pvp pausing?

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i don't play pvp

when a map allows pvp (or co-op, is it basiclly the same?) can players pause the game by going into the menu by pressing escape?

im building a co-op map but i can't have people pausing the game - it would defeat the purpose of the map


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like i said i dont play pvp or co-op

how does someone join a custom map that has multiplayer enabled?

i havent been able to figure out how not to pause the game in invertory, nor escape key (i think escape key always pauses game, no matter what difficulty settings so it looks harder to mod than it seems), nor setting Nightmare mode in the custom map,

but i was able to remove the ability to go to the escape menu. when pressing escape nothing happens and the map plays fine. (also removed all other menus (inventory, quests, skills, etc))

im guessing this might be a problem for people joining a multiplayer session in a multiplayer map?

or can they join any way without using the escape menu?

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