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I played for 2-3 hours and only found 8 soldiers. The thing is, they just replace the hostage event, where there is one survivor lying on the ground getting kicked by 4 guys.

The trailer also makes them out to be serious business too, when they're really just reskinned Rais Soldiers. No new tactics, no new weapons, they have no impact on the gameplay, and that's honestly kind of disappointing, especially when they put out that trailer that showed all these neat new things they would do. I went to the area that they supposedly were inhabiting and there was nothing there, in fact they don't do anything as advertised. Is this going to be fixed or was it just a sham? There's not even patrols... these guys don't move and there's no new airdrops, this was pointless cause they take hours upon hours to spawn 4 soldiers that do nothing.

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