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My honest review

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List of  Cons 

1 No head lights        

2 No  indicators 

3 No turnin the  Engine off / on  / or leave it running 

4 the  beacons look like trash 

5 you can’t plant /  coffee  grapes olive 

So You can’t grow all  types 

6 you can’t change the money sign 

7   Inside Vehicle cabin look  horrible 

8 No  manual linkage 

9 game look  cloudy unrealistic on ps4 pro

10 OMG No  crops destruction 

11 there is 2  different speed  gauges 

12 No  customisation vehicles 

13  you cannot even go in the greenhouse 

14   There is a limit on vehicles in the game 

15 bug with my first farm keep on game crashing 


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There are headlights on all vehicles I've used so far, and working lights and full beams for tractors. Agree with you on the beacons though (at least for the starting harvester).

Not sure what you mean by 5 - can't plant them in Montana or can't plant them in the appropriate region at all (I haven't got that far yet)?

I had a few crashes in the game yesterday - bit frustrating to have to redo tasks but I had the same with FS17 too when it was first out, make regular saves until they can patch it.


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