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Are the WaterBoxes skins broken?

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since day 1 of messing with the tools that i haven't been able to correctly use the water boxes' skins

is it just me, or are most of the skins transparent when submerged, in the tools?

is it a problem only when testing the map in the tools? do they work fine when running the map outside from the tools?

what skins can i rely on, that will definitely work, when playing a map from the workshop? anyone know?

could we please get a patch to the waterboxes skins to work in the tools, like they work in-game (actually seeing the water in front of the player when submerged, instead of transparent? i'm limited to one skin at the moment, at it's not even close to the skin i wanted)


btw, here's a few screenshots of what i've been doing with the tools for the past year or so



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