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Hello Techland. You guys did very good job with content #0. Performance is much better now (on ps4) and i think visual a bit too. But that respawning time for that soldiers is really bad. If you want from people to play your game you must give them more action. When i was looking for them i spend few hours to find 13 yellow boxes which i dont know what are they for (just for outfit? and what about then? i think it will be something more in next content drop... i hope so) When player running around the map and he met this soldiers he is forced to fight with them becouse they are strong and they are able to kill him easy but when they will spawn one time per hour its sad... five groups around the map per hour will be great. And what about that Kuai Dagger (time trial)? I am huge gamer guys but this trial force me to think that i am just a little child...Did you guys tryed it on console with controller? (NOT PC WITH CONTROLLER !!!! PC HAVE 60+FPS CONSOLE NOT !!!!!)My character have all abilities and i did everything perfect until that tower on the end and it's impossible to get up there in time... PC is different than console... Looking around in game is easy and fast for PC not for console players so YOU SHOULD TRY THIS ON PS4/XBOX1 with controller in time 2:50 and ANSWER me how good you was. I am your fan guys and just want to help you... do not be mad on me ok... And last thing... 2 months ago i sent you an idea for CRANE STORY on this website and really wanna to know if you considering my idea... just a little ANSWER (privately if its necesery). Thank you and keep up in good work on this great game.
Good Night & Good Luck

P.S: I think i am good in english language but if you are was considering Czech localization then my opinion is YES.

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