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There's an annoying bug on Ps4 matchmaking I ran into again. Join someone's match and the regular flashlight is disabled. It happened to multiple people I tried joining. Kind of becomes unplayable when you can't see anything lol


One of the last few games I played I noticed something odd. I was tagged with sense suppressor, yet I can see the hunter. The teammates using sense pinged it's location. Don't think it's suppose to work like that. Doesn't that defeat it's purpose? 


Also in that same match the hunter spit a sense suppressor at me, missed, then came back right away and spit smashed me with it. How is that possible? Don't you need 2 spits to do that?  Or did they change it.  


edit: Oh yes and someone went and changed buggy car audio effect radius. The thing used to be useful for drawing bombers to it to save yourself or teammates. Now I find more and more bombers ignore the thing and come straight at you if you're even just 15 feet from it.


edit 2: Also forgot I'm ranked Under Dog or possibly the one below it now. I used to be at Dominant. It reset on me. I reset the main campaign, and it was fine at first. Suddenly I do a match and get a blue tier weapon to find I'm ranked Prey. I've gotten back up to Under Dog only to find out I've gone back to Prey a second time after resetting the following. I got back up to under dog and without any reset of story or anything, I was suddenly Prey again. Why is this happening?  


I've heard using potions to cloak resets it but I've never used those things.


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