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  2. Markof_Chernobyl

    Dying Light Companion

    U mnie problem nieco inny, gramy z synem na dwóch kontach, do mnie paczki docierają do niego nie, jakieś pomysły? Gramy na PS4...
  3. Gregory Solomonson

    Dying Light Merchandise Christmas Sale

    Old town The Following
  4. bitjagdash

    Brushes - Painting Grass

    When I go to select a brush for grass it brings up a window, but I can't figure out where to put my custom .png or even find another png for the grass. It's just blank
  5. bitjagdash

    No Time and weather change in custom map

    hey man, this definitely changed something. But I can't get back the time of day. Can someone explain this a bit more clearly?
  6. Hi my name is meme and I currently lost all of my data on Dying Light I had the game fully completed and its all gone. I started up my game and it just wasnt there. There was 0 world save files. I have tried very hard in this game and have been playing for very long since it came out on PS4. All data and i mean ALLL data is gone on my game. Would it be possible to restore my data for my game. PLEASe PSN: EnRaGeD_ViGz
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  8. George_Ars

    Import Model - Not showing up

    Try checking the scaling.
  9. bitjagdash

    Import Model - Not showing up

    So I just modelled a thing, for the sake of argument and wasting any time. To debug this issue, I've drawn a simple cube in 3ds max. Now, applied a material to it, just a basic box. Then go through the import process in the dev tools. The object just comes up blank. I've tried exporting it at different versions and everything, and still nothing.
  10. Samurai (武士)

    Error when activating DLC

    Hello, when buying a DLC key, I have an error. I bought the Dying light enchanted edition,and then I bought the DLC KEY Ultimate Survivor Bundle (Steam KEY), when the key is activated, it says "you already have this product", and then it says "failed to install (waiting time exceeded)", the Internet is good. What to do? Problem with activation in steam, the game did not try.
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  12. MrsBrisby

    Friends coops

    Anyone wanna play Dying light with me on PS4? Username is MrsBrisby1982
  13. Merhaba Dying Light Yetkilileri PS4 oyuncusuyum, ama size sormak istiyorum, Dying Light Size Türk dilini getirmek istiyoruz. lütfen aciliyetimi belirtin Arkadaşlarınızla oynamak istiyorum oyunu seviyorum yorumunuzu bekliyorum teşekkürler .. sorry for english don't know much
  14. I have completed the requirements for "Together til the end" trophy over 10 times but the trophy is not popping. I tried every way i could find in forums that make this glitched, since its notoriously glitchy. I have completed it as a host, as a guest, with no legendary skills spent, without dying, with specific weapons, while injured by my coop player, with the coop player dying at the last level, everything. The other guy i did this together got it on his first try with me. I also beat it with 3 and 4 people. I got the awards, arrows and skin. I didn't have any connectivity issues or any other problem with the other game/dlc trophies. You can also check the leaderboards for my solo and coop times. My PSN ID is karpathoulas667. I am at PS4 with the latest patch (1.20). It is the only trophy i have left to achieve 100% completion, which is very important to me. Please do something to unlock it for me. Thank you in advance.
  15. George_Ars

    opening custom door models

    Good. I will try to do it. Thanks you.
  16. doomguy

    opening custom door models

    a zonebox is found in data folder why not try another thing, and that is changing the mesh of an already existing door? i dont know if it's possible, but you can try modding dying light. so if you unpack the files from the game you get access to the game files, and in there, there is a file called presets/doordi.pre move that file into your data folder project (into the folder presets) that file has the visual meshes for each door. Preset("Indoor_MetalGlass_LabDoorA_Stadium") { SetField("MeshName", "lab_door_a.msh"); so, import a custom door model into dying light (my_door.fbx -> import into default folder).it creates a .msh called my_door.msh. now write my_door.msh where it says lab_door_a.msh and reload the tools then select the doorDi object on the map, select that preset with your custom door, and set the materials for your custom door. (like for the reflection example)
  17. George_Ars

    problem with drawing distance

    No, this is not the door that is the default door, but the door that I made myself in Blender. topic here
  18. doomguy

    problem with drawing distance

    I don't know of any issues with doors and animation. See if the "no animation" flag in attributes is checked. Or maybe make a movie and animate the door. Idk in what situation you are using the door.
  19. George_Ars

