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  2. Voltagon

    Light Stories, You Are Dying To Read.

    Finally caught up on paperwork! Time to start printing papers again! Got the ink press started and oiled. Hope everyone is doing well, and has a nice shelter to survive the nights! One day we will be saved don't worry everyone! Help is surely on it's way!
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  4. profnahabu

    Wiccan Love Spells that Work

    The second and most overlooked part of Wiccan love spells that work is that you must get out there. Wiccan love spells that work requires you to be proactive in seeking love. The love spell you use, even one of the many free Wiccan love spells will fill you with confidence and you need to get out there and mingle for it to work. All Wiccan love spells are Wiccan love spells that work and you just need to know the rules of the spell and how spells in general work.For more information contact profnasibu Call: +27660699030 Email: Website:
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  6. Witam, mam pewien problem z achievementem na steamie dotyczącym ukończenia wszystkich stref kwarantanny. Ukończywszy każdą strefę pokazywał mi się komunikat o postępującym osiągnięciu, lecz przy Tunelu Świetego Roku nie pokazało się i podejrzewam, że to z tę strefe mam problem. Ma ktoś jakiś pomysł na naprawę tego? Zależy mi na zrobieniu 100% achievementów na steamie. Z góry dziękuje
  7. postook

    Problemy Techniczne W Dl Na Systemach Linux

    Niestety, napotkałem także problem. Na linukukt więc nie gra normalnie. Pozostają skróty, to bardzo dziwne, że tego nie robią. Na przykład ja, jako użytkownik, który wydał moje finanse na grę, chcę uzyskać dobry wynik. Idę na stronę, płacę pieniądze, otrzymuję wynik. I tutaj jestem trochę zdenerwowany, ponieważ gra działa poprawnie w systemie Windows.
  8. auntmarie33


    Thanks. ? on PS4 if I uninstall DLC would I lose My ranking??
  9. masterkillerbr41


    I had this same problem when i played on the xbox, I really could never go back to the countryside.Try to uninstall the dlc and install it back.
  10. I need help in getting to the Countryside with my current Survivor level of 40.. When I was playing and I got invaded AND went to the Slums and it (i) was not able to get back. may have been my mistake but it still burns. Please if anybody knows. Currently trolling for Bites in the Slums.
  11. auntmarie33

    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    Hello Gunny says" WHEN I PLAY AS SURVIVOR: #1 Thing I Like: It is the most intense match fighting 1v1 vs a good Hunter. When the music starts my heart starts pounding, then the countdown starts and I can feel an adrenaline rush. Its a great well balanced match. It seems i get invaded sometimes 4 -times a night which is great, even now after awhile. #1 Thing that bugs me. IS that I was playing on the Countryside and someone invaded my game and sent me to the Slums ..and I guess AUTO SAVE locked me in to the slums and it messed me up. or I don't know what happened ( THIS should not happen!!) . I have not been able to get back After A LOOng time. So this should allow a player to keep his level before the invation. I do not play as the Hunter .. .Overall: keep the intensity of the match and you have to move the nests around more or mix up the Numbers of them. ORRRR have a Volatile on the back of a Boss roaming a fixed area or stop him from escaping into a nest or something Cool. Another idea is to have a fixed area where the hunter and survivor cant grapple or do his gooey swing thing like a battle in a building and why cant the Hunter use a shield so they can take more than 2 swipes. I have played Hundreds of matches and only leveled up to Survivor Lvl 40.. Not dropping out which PO's me alot especially if you are winning.. I will revise this or post in better spot
  12. masterkillerbr41

    Bozak mask

    I have completed the bozak horde 2 times and i still did not get the outifit and the achievement,and any of my partners had any connection problems and they only got the bow. I'am plying on steam and my profile name is masterkillerbr41.
  13. moonlamps007

    Dying light ps4 Gold weapon Trade

    When I first got the game for some reason I struggled to get into it, but stick with it because its great. There's loads of hidden weapons and Easter eggs, cool characters and a compelling story. The combat is just the right amount of challenging for me, but most if it can be avoided if you use the distractions on zombies and utilise the environment around you to your advantage. Going out at night (moon lamp) is daunting at first but skill gain is doubled, so if you don't want to fight you can just keep out of the cones of vision on the map and do lots of free running around a safe zone. I'm not going to talk much about the story... Just don't get too attached to anyone. You play as Crane, an agent sent in to the exclusion zone to find a man who has documents valuable to the G.R.E, the company he works for. He goes undercover and starts trying to find this man, falling in with a group of survivors who save him from dying immediately on landing. Definitely worth buying, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  14. Hi All, Is dying light going to support K+M in a future or not at all? I have both versions of game, PC and XBOX ONE. Controller is fine, but I had better experience with K+M. Hitting someone into head with a bow or anything else makes me crazy. I'm playing xbox versiom coop with some friends. Thank you
  15. well i guess there's nobody in here anymore..
  16. Hi ! i'm a newbie so if i missed a couple of topics i'm sorry.. i am building a map since a few days on dev tools, my pc is up to date of all drivers my game is installed and all files are verified. it went well until 3 days ago when i tried to build the map and play it i got a crash right after the small windows asking to "start". i reloaded everything and tried to remove last objects i added but nothing i delete seems to avoid the crash. i tried what many tried in forums like using older back up maps and none of my ba1/ 2 /3 or 4 or .bak allows the map to load properly when i build it i looked at the crash logs and removed many objects where errrors were found, but it seems there's a lot of errors and maybe 500 WARN s :( idk if someone can help me to find out which error is causing the crashes but it would be greatly appreciated here is a link to my last crash log on dropbox : thx in advance
  17. roobin303

