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  2. vookolos

    Can't Even Start "the Following"

    How we can use It with on Android, and can teach how to improve skill in this application?
  3. 1xUP

    Receiving loot from the Companion App

    Hello, i have the same problem, i tried with samsung galaxy s4 & honor 8 pro, packages send from companion don't arrive in-game ((( Unlinking didn't help((( + All firecrackers dissappeared ))
  4. Hello, i have the same problem, i tried with samsung galaxy s4 & honor 8 pro, packages send from companion don't arrive in-game (((
  5. James Gallagher

    So, this is losing its popularity then...

    Hi Rogsr35uk, thanks for giving your feedback on the game. And nice work on getting all but one of the Trophies. We're working on the next update right now and that's going to be available later this month. In that we're adding a load of new machines for free and we've also completely rewritten the worker AI system from scratch, because we know that it has been problematic for many players. So I just want you to know that we're still going to be supporting the game and our ears are open to feedback. Now go do the challenges and get the Platinum!
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  7. Brian.M

    NPC voice problem

    I'm having an audio issue with NPC's. When I speak to NPC's their voice is extremely quiet. Almost like it's muted. It's only NPC dialogue. All other audio is great. It's not my windows settings or my speakers. I have no issues with other games. I'm on Windows 10 with 5.1 speaker setup. The problem only happens when I'm standing face to face with NPC's. If I turn away I can hear them. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. TheGoldenZombo


    Is there going to be a photo mode implemented into the dying light game? It would extremely awesome if yes because you can just make epic pictures or badass desktop backgrounds with it. I sincerely would recommend it. -Z
  9. TheGoldenZombo

    Prison Heist Complete Details

    For anyone who does this secret weapon invention challenge for the prison. Resistance potion is a must and throwing stars don't count as ranged weapons (atleast not for me) If not clear enough. The resistance potion can get you alive longer to race through zombies so you lose no time. Such as the fire elemental throwing stars they don't count as ranged weapons and are the most effective against sgt. Deathrow for people who ask me.
  10. doomguy


    not. and not likely they translate editor.
  11. ANSAYO

    Stolen image

    mobile game Stardust : burning land hi demolisher?
  12. Renfur

    Prison Heist Complete Details

    Free DLC that is great for farming. What is the issue?
  13. Renfur

    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    Dodging has a 0.8 second cooldown, you can tackle during that cooldown. Respawning with 2 spits for both passive and aggressive spits wouldnt be fair in a 1v1 since that would be 2 spit smashes and it would be more rewarding to just let the night hunter survive due to the fact they will respawn in 8 to 12 seconds with 4 spits instead of waiting 260 seconds for 2 spits.
  14. Jess

    Co-Op Issues On Xbox One

    Still nothing.. right there with you Ramon. I at least want my money back at this point.
  15. Renfur

    4/5/2018 Complete Details on Patch

  16. Renfur

    Post Your Btz Matches!
  17. Yourex4

    So, this is losing its popularity then...

    All true...sad but true!
  18. Gheazu

    So, this is losing its popularity then...

    :)) well mate all I can say is I'm sorry for you. you got scammed. This game is not a simulator and is not for adults, this game is for children and we did not see a update from may 24 no mods no community no support Now I see this as a fail and unfortunately no one cares They keep throwing lies in advertising and apparently they still made sells. They pay some streamers and youtubers to say game is ammonizing and that is it. See you on cnc pr fs18 Take care mate
  19. davidj


    Is there a game save folder where your game progress id stored. I'm about to purchase a new gaming computer and i want to transfer all of my game saves to my new computer . I dn't want to start all over again .from stratch. Thanks Davidj.
  20. SalsaVoxCS

    Stuck on loading

  21. Alhazredd

    Game Crashing Above is the original Steam discussions thread I made, detailing the solutions I've attempted to fix this issue. My game crashes in multiplayer and singleplayer, usually 20-40 minutes into the game, I notice it when I'm trying to perform an action mostly melee attacks, the screen will freeze, I'll still get audio for a split second and then it cuts out. I'm not sure if the melee attacks actually have anything to do with it crashing or if it's just coincidentally happening at the same time. Anyone run into this issue before?
  22. jkjbhk


    开发者在不在啊? Developers is here or not?
  23. jkjbhk


    你能把地图编辑器翻译成中文(汉化)么? Can you put the map editor to translate into Chinese?
  24. memphismyst

    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    WHEN I PLAY AS SURVIVOR #1 thing I like: interrupts on the grapple and UV feels very responsive. #1 thing that bugs me: Legend Regen is exploitable since it's based on flat hp and not a max hp. IE: regen if your max hp is 100 makes regen constant instead of activate at 30% hp or lower. WHEN I PLAY AS HUNTER #1 thing I like: Drop slams feel pretty satisfying when you drop on a survivor. #1 thing that bugs me: Spam back jumping; there is currently no delay on back jumps so people can just spam it and you cannot tackle them during this. OVERALL #1 thing I want: Less Spam back jumping and spawning with both spits to make death as a Night Hunter a little less punishing. Bug fixing of the health regen exploit.
  25. SalsaVoxCS

    Stuck on loading

    Hi to everyone i have a issue with my game i've complete reis's arena and try to leave building but in fact i can't it don't let me leave building it's keep stuck on loading so i have to close game and open it again and as you understand it's getting bored so i don't want to do that. Is there any fix for that cause i saw too many people have that issue and there was no fix
  26. mjrou812

    Clean this up?

    Is this e-harmony or a gaming web site...clean this chupacabra up? Good greif man....were is the moderators?
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