a problem with you than fight less; its simple even if you have to wait. With all this said I do think, personally, that your initial complaint is very biased. Yes you are entitled to your opinion and I do respect it, but through what is written and how it is written it just sounds rushed, and with alot of frustration, which I can understand. The March update (I think its March) made so that currently PVP is as balanced as it is. I do agree with Drakorus in that not having a fully skilled NH is crippling yourself, but not having an opinion is what I disagree with. However, both sides comments are very chilish with the whole "troll" chupacabra. I didn't come here to bash you Kornchits, I came to say that although its difficult as a NH, its possible to even win 4v1s. The advice you want is look at videos and guides, even if its not in the same platform. Looking at videos from both perspectives can give you can idea of what Survivors are doing right and wrong; and what Hunters are doing right and wrong. Time and practice is also something that separates the good players from the bad ones, even in 4v1s. I did make a guide which I'll link. Might not be helpful or it will as its old, but I'm willing to help. Now if I am wrong about your skill I would like to see a video or something as I enjoy being proven wrong. Again I say what I say with experience not to insult, troll, or bash ya. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=949125978
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    I guess the Troll has to be a Troll who would have thought, Great job from the Troll! Here's a funny part ever since I started calling you a troll you've done nothing but call me a troll, mean while you're posting on my forum!? As such your biased opinions are unwelcome, continue being a troll, seems to be for you.
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    Sure you did, you like to bash just as long as they don't bash back, go run through your hypocrisy, your a troll, my point had to do with humans being overpowered plain and simple, if you don't want to say anything nice and get your feelings hurt don't say anything at all. Bye and begone, this is your chance to prove you're not a troll.
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    Console update 1.1.4 out now

    Hi Daimerion. Consoles did get an update. Both PC and console are now on version 1.2. I have this game on XBOX One S and PC and since the update I have only tried it on my XBOX. Germany is working great performance wise and they fixed its greenhouse, plus the spray washer works far better on cleaning frontloaders and stuff attached to tractors. But my other favorite map Columbia is having a bit more trouble now... Performance is worse and there’s quite a bit of stuttering when driving a vehicle, can’t really see it when just walking around though. Another thing that seems to have been bugged is the consistency of the pesticide sprayer. I can easily miss parts of rows, and I have to sometimes go back for just a few stragglers. That never seemed to happen before. This is coffee I’m talking about, I have not tried olives or the orange orchards since the patch. So I hope that helps Daimerion. Try out yours and let the rest of the community know how it goes.
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    If you don't have actual advice don't bother.
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    Yeah you're definitely a troll and I didn't say I didn't have a full tool kit, I said not everyone has a fully mutated night hunter, you are assuming the only one here whining and complaining is you because you are a troll and you're still on my forum, try not to be a piece of s*** your whole life, and by your logic you have to have all skills to even be able to play apparently. Maybe you should restart your night Hunter and start from the bottom again. As you have stated on here it's quite easy to go again 4 verse 1. If you think that it's balanced your a moron. You started replying to this post with a biased point of view. You complain about being bashed yet you're bashing other people. I simply stated my opinion that humans are way overpowered and they still are, Try not to be a hypocrite your whole life. Grow up little girl.
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    It's funny hearing it from the one that starts bashing people complaining about being bashed, well that was a quick response, don't like when you get put on the spot, no one said I wasn't having a good time, I enjoy the game probably a lot more than you do if you even play anymore. Yeah and the bottom bit asking specific questions, learning from your mistakes definitely some things you should pride yourself by working on those aspects, you could be conducting yourself instead of coming to a forum continuing this rant and no advice Trend that you seem to be on. Troll
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    I would advise you to stop wanting credit for your minor Scholastic achievements against noobs, if you're saying going against four players and its always easy, not everyone has a maxed out night hunter, you must be facing nothing but noobs or doing something you shouldn't be. How about trying to give actual advice, instead of spewing nonsense. Every game needs some work, to say otherwise is Ludacris.
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    We all have the right to our own opinion in this, to say that renfur is a hundred percent right is BS, he's not the only one with experience in the game, that being said we all have a right to our own opinion as well, it's not nearly as balanced as it should be ,humans are only humans not superheroes. Allowing two-night Hunters to attack a group of four Hunters would be a great addition. The night Hunters should be able to dodge a drop kick, or counter. Same as I said before you can't drop kick someone from 2 feet away that is straight b*******. And I've seen it done. Test it yourself if you don't believe it, you can be in someone's face do a tackle and it still draws the Night Hunter back to give them a chance to do a Dodge. If I'm that close in your face you don't have time to dodge. I haven't even said anything about how they skip around on the ground somehow magically, show me some humans that can actually do that ,side jump side jump side jump, if the Night Hunter has to go against superheroes at least try to make some sense of it. The old witch blessed you as she squeezed the testicles of the goat. FYI for everyone we all make mistakes on spelling at least go back and try to correct it and read your sentence, paragraph back to yourself to make sure it makes sense. And Drak many people are experienced with the game, top end tendril sprinters, AKA jumping in the air and holding the tendril grab button so it pulls you across the map. That's two buttons. If you're going to try and inflate someone's ego, do a better job.
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    Not balanced if humans can Dodge the night Hunters should be able to as well.
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    :)) is a magical game where chicken and rabbit eat magical food and drink magical water, no effort at all , pigs and cows don't need water (magic power +10) list go`s on and on. What do you want to talk about ?
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    Bozak Horde Question

    Yes, you can redo Bozak Horde after finishing him . I have a tips for you : After finishing Bozak Horde for the first time you will unlock challenges for unlock the specials arrows , do them you will love those special arrows .
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    Version 1.2 Patch Notes

    I've spent a good 5 minutes with the new update. Loaded the game and tried to go to Italy. Still the same. No reason to come back. Oh well. Nice effort guys...
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    Version 1.2 Patch Notes

    Well play guys we ask for : - new crops - hire workers to WORK - livestock - water and food (hello, chickens feed with magical food :))) in this game ) Well we ask for a decent game and we get WORKSHOP :)) (this say build your on game we do not care ) Good job I will definitely buy and pre order all the games Ice Flames develop and Techland sells , you really made a good name your software rules
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    Not a PC player, im a console player instant tackle Bs for them to still be able to dodge. Humans are humans not super heroes. Not balanced at all.
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    Post Your Btz Matches!

    It's a Night Hunter there only humans it's not as though the humans are superheroes but yet they overpowered humans that's for sure
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    I just got excited! It would be a perfect game expansion!
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    I like this idea. It could even be another game mode, where you find all the notes while having the night hunter stalk you. Similar to a Slender Man game.
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