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  8. Techland the reason I writing this too you again because I been waiting for the last 1 to 2 years ago and also that I recent missed the during the launch and also the tyger mask that the challenge was limited time that I failed so, I request you guy release these outfit update whether you want or not it's your choice but I am not going to said twice but once. Here the missing outfit I missing and whether it's pc or console put them on the update list:master scavenger, troublemaker, Alienware, CD Action, gamestop, nividia, razor, techland, meant to be wore,exclusive outfit includes are: 7 outfit from the video and even the tyger mask outfit was recent in the speed contest I participated the challenge but I failed so, I request you do this year before moving on too the next new game and you also did once before which was the valentine reward have I mention it think about it serious. Ps: I suggest you put new update on new outfits, fixes malfunctions during pvp or I give you prove to refresh your memories and new changes so think about it if you don't accept this confirmation then no one or anyone will buy your new future game if you don't acceptance, understanding, and take fulling responsibility, so I totally understand but understand as my experience I played a lot to, join, support, participated and I give everything I got in recent battles in the game or event so think about it seriously and just read it and decide it for fairly people was wanna so bad and if you don't then your profit will go down depended on the population people are playing in this year or buying so determine on your eligibility system.
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  10. Hey guys how you doing listen I am writing this too you guys because I recent fight this hunter around a minutes ago and few month I recently got a changes of balancing between pvp and whether I throw a flares at the hunter or defending myself my flares keep disappear like for 3 seconds and even I dead I respawn there and flares can't save me from the hunter players and it's not fair really hunter I know but the players who is controller the hunter will determine whether he/she is good or not and techland for godsake fix your ridiculous matchmaking I was trying to claim a gold tier guns and golden but I keep losing because your nonsense balancing system doesn't work like that. Ps: I demand you fix this whether you need time or now then no one will purchase your newest game or play this recent game in the future if you don't stop annoy me then realize what you have done shouldn't effect of the community and even the matchmaking costs think about it!
  11. Fyremelon

    Sort The F***ing Co-Op Out

    June 2018 and can longer properly play a co-op game.
  12. Krasitto

    Dying Light 2 co op

    Is there any info about the co op are we gonna get a real co op this time not like the first game cuz this was the only thing i didnt like from dying light 1 ( 4 players playng with the same character with the same skills ) i hope this time if the co op is for 4 players again we gonna get different characters like in dead island.
  13. type snow

    Gun Silencer available now

    please new player freedom dlc s released ı want to but game Techland Outfit Alienware Outfit Nvidia Outfit Razer Outfit @James Gallagher please new player freedom dlc s released ı want to but game  Techland Outfit Alienware Outfit Nvidia Outfit Razer Outfit
  14. I want to buy the game,freedom all player and new player dlc freedom pls I was poking around, just making sure that I was up to date on all the DLC that dying light has to offer and I came across several unlisted outfits that have yet to be announced. Just wanted to bring it up to make sure I haven't missed out on anything. If these are future DLC, then I'll keep an eye out and sorry for the confusion. Techland Outfit Alienware Outfit Nvidia Outfit Razer Outfit
  15. I agree but I saw that in dl2 you play as gazi which if you remember the mothers day side quest the guys name is gazi could we be him? Also his mother is dead in dl1 and in dl2 his mother dies he and he wants revenge. Plus in dl2 it takes place 15 years after the outbreak. So I think you play as gazi from the mother's day side quest. I agree but I saw that in dl2 you play as gazi which if you remember the mothers day side quest the guys name is gazi could we be him? Also his mother is dead in dl1 and in dl2 his mother dies he and he wants revenge. Plus in dl2 it takes place 15 years after the outbreak. So I think you play as gazi from the mother's day side quest.
  16. I agree but I saw that in dl2 you play as gazi which if you remember the mothers day side quest the guys name is gazi could we be him? Also his mother is dead in dl1 and in dl2 his mother dies he and he wants revenge. Plus in dl2 it takes place 15 years after the outbreak. So I think you play as gazi from the mother's day side quest.
  17. Hey guys. Have a problem here I have a trouble when i want to equip any weapon in game. First i was thinking that's the problem when i learning Inventory skill(which gave me +4 inventory slots for weapon). But nope. When i wanna equip any kind of weapon the game is crashed. What it could be ? Does someone know ? What i need to do.
  18. Kryptoboss

    Dying light 2

    Привет, Уважаемые разработчики, я очень старый поклонник вашей серии игр с 2011 года, когда я ждал мертвого острова, и это просто взорвало игровую индустрию. Это была первая крупномасштабная игра о выживании зомби, и даже с открытым миром было приятно гулять и наслаждаться прекрасными пейзажами, и когда вышло «белая белая» о финальном боссе, я расплакался .) После выхода «мертвого островного риппида» появился новый герой, новый остров (паланай), все также с новыми фишками, но паркура не хватало, а затем вы превзошли все наши ожидания, вы создали такой крупномасштабный проект, который это была игра года, все было необходимо, паркур и доза эпопеи, и когда наступила ночь, это было действительно жутко, сюжет с его драмой и жестокостью потряс критиков, мир был большой, но побочные задачи не были достаточно, но здесь вы преуспели в выборе и решении игрока. Так что сюжет будет просто великолепным. Ниже я расскажу вам советы, идеи из игр серии и наилучшие пожелания игры, послушайте их или нет, ваше решение в любом случае будет шикарным, ниже список идей. 1. Могут быть много дополнений к сиквелу. Вы можете организовать охлаждение или множество хрупких структур, новое местоположение с новыми типами мутантов и еще большую опасность, вы также можете сделать что-то вроде затмения в течение 2-3 дней, когда мутанты будут особенно агрессивны, и они усугубят чувства. Все идеи могут быть размещены в отдельных дополнениях, поэтому игра будет разнообразной и понравится как критикам, так и самим игрокам. Вы можете экспериментировать и создавать что-то уникальное, у которого нет конкурентов, и использовать все лучшее. 2. большое количество разнообразных видов оружия, мутантов и красивого бестиария с описанием тактики против мутантов будут очень оценены игроками, потому что для каждого они понадобятся свои собственные уязвимости, и это добавит уникальности, это не обязательно чтобы сделать что-то из этого списка, вы можете включить фантазию и придумать что-то уникальное 3.Еще один совет может показаться банальным, но ОЧЕНЬ ОЧЕНЬ важно. Возьмите только лучшее из игр, не пытайтесь взять все из подобных игр, продолжайте в том же духе и сделайте игру UNIQUE. Уникальность делает игровую линию интересной, поэтому берем лучшее и вдохновляем ваши лучшие идеи, потому что у умирающего света большое будущее. Вы создаете уникальный проект, и я просто дал совет как настоящий поклонник. Удачи, дорогой TECHLAND
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  20. Chaos_Deception

