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  2. sanjyuubi

    Dying Light Bugs

    Some problems i found today: - when you switch to Windows, graphics card load jumps to 100% (around 50% on GTX2060 when in-game) - if you die wielding a bow/ propably a crossbow too, grappling hook doesn't work after respawn, no reaction to action button untill you switch a weapon to something else (i remember this behavior back in the 2 years ago and it's still here). I'm not sure if it's happening every time, i was playing on Old Town and it happened two times - Robin Hood Theory achievement doesn't work, i have 4 kills and it's stuck, killing Rais men with arrows in the head doesn't count
  3. Last week
  4. George_Ars

    opening custom door models

    Hello! There are recommendations on Steam on how to make a custom door model so that it opens. Here is the link. I tried to create, but it did not work out because I did not fully follow the algorithm of actions. I tried to clarify the details with the author, but did not receive a response. Maybe someone from our small Community knows how to do this and will help me with advice. My question is in the subject by the link under the name kerbok, but just in case, I will duplicate it here. Posted by: Use PhysicalSwitchDI class. Turn on m_AutomaticGate in Attributes, change m_AnimTransform to Translation, set some m_AnimRange, m_OpenCloseDuration and attach some SensorAreaHelper. You can place SensorAreaHelper by changing class from ZoneBox. kerbok: This is very valuable information. but I don’t understand some points due to translation difficulties. "install multiple m_AnimRange, m_OpenCloseDuration and attach multiple SensorAreaHelper." "---- attach some --- what some (how much?) Please explain what ZoneBox is. p.s If you know how to do this, but don’t want to explain anything, you can just send me a sample file, I will see how it works.
  5. fimo46

    I want to report a cheating player

    If I post the wrong place, please tell me. I am not good at English, it takes me a lot of effort to check vocabularies and post here. so... Thanks.
  6. 2019/12/13 3PM-4PM I invade his room. I found out he only plays 6 hours but FULL level (24/24/25)
  7. ShmatovRE

    Official Mod-Hub?

    i think the FoodRations Trade is not tradeware based, they produce an amount, maybe a bit less they consume here the manager reserve an amount of cargo stored ware already for the production
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  9. New here I never play online I don’t know why I did the update dumb on my part anyways I’m level 25 have gold,orange, and purple weapons most of my weapons were way above 2000 since I upgrade and modify them my strongest being a bat with 4000 something damage now it’s 2004 damage all of them lost damage significantly like each lost 2000 has anyone experienced this and what can I do to get it back I tried loading last save but no good any help appreciated thanks
  10. fasecero

    Mods in Single-Player?

    Hello everyone. I apologize since my English is bad bad. My question is whether I can safely use mods in single-player mode, since I'm afraid of receiving a steam-vac for this. I'm wondering if this game handles this like gta5 where they ban those who use mods in the online but allow it in the single player. I have asked this on steam forum and I have obtained mixed responses, some believe it is completely safe to do so, others have doubts, and others says don't do it. When I'm at the options and select the single-player mode the "vac secure game" option is disabled. But this does not make me clear, I am safe or not? I have several games on steam but if I receive a vac, I'm sure I leave it and start shopping on the epic store =S I clarify again just to be sure that I want to use mods for the sigle-player only mode. I have made one playthrough clean, and now I think there's room for more, there are many interesting mods in nexus, like the one adding new climates, and the one that makes the car more strong, etc. Also I completely agree to ban and send to Guantanamo those who use mods in multiplayer mode. For me, this game on single player presents one of the best opportunities ever to have additional fun with mods, similar to fallout or skyrim games. I can imagine the amount of mods that can be created to have fun against the zombies :) Well, thanks for reading, I hope someone can clarify this and if possible any official mention of the developers about this would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much for your patience.
  11. doomguy


    this happens some times. try deleting the portals and adding them again. open other people's maps and see the properties each portal has.
  12. Ahmet Ibrahim


    data / maps / common_texts_all.xlsx /.bin
  13. SolDayClashYT


    Yeah well, you can't. The game has to load the map while doing so, even on smaller scales, because you are "forcing" a character to go from point A ---> B. I personally don't mind waiting for 2.73 sec
  14. Exploding heads are a bit silly. Can we have the option to turn it off?
  15. Ahmet Ibrahim


    This represents to probability of an object spawning. So if a cup had weight 1.0 and a plate had weight 100.0 - you'll rarely see a cup in a container! This is correct. I would recommend you create the script in a custom map, compile the .xml file using the give-weapon phase and try copying it into the first quest of the game. Would recommend you use File Locator to find the necessary files to make this edit: You could find the text script in game for the first quest, search that in common_text_all.xlsx which would be in data/ maps but I believe might be already packed in an .bin state so you would need to download it - might be here: Then find the reference for that text and use File Locator to find which .xml quest file it relates to and add the give-weapon phase. Not 100% sure if it would work but I guess it could! In regards to you loot container issue, I'm not sure what is causing the problem. There's definitely something not working with the loot containers which is what causes them not to spawn anything in. Would recommend some trail and error with the things you added to that file and any other related files you may have edited! Try replacing all the modded files back to their normal ones and copying your ones back in one by one until something breaks. Again, good luck!
  16. Does anyone know which file(s) contain the in-game descriptions (i.e., the "infocards") for the blueprints? See example below:
  17. Lazarus


