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  5. Hello everyone. I recently started playing again, and the other day I was beset by a horde, and struggling alone to get through a tunnel quarantined zone. Another player appeared, with a terrifying skin and dropped a number of weapons at my feet. I wish I'd written down the players name, he was lvl 250 which awed me as I'm only in my 20's He typed that he no longer wishes to keep them. Little did I know, just how powerful those weapons are. I'd never heard of them before, didn't realise such things existed in game. I did a little research and realised that getting them involved a lot of effort. So thank you again mysterious player. You've given me a new lease of life.
  6. The athlete outfit in game has a orange and black glove! This is the same glove from the harran veteran DLC and since I have it, it causes issues with the Athlete outfit's right hand glove! It is so hard to focus without it it is unbelievable.
  7. The PS4 is infested with modified items that are ruining the PvP experience. Players are using INFINITE AND SEMI INFINITE UV light (it's the same uv light as the btz lobby and uv light from the main game but Gold and with elemental effects) golden infinite hooks, crossbow with infinite ammo and golden flares 1 hit kills nests, orange flares that last longer duration and flares with infinite duration, SMGs, Shotguns, pistols, bow with high damage 30k and meele weapons above 60k damage. There are still thousands of other non-legitimate items being shared within the game. They are modifying the saves by the "Save wizard" program, they bring everything from the PC and try to reproduce it on PS4, so they share ... There are also items created and shared on PS4 Jailbreak. Recently the BTZ update is great, but it is impossible to play because of these items that are ruining the PVP experience.
  8. 1. I also made the same mistake after upgrade Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04. After a clean installation system everything worked. 2. In the launch parameters there was a custom command gamemoderun %command% After deleting the command, the game started. 3. Check the startup on the newly installed system.
  9. This is going to be a lengthy post. I played dying light for the first time a couple months ago. I played Dead Island some time ago... I don't recall when. What I do recall was not liking it. It was simply too difficult. I only played it for about 30 minutes. I mention that because I was hesitant to play Dying Light because of this. But it's two of my favorite things. An open world game in a zombie outbreak. Now that I've finished the game, I wanted to take a few moments and provide some feedback in the hope that the developers read it. Please note I have not played online. And I haven't played the DLC - yet. First, it's a fun game. Open world, lots of zombies, lots of different weapons, and the story was, while it left me unsatisfied at the end, a good story. There are a number of things about the game that I would like to see changed or improved. First, let's talk about how hard the game is. When I play a game, I want to have fun. I shouldn't have to hit a zombie over 8 times to kill it, that's just silly. Especially when you make those weapons breakable. And those volatiles... I only played the game at night when the game forced me to do so. And the mission early on, where you had to run to the tower and volatiles were chasing you was extremely frustrating for me. I think it took me upwards of 11 tries to get past it. My UV light also didn't seem to do much against them. Another issue I had in the game were the Bomber zombies. In the open, they were fine, but I was killed several times walking into a room and had zero chance of escaping. Further into the game, where you're in the radio station, I had two randomly spawn in a room I was already in. Needless to say, that didn't go well for me. I also thought the progression was weird. I thought if a level 6 weapon could kill a zombie in a few hits, a level 10 weapon would be a real game changer. But the zombies just seemed to get tougher. I wasn't a fan of that. A few other things I would have liked to see is a scope that could zoom in or a sniper rifle. Also a stronger bow. And headshots were weird. It seemed like there was an invisible zone you had to hit, especially with the bigger guys, dragging the rebar hammers. This brings me to Rais' men. They were way too resilient. I had to hit most of them 8-10 times with a melee weapon. I would have liked an easy mode and better damage system.
  10. Hex123

    Horda Bozaka

    Witam, ukończyłem hordę bozaka 2 razy i wciąż mnie męczy komunikat "użyj windy". Chciałbym kontynuować rozgrywkę fabularną, ale jak widać nie moge. Prosze o pomoc.
  11. emrdesign

    Will we get Developer Tools with Dying Light 2 ??

    A lot of people created maps with it. That is also part of the reason why it stayed such a favorite game for a long time. Next to all the DLC and time Techland have put in the game. That also costs them a lot of money and resources that they could have put on something else. But they didn't and put it back in the game. So I really hope they will continue with giving us the developer tools as well. I really would love to build new maps/adventures to play and see what others in the community come up with.
  12. Ahmet Ibrahim

    Will we get Developer Tools with Dying Light 2 ??

    It takes a lot of money and resources to add modding/ developer tools. The DL developer tools didn't add that much value to the game (for most peope), especially if you were a console player. Techland have released games in the past with Dev Tools and then released a new title without Dev Tools (ie: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger). My hunch is they put more effort into the base game and all of it's content, which is fair enough.
  13. MatthewNak

    Field of View (FOV) customizable for consoles

  14. Ahmet Ibrahim

    Will we get Developer Tools with Dying Light 2 ??

    I'd put my money on there not being an editor
  15. Grzegorz Krawczyk

    No menu on the screen

    Write to our Support, please:
  16. I can' t see anything anymore. No map , no vehicles, no money . Just nothing. What can i do? I play on ps4.
  17. AR 86

    Ps4 pro problems.

    Do you remember what button you pushed because i'm having the same problem.
  18. Zocker130

    Dying Light 2 Consoles

    The game will come out on current and next Gen Consoles and PC. But it will not come to switch because of it's weak hardware. I will buy it on next gen hardware. I just hope it got 60fps.
  19. I just want a legendary blueprint that I can use with blunt weapons. (Not including the bolter poison, which doesn't offer the same damage boost because it adds a strong poison effect) Maybe an orange blueprint with medium bleeding and impact? So I can finally have the satisfaction of launching a zombie pretty far away without feeling like I have to weaker blueprints to get more damage? I also noticed that the guru rewards don't have much variety in gold tiers. I'm hoping that you could add the legend level variants to the loot pool.
  20. igetmutedeverygame

    Will we get Developer Tools with Dying Light 2 ??

    If not we will see many fans stick to Dying Light 1 Dev Tools for modding. It happens a lot in PC games: look what happened to Halo Reach when it came to PC. :0
  21. calumcollie

    Everything new that dying light 2 will bring
  22. calumcollie

    Dying Light 2 Consoles
  23. calumcollie

    Dying Light: Hellraid. What is it?
  24. calumcollie

    What's up with all the Delays?
  25. calumcollie

    Things to notice in the Dying Light 2 Trailers
  26. Is there any interesting things to notice in the Dying Light 2 trailers like Easter Eggs or cool new features?
  27. So, they're doing another dlc for dying light. What is it? What are we getting into?
  28. Dying Light 2 is delayed indefinitely. What factors are causing this? The rumors aren't true, right?
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