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1A wallrun ability maybe? 2Supported dev tools to create mods, new enemies and new weapons. (So you dan publish them to steam or something else)3 Custom difficulties so you can change maybe change the time it is night, make certain zombies stronger or weaker, loot drop chances, strong zombie spawn chances, stronger zombies in certain areas etc. 4 Just more special zombie types. 5 Zombies getting stronger in certain areas as you progress through the game (optional in the difficulty editor) 6 Multiplayer PVP mode 7 Just more abilities and skills. 8 Mutated zombies that not only look different but also act and fight different, for example: A mutated volatile with small change in the ai? A faster viral mutations? Bigger biter mutations? Abilities like charging for biters or other zombie mutations?

Sorry if i am asking too much but this are my ideas to make an amazing game even better:) Thanks for reading.

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Wow, Lot of really great ideas, imagine that, from 50cal machineguns to 50.cal snipers, rpgs, landmines or proximity IEDS or just plain c4, bayonets, more parkour moves, enemy vehicles with 50cals in them, helicopters (ikr), weapon attachments (like the attachable shotgun or grenade launchers), grenade launchers,mortars (like what?!), meat bait (I know that there are traps but they don't last long enough), more zombie types (ones that grapple you to them, silent (ninja) zombies, which can takedown the player when he is not looking, blocking or riposte? I think, lol great ideas people


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Personally I would love to see an expansion onto the be the zombie mode. I found myself playing in the sandbox tutorial more than the actual multiplayer sessions, other than the times my mate and I invaded each others game trying to hunt them down (which was enjoyable I might add). Seeing some additions to the sandbox tutorial section would be fantastic, like an offline component for example, against more npc types or even if possible a co-op mode inside it to allow a couple/ few friends to play together hunting down each other or teaming up to hunt down bosses? (if it's not too much work, probably asking for more than I should be grateful for :))

Perhaps a greater depth to the progression of the skills (allowing you to unlock a separate skill tree offline maybe?), allowing deeper customisation and replay-ability if those of us like myself enjoy the variety of game modes in Dying Light but not the multiplayer side as much (not that it isn't good, personally I started losing interest in competitive multiplayer). Some others have suggested other zombie types as a great idea; like hounds/animals, etc. This could tie in nicely with be the zombie, adding greater selection of friendly companions to use against the enemy types (npc's & players on multiplayer) or enemies to kill for the opposite side.

Someone also suggested somewhere, I think on Youtube, suggesting a zombie mode where you progress through different zombies types getting stronger versions as you progress; sounds very similar to gears 3 beast mode. Very enjoyable and I feel underrated part of that game. Had tons of fun smashing chupacabra up with a berserker. 

Any other improvements to the online part would no doubt please the players who enjoy streaming the mode. I'm more than happy to take what the devs give, more free dlc, no complaints from me. Just thought I would add my thoughts on what is probably the least developed part of the game, yet shows promise. Even if they save the idea for a sequel, if that day comes anytime soon!   

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Possible Idea For DLC Number X (Non-Disclosed)
Pre-build story.

Allow the return of the forgotten character Ken From the early-story development. it was shown in the older Pewdiepie video's.

Allow to possibly have Ken as a unlockable outfit for completing the DLC Mission?

And finally, And please. End ken's story. it was never disclosed on what happened after the demo ended. and you never get to see or hear any mention of him in-game. unless it's unused audio files?

Ken's Physical Description:  Ken is wearing a blue open shirt with a yellow t-shirt and is wearing tan shorts with black shoes and he is wearing a black digital watch on his left wrist. (Straight from Wiki)

So, As a DLC. or even additional free content. Add a backstory event/bounty/quest To Ken to see what happened to him. And like I said. Have his outfit/Character be available for use in the costume selection.

Sources Below:

http://dyinglight.wikia.com/wiki/Ken (From Early Acess/Pre-build) 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoY5X23KF5s (Video Informing us on Ken's backstory. don't mind Pewdiepie.)

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I think a really good idea for the 10 dlcs would be a builder dlc. Where you can buy a axe from a merchant and cut down trees and make houses. The land would have to be flat to build a house. 

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Okay, so apparently we're also getting new game modes too. If that's the case, I'll leave this here. I suggested it in a YT video as well as Reddit, so I'll leave it here as well with the hopes that TL sees it, as I would love love love at least one of these to make it into the game, if not all of them.

Here I go:

1. Survival Mode. It's more of an extra difficulty. Similar to Fallout 4's survival mode, you now have to eat, drink and sleep to survive. You can scavenge for food and water throughout the world, sleep in a bed at a zone to replenish your strength. You now also have to thoroughly look for air drops, as they contain Antizin. With this mode, you now have to use Antizin yourself. If you don't, the infection will take over and kill you.

2. Sandbox Mode. Separate from Story Mode, when you start a new game in Sandbox Mode, there is no main story. You jump right into the world in a random location every time, and explore to survive. This would work hand in hand with Survival too.

3. Night Mode. Similar to I Am Legend, the world is empty during the day. Zombies are nowhere to be seen on the streets, except for inside dark interiors. Interior cells will always have zombies in them unless cleared out. At night, zombies will flood into the streets.

4. Hunted Mode. Zombies always know where you are, no matter what, and will hunt you down wherever you are. If you are in Old Town near the plaza, where all those zombies are, it doesn't matter if you're on top of a pole or building; they'll shamble straight towards you and extend their arms out to reach for you. They always see you, and you'll always be hunted.