    Thanks for the prompt reply, Ahmet. AFAIK, I'm not adding any new LootedObject types, only existing (vanilla) ones to the default.loot file. For example, in the default.loot file (line 147+) I added the following loot object types to the existing block of text: use Ammo_Pistol(weight = 1.0); use Ammo_Shotgun(weight = 1.0); use Ammo_Rifle(weight = 0.2); use Ammo_Subsonic(weight = 1.0); Here's what the "edited" version looks like: LootedObject("Cont_SedanPolice") { ColorSet(ColorSet_Cont_Lockpick); use Empty(weight = 0.0); use CashMedium(weight = 3.0); use CashBig(weight = 1.5); use Weapons_Firearms(weight = 0.04); use Ammo_Pistol(weight = 1.0); use Ammo_Shotgun(weight = 1.0); use Ammo_Rifle(weight = 0.2); use Ammo_Subsonic(weight = 1.0); use Upgrades(weight = 2.0); use Healing_Items(weight = 1.0); use Valuables_Default(weight = 1.5); } AFAIK, I'm using the correct "syntax", although I have no idea what the "weight" values represent, in terms of the probability of any given object being present. I'm also unable to determine which loot file(s) contain data for the police vans. With regards to the quest script, I'm assuming you're referring to the data\quests\slums\ .xml files. I glanced at the slums_q_start_quest.xml, but didn't see any "give-weapon" phase "arguments", so I'm not certain how to correctly format and add such "argument" (assuming this is the file I'd need to edit to change Kyle's starting inventory).
  18. Ahmet Ibrahim


    1. I believe that if you incorrectly format something in that file, it will cause the issue you are having. You are definitely doing something wrong in this file. Are you adding new LootedObject types? 2. If you want to add stuff to the starting player inventory, I guess you could try editing the XML quest script and use the "give-weapon" phase. I've being using bundle_items to give players loads of stuff using that phase (in a custom map though not campain - but I assume it would be possible) 3. Zombies spawn in different ways. There are crowd spawners, box spawners and navmesh spawners (which I know much less about). Unfortunately, I'm not able to offer much advise for this one! Good luck
  19. I'm hoping someone might be able to assist with the following edits I'm trying to make to the single player campaign: 1. Increasing the amount of ammo that "spawns" in police sedans and vans. Any changes I make to the default.loot file causes all loot (from EVERY container, lockbox, and corpse) in the game to 'disappear'. E.g., if I change any of the "weights" or add entries ( like Ammo_Pistol (weight = 1.0);) to the following, all loot in the game vanishes: LootedObject("Cont_SedanPolice") { ColorSet(ColorSet_Cont_Lockpick); use Empty(weight = 0.0); use CashMedium(weight = 3.0); use CashBig(weight = 1.5); use Weapons_Firearms(weight = 0.001); use Upgrades(weight = 2.0); use Healing_Items(weight = 1.0); use Valuables_Default(weight = 1.5); } Furthermore, I haven't been able to find any entries (in ANY of the .loot files) for the police vans, only the sedans. 2. Changing the basic gear that Kyle Crane starts with during the main story quest. None of the changes I've made in the default_player_setup.scr file seems have had any effect, so I'm assuming that's not the file(s) I need to edit. I'd also like to change what vendors have for sale at various points in the game, but I'm not certain which .scr file(s) in the scripts/trading folder I need to edit. 3. Decreasing the 'frequency' in which zombies re-spawn after Crane has 'cleared' an area. I'd also like to decrease (somewhat at least) the 'probability' that virals will appear and swarm Crane every time a bomber or gas tank zombie explodes. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!
  20. Posted in the Steam Discussion page for Dying Light:
  21. adrewsigh

    Dying Light too hard ? or it's a bug

    same here
  22. onyss

    Plyamory trophy PS4

    I'm looking for three people to do the Polyamory trophy on PS4. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes:] Please help :-)
  23. Szukam trzech chętnych osób do zrobienia trofeum Poliamoria na PS4. Z tego co wiem, nie powinno zająć więcej niż kilka minut :] Proszę o pomoc :-)
  24. Clemouton

    MAKE IT EQUAL!!!!!!

    Survivors OS the Night hunter with their weapon all the time and counter every assault with UV and invisible backdash....meanwhile the Hunter has a tackle but survivors just had to spam jump to dodge! Wtf?! Give the hunter more opportunities.....i don t have a bad ratio of win but each time i play i just find the game frustrated when i win im still angry by the unbalanced of the match up
  25. Typhon

    Report Player Page

    PS4 player "ihaveNWORDPASS" without the quotation marks. Player had destroyed 2 nests and had been killed by my NH 4 times, in Old Town. Right as I landed pounce attack for the 5th kill, on a rooftop, screen went black then Slums loading screen appeared. My NH dropped into the Slums, but couldn't walk, run, spit, crouch, jump, melee, tendril, uv block, or look around. The HUD showed all 5 nests and 10 lives as full. Player approached and ran around in front of me. The prompt for pounce appeared on the screen but wouldn't work. Player ran off and started attacking nest, I still couldn't do anything so I just dropped out. Could just be a bug/glitch but the same player seemed suspicious last night. They could dropkick me when I was mid-tendril four stories above them, reaching me from ground level in less than a second. They were also throwing out six flares in a row. It's been awhile since I played as human, but I don't remember either of those being possible.
  26. doomguy

    Cutscene help

    An example of an in-game movie is when you animate something moving across the room for example if you wanna make a horror map. There's some info on movies here Regarding the second Q, idk. You could join Dino's discord and ask around. I'm sure C.R.E.X. can give you an answer.
  27. Ahmet Ibrahim

    Cutscene help

    The ingame options is for movies that will play whilst the player is in the game. This shouldn't effect the camera unless you mess around with it!
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