Please Fix The Online Coop, Huge Problem!

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        If there was one thing that should have been made to perfection it is the online coop.  However, this has been a MAJOR PROBLEM so far and consumers are furious about it.  This great game becomes a failure without the ability to play with friends online.  I know I for one am furious about this.  Techland has had a blatant disregard for the voices of the consumers and will not issue a statement about this MAJOR PROBLEM.  Please have the respect as an organization to just acknowledge your consumers and let them know the issue, what you are doing to fix it, and a timeline for when we can expect to see some changes which will allow us to play coop online.  This is absolutely ridiculous and people are getting very pissed off about this.  Please respond with some insight or you will lose fans and consumers for all future Techland games.  I love the game and I hope to have full access to online features ASAP.  Thanks


Thank you.

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How do you expect us to pay for DLC when a major part of the game is completely broken? Co-op is a primary way to play this game, in fact it's the only reason I bought the game! Tell us how you fixing this and in what timeframe, I can't believe anyone will be The Following when the main game is so un-playable...

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