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BTZ Leaderboards?

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I thought of a pretty cool idea for dying lights be the zombie mode so friends can challenge each other and be competitive. A friends leader boards system. A chart that can:

show you your kill/death ratio and win/lose ratio while playing as human and hunter

Show your favorite attack to use (Humans drop kick, death from above, 1 handed, 2 handed, etc. And hunter spit, ground pound, tackle, etc.)

Show how many kills you get using certain actions or items (Bludgeon, blade, 1 handed and 2 handed) For humans it could show how many kills you got using a Death from Above, drop kicking, etc. And for the hunter it could show how many kills you got using pounces, tackles, spits, etc.

Can also have tabs for kills, deaths, wins, and loses, most kills using a certain action, etc. To see who is dominant in which skill, or even who loses the most and could use some improvement. There's nothing to be ashamed of!

I came up with this idea because i always wonder where i stand skill-wise in general and with my friends and would love to try and become the best on my friends list, or see what i need to improve on. If your really feeling up to it you could even go as far as making a global leader board.

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