    Dying light 2

    Tentative 2019 at this stage.
  21. Chaos_Deception

    Serious question

    This will not be removed as it is part of the survivors defensive capability. But it may may change in balance updates. As to when this might happen I do not know as I am a Moderator and not a Developer.
  22. VZK

    Dying light companion

    Say no more, it's coming ! I'm so hyped asfffffff, I just can't wait now Dying Light 2 and The Last of Us 2 during the same E3, my mind can't handle so much hype
  23. dasorrow

    Be the Zombie, humans way over powered.

    Great feedback +rep i see
  24. Hank J. Wimbleton

    Be the Zombie, humans way over powered.

    Wow...just wow. I have alot to say regarding your twitch videos, and to finally have proof of your "Best Hunter" status. The obvious things first. The cheaters...nothing can be said about that. They cheat so its already an unfair fight, but you still managed to win and it's mainly because they don't know how to play good. Not only cause they cheat. Now onto the next thing that I want to talk about more importantly is your play-style. Its predictable; very predictable. You constantly go head-first without any thought and just hope that it works. Your spits are just thrown out instead of having a plan you lack any good aim. You go for tackles constantly by just running/jumping/tendrilling in their face. You constantly tendril back and forth which makes it easy to track you with UV light You don't even retreat to recover health.You also jump alot which is easily punished by Survivors slashing you. As Bub has said it "Why would a "best Hunter" complain about dodge spam?" In fact lets talk about dodge spam. So what else is Survivor suppose to do in order to avoid your attacks? The only two thing he can do is run and grapple both of which are exploited if you remove dodging all together. If we even remove dodging at all tackle would be utterly overpowered. Your idea of having a stamina for dodging was something that was brought up way before, and was neglected and ignored, but let's say if it was implemented. It would be exploited because all you had to do was wait it out and hear how short of breath he was, and then for tackles. You can beat dodging by using tendril sprint, running and using ground pounds or claws; and before you say Tendril Sprint is a glitch it is a thing that the developers added so that Night Hunter can run very quickly on the ground in order to circle Survivors. What to know how?.....ask. The grapple nerf: Grapple how it is, is already fine. If it were nerfed even more than Survivors have no way to avoid The Horde or other attacks. Grapple takes 2-3 charges, and if a Survivor use it smartly, not spam it, he can save more charges. Your UV Light nerf suggestion is going to make so that Survivors have no way to drain the Hunter's energy. Also did you know you can crouch to recover energy faster when you retreat. No?.....maybe you should spend more time looking around for advice instead of angrily say and post "Survivors OP" and give up. All of your comments are just sad and pathetic as all you want to make a game where, judging from your play-style, as barebones as possible and with no thought process to it where you only win. The reason why we use dodge so much is because we don't exactly know what a Night Hunter will do. We need to avoid hits as much as possible and as the people who actually took the time to practice and discover new things Hunter's telegraphed attacks are not as telegraphed and happen much more instantly. The only thing that makes it possible to dodge is how a Hunter's player moves as movement is everything especially since Tendril Sprint is the meta. We are not just simply going to stand there is simply let you hit us for free and easy wins which is what you want. You also seem to quit matches alot when it comes to non-cheaters. It only counts when you win right? The people you fight as well from your twitch clips are all easy, and new. You seem to just hunt down the players that barely have any game sense and call yourself "the best Hunter." No amount of post awards is going to make you a better player. But hey I'm always here playing Dying Light ready to be proven wrong by such "legendary" skill. Let's see the stuff you questioned in this twitch clip: 11:40 - You tendrilled in his direction while he swung his axe. 12:30 - He looked up, turned around, and sliced you. People can slice up to you know. 15:35 - 19:20 - Wow just wow. This is exactly what I'm talking about regarding your predictable play-style. Overall your skill is laughable. The people you fight range from cheaters which apparently you didn't get the message to alt-f4 like how you do to legit players; to people who know what they are doing, and you refusing to learn and resort to the same tactics every time; or players who are new or don't have any game sense and you go for easy kills cause it increases your ego. That is the type of player you are and its absolutely pathetic. Grow up and stop being ignorant and biased. The game has been out for a very long time now and all you do is just stay in your shell. At least I manage to bring out proof from various sources while you constantly write like child. The game is now being discontinued because of Dying Light 2 and the remaining players here are helping each other out instead of moaning and whining. In fact why don't we look at what an actual great Night Hunter is. One who has handled dodge spam, and one who uses Tendril Sprint effectively. Something added by the developers.
  25. HI can anyone pls tell me the location of the despawn cycle for dead bodies, or maybe there is already a solution . THX for reply
  26. Sharkbait253

    Dying light 2 BTZ?

    Will we have BTZ mode in dying light 2
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