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Hi everyone! I am making a map using the Dying Light developer tools and I am curious to hear about what you guys wanna see in a map that you download from the workshop. I am in progress of making the map, and it is already pretty large! Fully open world!

Currently, in my map I plan to have inactive safe houses that you can unlock, merchants, a detailed fully open world, a story with some side quests, quarantine zones, and a dangerous night time experience.

The town you are in is called Karun, and the tower has evacuated you and a few other survivors in a bus. You end up crashing into a quarantine fence in a tunnel, holding out behind a quarantine fence. In my map, the Volatiles will be much more active at night.

Although I am not sure how well I can make a quarantine zone, I do plan on making 3:

Hill Cross Tunnel - A collapsed tunnel where survivors held up in; unfortunately, the tunnel collapsed and many were sealed inside of the tunnel by the local quarantine team. They were given supplies and told to wait for an evacuation plan, but unfortunately they never got the call. The only thing they received were swarms of infected coming in through sewer tunnels and a violent fate.

The Trash Piles - Underneath an apartment complex in Karun was an underground garage that local quarantine forces used to store devoured corpses and dead infected corpses. Many thought it was a great idea to hold out in this area due to the infected smell, but little did they know it was only going attract more. Hordes of infected came into the Trash Piles attracted by the smell of rotting flesh, devouring everything in the quarantine zone. Eventually, the quarantine forces decided to abandon this body storage and sealed it up, leaving survivors and supplies in a rotting, disgusting darkness. Rumors of the Trash Piles spread around Karun about a possible supply cache hidden deep within the Trash Piles, many trying to take advantage of sudden evacuation of the zone to steal supplies. Many attempted to enter... but those who came in, never came back out.

TBD - What do you guys think would be a cool quarantine zone?


Leave any suggestions for what you think would make a fun map to play. I'm eager to hear your suggestions!

Thank you!

Edited by Lamborghini1216
Forgot to mention that the map has been in progress for a while now.

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