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Skins and outfits

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I love this game but one thing that I found is the skins of other players why would I want to be breken or Rahim they were weak characters in the game.breken did start the parkour to help establish runners but after that within the story he comes off as a person who complains but does nothing I will give him the fact that he's injured but cmon.lets get to Rahim seriously why is he a skin who would want to go from being Kyle crane to Rahim his character is weak and at times depicted as a idiot.what makes it worse those are two  outfits that separate character I would love to play in a room with friends where we are all different characters but it would be draw straws at that point for two weak characters lol....tahir is ok but for the story sake your basically playing as a dead guy who wasn't on your side....your opinions are valued and what skins would you have liked to seen on the game that involved other characters?

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