"opening" A Group To Edit Meshes, And More

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Hi there,


I'm currently trying to edit one of the attributes of one of the meshes inside my group, but they're all greyed out? I've right clicked on the group and I've opened it, but it still wont let me delete/edit the meshes in the group.

Also, I'm trying to get my Map Portal to work, however it won't let players enter it if it's night time. The problem is that my map is permanently night time. Does anyone know how to fix this? Here are the properties of the door:


Thanks for the help,


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Hey there,


I found a sort of fix for your door, change the ending time from 23.59 to just 23 and it works fine. Although it is only a full proof method if you are freezing your time either before 23.00 or after 00.00.


For the attributes being greyed out I suspect it is a group within another group which means you would have to open that group too. If you can tell us the specific mesh it will be easier for us to figure out the issue.


Hope this Helps,



PS: If the group is in the level you posted tell me which one it is and I will take a look.

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