    problem with drawing distance

    Hi doomguy! I am glad that you still remember about this. And what did you find is a simple solution to the problem. Thanks you!!! I really hope that your skills will be useful to you in your work in the new editor (Dying Light 2), which, I hope, will be released. Now I'm interested in another question. I can’t get the door animation. That is, I create an interaction with the door and move forward, but there is no animation of the opening and closing of the doors. It seems that there is a solution, but it is not yet available to me.
  20. Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well. I just want to request a mode called "custom" mode or "assist" mode or "accessibility" mode for Dying Light 2 single player offline only. The assist mode can help those people with cognitive disability or mental disability. Let me explain about what I mean when I say "assist" mode- This mode should simply let the player or user edit some basic parameters like player health,damage,durability etc or enemy health,damage etc. It is similar to single player offline cheat mode or custom mode. A game called "Celeste" implemented this "assist" mode and it had options like invincibility option. game speed slider. infinite stamina option. infinite durability option. Let me explain why I am requesting this. I have a friend who had suffered a traumatic brain injury due to motor bike accident and this accident hurt his brain in such a way that he has problems playing many games even on easy modes. But fortunately with the assist modes or cheat modes he was able to enjoy games like Celeste and he even enjoyed dying light because I downloaded him a mod for it which is basically a cheat mod. You know even I had suffered a mild injury a few years ago and it did affect my performance in many things at that time. Fortunately I recovered, but my friend is not that fortunate and his injury is more severe than mine was. I just feel that offline single player cheat mode or custom mode or assist mode will be helpful for people like my friend. I just feel that if developers have resources then please help those who need it because I think it is simply a right thing to do. It is simply a nice thing which will make a person happy, which will make a person "not miserable" for a few days. I completely know that cheat mode will not be the "intended" way to play. But you see cheat mode will simply be an additional option. It will not replace the "intended" mode or recommended way to play. Even in older games cheats were not the "intended" way but still they were fun and helpful for people like my friend and even me. Celeste assist mode also states that the mode is not the intended way to play, but it is for those who may have physical problems or maybe just want to mess around. Moreover this custom mode could also be helpful for hardcore players of the game as they can edit enemy damage or player damage and can make the game much more difficult just for challenge and great time. Evil Within 2 also offered a few toggle able permanent(until user manually turns then off, basically they don't get turned off automatically when you exit the game) cheat options which are very helpful and useful. Something like that would be great too.
  21. doomguy

    problem with drawing distance

    i figured out how to remove the reflection @George_Ars all you need is create a material file for the material of the reflection. go to a model that has the reflection, look at material list. create a .dmt material file with the same name as the material in the list, leave the texture blank, and place the file in import_default
  22. George_Ars

    opening custom door models

    Hello! There are recommendations on Steam on how to make a custom door model so that it opens. Here is the link. I tried to create, but it did not work out because I did not fully follow the algorithm of actions. I tried to clarify the details with the author, but did not receive a response. Maybe someone from our small Community knows how to do this and will help me with advice. My question is in the subject by the link under the name kerbok, but just in case, I will duplicate it here. Posted by: Use PhysicalSwitchDI class. Turn on m_AutomaticGate in Attributes, change m_AnimTransform to Translation, set some m_AnimRange, m_OpenCloseDuration and attach some SensorAreaHelper. You can place SensorAreaHelper by changing class from ZoneBox. kerbok: This is very valuable information. but I don’t understand some points due to translation difficulties. "install multiple m_AnimRange, m_OpenCloseDuration and attach multiple SensorAreaHelper." "---- attach some --- what some (how much?) Please explain what ZoneBox is. p.s If you know how to do this, but don’t want to explain anything, you can just send me a sample file, I will see how it works.
  23. chiebtert

    opening custom door models

    The custom field names are in the MediaMonkey.ini file under your AppData folder. They can be read by a script using the SDB.IniFile object.
  24. chiebtert

    Dying Light

    unfortunately i got it for the xbox one or i would have teamed up with you the new dlc The Following for Dying Light is said to be bigger then the actual game itself cant wait to check that out also.
  25. chiebtert

    What we need!!!

    For those of us on the other side of the pond could you post a note on the site saying that Pacific Time is X hours behind GMT ? Its only a minor thing but it would help us figure out what time it is in Walla Walla . Des :idea:
  26. chiebtert

    problem with drawing distance

    I found the problem. The problem is the MultiLineEdit Box. I replace one MultiLineEdit Box with a Edit Box single line, and test again. The edit box do what we expected, the MultiLineEdit doesnt. Should the MultiLineEdit Boxes not used in option sheets ? Or is there a special way to use this boxes in option sheets ?
  27. so i was playing with my friend, until a hunter joined. We didnt care because we liked being invaded. the first thing this guy tells us is if we didnt give him out flares he would keep killing us. we didnt care as we thought it was a bluff but he was for real :/. the video is too big to put in here
  28. chiebtert

    [Dying Light] DLC

    unfortunately i got it for the xbox one or i would have teamed up with you the new dlc The Following for Dying Light is said to be bigger then the actual game itself cant wait to check that out also.
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