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Gold Weapons Trade (PS 4) :)


Hello Guys,

First i should say sry for my bad English i hope you can Understand my Question. :)


My Poblem is i play on New Game Plus Hard Mode and i am Survival 25 and i dont got a Gold Weapon, my best weapon what i got is Lila and Merchants too sell just White,Green, Blue and Lila weapons. 

I opened so many Police vans or Chets with Hard/ Very Hard but i dont got 1 Gold or Orange Weapon i just get Blue/Lila. :(

Thats why i would ask for a Trade, i have many Bolter Tissue and Bolter Livre or Dollar to get a Orange or Gold weapon, i know the most players need other Gold Weapons but the best weapon what i have is 1 Lila Skull Machete . :(

I hope anyone can add me for a trade. :)

and guys again, sry for my Bad English. ^^


My Psn is : Hazebuster_1996 (I can add too) :)

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