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An idea my friend and I thought for either a new game or an update

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For simplicity and privacy, I am hiding our chat names and will label myself as "1" my friend as "2". This is just a basic little chat while we were thinking about possible upgrades to games we've spent so many hours on and here was our thoughts on dying light: If people wish to add to this, go ahead any and all ideas to help make an even better game are welcome.

1:they could do things like a more immersive city that allows you to chain more parkour while also making it harder to parkour, like the reactions you need are a lot quicker
as in you run and jump over a wall and realising there is a street below you about hive stories you have to grab onto something
2:or perhaps actual ways to save people.
1:Save people? Like deadrising save? Where you save npc's?
2:two ways. like Dead Rising, and remember the Dying Light Demo when he was going to the crate, but there was a little girl in danger?
1: I do not remember the demo
but if it was like deadrising saves that could add a progressive feel to the game as well
like suddenly you save a blacksmith and he helps make sick weapons or something new  available either sooner in the game or that would not be available without saving the person... maybe
2: huh. well, it was either, save someone, or get the crates. the saving people was so out of the way, though
2: and exactly, have an upgradeable home base. the more, or better people you save, the more your sattions level up
1: even though i do not exactly feel the enhanced home base feature would help the game too much if they were to add it... i feel they may focus on it too much and lack certain aspects of the rest of the game. And unless it is a strategy game... i've never been too much of a fan of upgrading the home base
2:they don't need to focus too much on it. you won't like this idea, but perhaps do something like The Division. base already set, you just need the people to level them up

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