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CRASH: Error CE-34878-0 when trying to start "The Following" (PS4)

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I recently bought the Dying Light Season Pass for PS4 version of Dying Light. The game has been fun but I have been meaning to try The Following and The Bozak Horde. Upon trying to start The Following, withe either my current or a new save, it plays the first cutscene and first loading screen but cuts to the above error every time without fail. It is impossible to play - everything else in the game works fine.

I have tried every related fix to the error code. I am here because nowhere on google has someone had this exact problem. I am looking for either a fix or a refund as this was supposed to be the one game-related thing i buy for the whole month and refuse to just let you take my money for a broken product. I'd prefer a fix but I'm not leaving this oneĀ alone as it has made me livid to be honest.

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