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Here is 1 more patch/update or DLC idea add another ending to pick from to the following DLC - do what bioware did in mass effect 3 give us another better ending to choose from one where you get the cure or at least the vials that could help with making a proper cure that dont turn you half volatile and that you survive and get back and tell them what happend and what the viles do to you on there own and being able to continue playing the game.


Instead of dying either way as i would love to continue playing after as i read on another comment on a youtube vid it seems that crane did during the main mission is aq waste if you die like at the beginning instead of going against the one who sent him there he could have stuck with what they wanted and got out but no he decided to stay and help all that work for him to die at the end of the DLC no matter what you did. it would be good for a new ending like that where we as get the viles to make a cure to them survive and get to continue playing the game after you could put it in as a patch update or free DLC.


other than that very good game love playing it hope this is seen and thought about.

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