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Techland you disappoint yet again

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Happy three year anniversary, that's a joke right because the games been out three years and yet nothing has changed. Pvp is broken and frankly just plain stupid. The servers come from the stone age which means the severs are trash. I could go on and on about this game. I'm starting to think techland only cares about making money because the players have spoken but no response on techland's side. This game had so much potential and now it's slowly dying, that's why techland brings in game sales. The 10 in 12 updates are gonna be garbage and won't bring any big difference to the game. Does techland have no imagination. If the next update is as garbage as the stupid Harran fighters which all look like crane, I mean come on techland you guys just got lazy on that one. One more disappointing update and I'm braking my dying light disc.

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