    Feedback - zgłoś błąd/sugestię

    Problem jest również z kamerą 0 . Zostaje ona w miejscu, a dany pojazd jedzie do przodu i tylko można wewnątrz być danego pojazdu :(:(:(.
  18. roobin303

    Feedback - zgłoś błąd/sugestię

    1.Jest błąd przy sprzedawaniu pszenicy do spichlerza nr 1, w ogóle nie można jej sprzedać .Unosi przyczepę i wraca do poziomu 0. 2.Jest błąd pracownika przy koszeniu pszenicy na polu nr 31 jeździ on slalomem nie robiąc żniw.(kombajn Gomelash Paleasse)
  19. Been trying this challenge for over a year or so now and I've completely given up. Still trying even until today but I'm always come up short. The timing is just too unfair to meet and I'm nowhere shaving off any second. Please someone help me bY giving a spare Kuai Dagger if you have one. Thks. Plying on PS4 PSN ID: Jayson619
  20. Lmfao#2 but your first game was never fixed or right ever to begin with hahahaha SCAM ARTIST EVERYONE BEWARE
  21. FtechlandTrash

    Co-Op Issues On Xbox One

    Lmfao this company is a full and complete joke. This dumbass chupacabra told me online coop wasn’t working because I have a Xbox 1 x yoooo someone needs to smack these scam artists. Hahahaha “restart you router” “restart your Xbox” “are you game shared?” “Are you playing on the same internet?” y’all are good at asking dumb ask questions and saying its our fault ur game has been broke since 2015 don’t worry your next game won’t even sell half as much as the first. IGN is gonna out y’all pussys. And to the chupacabra dumbass on the phone stop reading off a chupacabra 2015 How to sheet like a studdering chupacabra get a new job bc you can’t read and talk for chupacabra. I told you how ur game was and you were scared over the phobut like I said less that half of your last game I would love to hear a reply from y’all lmfao
  22. roobin303

    Problem z ładowaniem obornika

    Teraz to można ominąć bo zrobili płytę załadunkową. Bardzo fajny pomysł oby tak dalej.
  23. roobin303

    Feedback - zgłoś błąd/sugestię

    Na polu nr 32 jest problem przy sadzeniu ziemniaków, obojętnie jakim ciągnikiem by się nie robiło. Próbowałem kilkoma Zetorem. JCB fasttrack , staje to się uciążliwe na dużych polach. Mam nadzieję że to się poprawi przy następnym update.
  24. HelghanSoldier92

    Huge bug from the game

    Hello everybody im just going to copy paste what i just send to techland idk how is that even possible i really hope that there is something that can me done. "Hello first of all english is not my native language so im sorry for some mistakes, my problem is that when i was waiting for my friend to join me on my session i was somehow transfered on another sessions (i dont know how because i was preparing my self for the next invasion, i was buying ammo and all that stuff and the next scene was the loading screen and i was put in old town with some dude who was not even there (hes name was in the corner but i couldnt see hes icon on the map nowwhere) from there the game disconnected me and put me back on loading screen and i was like "ok its putting me back on following" but to my surprise it was not the following because on the loading screen it was "The tower" mission, when it loaded it was the scene where crane is waking up and some childrens are smiling i imediatly quitted the game and went on playing > following and then i saw that my save is overwritten by the tower mission, i cant go back to following and when i try to load from the missions i only have a choice beetwen "pact with rais" or "gainin credence" i tried them both and it put me in the slums, thats not the problem the problem is when i was getting disconected from the session the game loaded The tower instead on The Following, so im basicly screwed, how to go back???" I cant even play the following any more because whan i load the save i start in the slums,and i cant delete the save because its going te delete all my progress both main game and following its crazy
  25. roobin303

    Sterowanie G29 logitech

    Po wgraniu nowych sterowników wszystko działa w G29
  26. MattDL

    No Time and weather change in custom map

    Hello! Open weather window and search for "reload scripts" or something like "change weather script" when you click it shows you the list of weather scripts.. Choose one the best to work , search for something like "Old_town weather or slums wearther" this should works. If not let me know.
  27. roobin303

    Dodawanie stacji radiowych

    Stacja radiowa działa. Można prosić np. Rmf max w formacie mp3 link. Pozdrawiam
  28. MinogueMinion2

    Theory for how the virus got out

    So the devs have already stated that both ending in the following (nuke or mother fight) are indeed canon and are based on the players individual choice. With this we can confirm that the virus didnt get out because crane turned into a zombie and infected ppl outside the quarantine so there is really only 1 exanation that i can think of, and i think that Bad Blood cold contain the reason. I havent heard anyone else talk about this theory either which im kind of surprised about. So in the Bad Blood trailer the dude in the helicopter announces that anyone who give him the samples he can garuntee their escape from the quarantine. So the player who give them the samples is ekther a GRE agent or some other person who wants to weaponise and sell the virus. Obviously the virus gets out (or purposfully released) and infects the rest of the outside world. Thats really the theory and again im surprised no one (that ive seen in the forums or talked to) has talked about this and its very unlikely that we'll ever know so its fun to come up with these types of theories
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