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  2. Lamoi

    Dying light 2 SPLIT SCREEN!

    Ain’t gonna happen.
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  4. George_Ars


    Hi everybody. I use the simplest teleportation from point A to point B. This involves only two elements of the button (localPortal) and the flag at the endpoint (SpawnPoint). So teleportation does not happen the first time, but at the beginning there is a loading screen and the player remains in place and after pressing the button again (loading screen again) the player gets to the end point. Of course trifle, but in my opinion this hitch is unacceptable. How to solve it?
  5. Craftgeeking

    XP for level legend

    Go here and learn :
  6. Craftgeeking

    Can't get subsonic ammo blueprint?

    Go here : they'll try to help you
  7. Craftgeeking

    Dying light App

    I can send you the link of the app to install it but you may think its a virus
  8. Mono

    Dying light App

    What happened to the companion (?) app? I was told by a homie of mine it was discontinued. Is there anyway to bring it back or a way to get it at all?
  9. Mono

    I need help for a trophy

    If you're still looking for rais men, go to old town. You can still save people from them. It just gets a little harder to find them.
  10. A rear knife with 7000dp is more deadly than a common sword with 100dp which shouldnt be the case when comparing a sword to a knife. Dying light has so much weapons and cool animations that the system would work better with mods like Doom 2016 and Metro are great examples of this.Head shots would result in instant kills instead of shooting a man 5 times with a common rifle.Weapons would be evens more sort after based off type
  11. left4kill56_YT

    Dying light 2 SPLIT SCREEN!

    Dying light 1 is one (In my opinion) of the BEST VIDEO GAME I have ever played but not first. You know why? Split-screen. I know Techland said it felt weird in dying light 1 and that's why they didn't have that but maybe it's better on dying light 2! I just want to have a try, no matter if it sucks and it's really bad, I don't care, my twin brother wanted to play the game together with me and fight zombies, Rais' men together but I couldn't find a way to do it. I have searched through many forms to find a way to play split-screen but... there was no way, then, I didn't play the game as much because my brother normally wants to play with me on Xbox and yeah, I can't refuse it so that limits my games. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add split-screen into Dying light 2
  12. levitra kullan m dozu does generic levitra work
  13. So, with my friend, I already completed the Subsonic Ammo bounty THREE TIMES, yet neither of us got the blueprint. Then i decided to complete it alone, And still no blueprint. Any help why this is? I didn't use camoflauge, Didn't alert the volatiles, Got all 5 packs and I even got out without them seeing me. Please, if anyone has ANY ideas of what this could be, I would really appreciate some help since i really need that blueprint.
  14. MilitaryDog

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    1. The UV spit, Horde Spit, and UV shields are not currently at full capacity at the start of matches. For example, I start a match and should have two horde spits, two UV spits, and two UV shields, yet I only start the match with one of each and have to wait around until the missing ones show up on my HUD? This needs to be fixed. Humans have all of their equipment. 2. The range of the human's UV lamp needs to desperately be shortened - this is a common complaint. 3. The UV spit, Horde Spit, and UV shields need to have a faster recovery time. Currently, there is about a 60-90 sec recovery time in any match that is not 4V1. It really doesn't make any sense to have the recovery time on these items that long. The human's UV light replenishment rate is at least 2-3 times FASTER than the recovery time of the Hunter's defensive weapons. 4. Hunter respawns after death need to be extremely shortened. It doesn't make sense that the respawn times can be upwards of 15 seconds. Hunters have 5 lives and Humans have 10 and all of the advantages. NEEDS BALANCING!!!! STILL IN 2019!!! Come on Techland??? 5. There are so many exploits and glitches humans use that it's honestly amazing this ever made it out of Alpha testing... Exploits are hacks, just without a cheat engine. TECHLAND!!! DO YOU EVEN PLAY YOUR GAME??? 6. Humans attack much faster and are much more powerful, move faster and heal faster than the zombie. Can we atleast get a larger spit explosion? I mean come on. This game is in no way balanced at all. The human has all of the advantages at higher levels and they keep getting more DLC and better weapons (specially RANGED) I mean WTF??? All in all, these are the most glaring balancing issues that I have come across.
  15. Hi guys, So I started to play Dying Light on PC and noticed something really really odd. My Dualshock 4 makes the game crash. It works perfectly fine on any steam game that I have except this one. As soon I start playing I'm able to move like for 10/20 seconds until the game simply shuts off. The DS4 controller that I am using is the 500M Edition one. Anybody with an identical issue? Thanks,
  16. doomguy

    Concerns about Dying Light 2

    wow, that was random Chaos_Deception. and pretty much the same description for Dying Light 1
  17. Chaos_Deception

    Concerns about Dying Light 2

    Fear the Night. Venture during the day. If you wish to venture at night you will most likely get higher rewards but will face greater risks. Adapt, Overcome. Good Night, and Good Luck
  18. Lamoi

    Does DL2 have guns?

    I do hope so .... Theres nothing more satisfying, than blowing a Zombies head off with a Shotgun. Especially when panicked and down to your last couple of shells..
  19. Amazing reveal Techland. I hope you got another hit on your hands. But you know what I’m really waiting to see. The PVP Modes, especially Be The Zombie.
  20. Lamoi


    Yeah agree
  21. Lamoi

    Concerns about Dying Light 2

    the game looks amazing. I really hope this mechanic does not ruin the experience. I wanna savour the survival horror portions of gameplay, but not with a freakin time limit always counting down...
  22. I am also looking solution for the same issue :( Homepage
  23. ShmatovRE

    Official Mod-Hub?

    Steam workshop is not official in any way, but rather optional/supported. You can distribute your own scripts/modifications any way you like as long as it falls into legal sense of course. But keep in mind that if the mod is limited to Steams workshop, you are blocking the publicity away from people who got their X4 copy elsewhere.
  24. George_Ars

    diver ))

    Sorry guys. I just had to assign a specific class to WaterCurrent.Everything became Okie Doki.
  25. George_Ars

    diver ))

    hi everybody. the character does not swim but walks along the bottom. Why is this happening?
  26. George_Ars

    empty selection

    From what arises an empty validator?
  27. ZARBY

    XP for level legend

    Dovreste abbassare i punti esperienza in dying light necessari per arrivare al livello 250 leggenda pk e impossibile per il momento arrivarci da quando hanno tolto il glitch per duplicare gli oggetti grazie se lo farete
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