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Hi !

I'm asking now about how change time... like I would like to change the time using eg. the trigger ... but change the exact time as 17:33, 10:50 or 21:34, etc.

I do a map with ex. triggers and first trigger when you turn on they set ex. 10:44 another trigger change time to 22:25 for example..


How do that ? Is there possible ?


Thanks for any help !

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In the quest script, time can be changed with this phase:

,set_day_time _ -day_time=0.00 -interpolate_time=0.0

-day_time is the time you like to set (0.00 is midnight, 21.00 is the beginning of in-game night time).
-interpolate_time is the duration of the fade effect between the actual time and the time to set.
For example: interpolate_time=5.0 means it will take 5 seconds to change to the given time.

When using triggers, this phase can be placed right after the trigger to take effect.
For example:

,use _ PhysicalSwitchDI Trigger1 -state=on -show=true
,set_day_time _ -day_time=10.44 -interpolate_time=1.0

,use _ PhysicalSwitchDI Trigger2 -state=on -show=true
,set_day_time _ -day_time=22.25 -interpolate_time=1.0

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