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I want to report the player "ZOM" that absolutely cheated and i have some kind of proof. Before i was able to print the screen, even hi´s model´s texture changed color, and wasn´t beause i spit, i didn´t, was in red texture and his life fully healed instantly, many times.
And suddenly this "?" appeared, he´s is not in the "?" place, but somewhere else, so there are two cheats used, probably.
I have a screenshot of this.

P.S: I won the match even with a cheater.

2017-11-03 (5).png

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this is a feature in the game. its called camouflage

the humans, if they are high enough of a level, can kill a zombie and hold the interact button to rub zombie guts over their body, making them blend in with other zombies for a limited time (they can also drink a certain potion to become invisible to zombies). in be the zombie mode, the player disappears from your HUD and a question mark is replaced for his last known location. if you manage to see the human when he is camouflaged, then it will look as if his player model is red. his health probably increased instantly because he is playing on normal. if you heal on normal, then 100 of your health is healed automatically. 

this guy isn't cheating. you just weren't informed of the game functions/haven't played human. 

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