5. Virals-Only Mode. All zombies, walkers and specials, are replaced with virals, that now populate Harran.. Perhaps three difficulties for this so it's not impossible. The streets look empty of Walkers or Specials, and Virals will occasionally roam about. Fire a gun, as in vanilla, and they will come. If you've watched 28 Days Later, think of it like that. As for difficulties, it's more of how many virals appear on the streets when you aren't firing a gun. It could be as few as three, or as many as thirty all about. Either way, you'll want to be on the run more often.

6. Loner Mode. All safe zones from Story Mode are overrun by the infected or turned from lack of treatment. No place for anybody. It's your job to take them back, one by one. Places like Brecken's Tower and Lena's Tower will be overrun by the infected, and now you have to reclaim them.

8. Special Mode. There are no Walkers or Virals. Only the special infected rule the streets of Harran, day and night.

9. Settlement mode. While the settlements of Dying Light don't need your help, it's nice to make your own settlement on the go. Or rather, for this game, a safe-house. In case you're too far from any safe-house, you could craft your own in the building you're standing in, but only if zombies can't just walk through the door. You can craft barricades, UV lights, and a sleeping bag for you to rest your pretty little head. You can choose to keep it as an official safe-house, or dismantle it in the morning. I mean, it's technically a mode, so I guess it fits here?

10. Growing Horde Mode. Not the actual name, but here's the idea. With each day passes, more zombies spawn across the map. After several days, zombies will dominate the streets, forcing you to stick to rooftops and avoid the streets. Similar concept can apply to The Following, in towns and villages.

11. Be The Zombie single player. You can play as a viral or a Volatile and hunt survivors.

And I don't know if this is okay, but I have a couple of feature requests:

1. More open interiors. If the game can handle them, I'd like to see more places be enterable; more houses and buildings that are part of the exterior cell. More places to hide, more places to explore. I love exploring.

2. Infection. As Kyle Crane, you're infected from the start, bitten by a zombie upon touching down in Harran. In the case Techland (or you, if you (Techland) is reading this) adds in something like a Sandbox mode where you aren't Kyle Crane, you should carry the risk of catching the infection. If you get infected, you'll need Antizin. Of course, this feature would apply to the above Survival Mode.

3. Shooting gun spawns horde of walkers. In the current game, shooting a gun draws nearby walkers and spawns virals in the distance. This feature would have a gunshot spawn a large walker horde that reaches your location.

4. Zombies wander more. I feel like the zombies should wander more, as they're trying to search out survivors. While some could just stand still as they already do, I feel like the majority of the zombies should be wandering around. 

5. Permadeath for sandbox mode. Option to choose before you start. If you die, that's it. You have to start again.

6. Random horde spawns. I guess this would be more of a feature than a mode. Basically, it allows large hordes of zombies to randomly roam around the map dynamically. So if you're in the middle of a field in The Following and you're looking through supplies, a horde can randomly appear in the distance and shamble through, taking you completely by surprise.

7. Resurrection. This would fit probably in modes like Nightmare Mode, Survival Mode, and Sandbox Mode with Nightmare Difficulty. Anyone who dies turns into a zombie. Rais' men who are killed by Virals, they come back. That fisher in front of Brecken's tower, when he dies on the mission, he comes back (even though he'll reappear again later). 

8. Dependence on Air Drops (Sandbox/Nightmare/Survival Mode). It always bothered me in that the original game, while air drops occur, they don't have too too much of an effect on the safe zones. Sure, you bring them to the quartermaster and all, but it feels less like they're making a difference. It would be interesting if, for certain modes, safe zones now become dependent on air drops, especially if they contain Antizin. These would only apply in modes outside of Story Mode. If air drops are not delivered to main safe zones after a certain period of time (these would be missions spawned for you), that safe zone now runs the risk of becoming overrun as people turn. If a whole safe zone turns, it is lost, and you are granted a mission of reclaiming it for survivors.

Dying Light is a great game, and adding modes like these would, for me personally, add to its replayability for a good long time. It would also make it loads more fun.


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No idea if you can edit comments made here. If you can, forgive me; I'm new.

But pretty much all of those modes would be able to work hand in hand with Sandbox and Survival.

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I feel stupid for not knowing how to edit these, haha. But I had one more suggestion for my above suggestions that could count for part of a hard difficulty (like Nightmare mode) as an addable option:

Finite resources. The majority of Harran is abundant with supplies to collect and scavenge. With this optional selection, all resources are finite, meaning when you collect them, they don't respawn after a few days, meaning after a while, the only supplies you will find will be from air drops and enemies scattered around the map, as well as whatever you may find on the infected or corpses of enemies like Rais' men or bandits. Areas where bandits and Rais' men spawn will always respawn with supplies, but areas elsewhere across Harran will run out of supplies.

And one thing I'd like to add about survival mode. Perhaps it'd be possible to collect food and water as objects, depending on what they are, rather than eating or drinking them on the spot? I believe I Am Legion (mod) did that.

Either way, it'd be cool to have some of these added in the future. Up until a couple weeks ago, I hadn't played DL in months, but now I'm getting back into the groove of it, especially with finishing The Following. Hopefully we get plenty of new content that makes it to the DLC! I'd really love to start up a sandbox playthrough and try to survive against a viral-only Harran while trying not to starve or die of dehydration at the same time. :P

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